ABC Asks Viewers To "Save 'Happy Endings'", Are They Begging, Cynical Or Joking? (Poll)

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March 21st, 2013


A current ABC promo advertising the schedule move of its low rated sitcom Happy Endings to Friday asks viewers to "Save Happy Endings".

Given that when it left ABC's schedule seven weeks ago Happy Endings was by far ABC's lowest rated non-Friday scripted show, and its prognosis was already overwhelmingly bleak, is the plea by ABC

  • Begging - They're begging to fans to produce a Friday ratings miracle to save the show!
  • Cynical - The show's dead already, they're just trying to milk whatever ratings (and ad revenue) they can get from it on Fridays by appeals to desperate fans.
  • Joking - It's a comedy, they're just joking around! They don't really mean it! The show's dead and they're just having some fun!

You be the judge:

For those who haven't seen it:

  • Fake Me Out

    Making fun of your networks bad ratings is the job of the late night crews so I don’t see this as a joke … so I’ll say 25% begging, 75% cynical.

  • Bill Gorman

    “They probably are bring cynical and maybe begging a little but why would they joke about watching a show. “

    They wouldn’t be joking about watching the show, just that the show is save-able.

  • Wilkamp

    “I’m just happy ABC is airing the remaining eps. If by chance it does well on friday!”

    I agree the comedy dialog speed and word invention are fun…maybe follow Cougartown to TBS.

    I like the cast…maybe a little less frenetic direction if they get a new chance…reign them in or it sounds like an improv group.

    But it’s burn…cynical.

  • Wilkamp

    BTW …1600 Penn burn tonight

  • merrranga

    just like suburgatory i watched the pilot twice trying to get into this show. something about every single character being deplorable pieces of crap makes me not want to watch a show. huh, odd.

  • GARY

    53 episodes done, but if HE goes down Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr. should get their own show, they sparkle!

  • Elan

    I feel like it’s saying “Viewers: Happy Endings is in this situation because of you. You don’t watch this show. You want it to continue? We’ve dumped it to Friday and you can watch it then if you really want it in the future.”

  • Doug

    There was a period early in the season where it got too frenetic even for me. They toned it down quite a bit mid way through, and the last run of 5 or 6 episodes were quite good. It always puzzles me that this never took off – it’s the closest successor to Friends on the air.

  • Reache

    That… is the most depressing promo since ‘scrubs-ted-scrubs-ted’… :(

  • catsrule

    Happy Endings sucks! I hope it does a lot worse than Malibu Country.

  • Tom

    Looks like legitimate begging to me. Though I can’t imagine it would get good enough ratings to justify not having Shark Tank (or whatever) on in its place.

    My question is how do the people behind Last Man Standing and Malibu County feel. “Please give us any reason to cancel those shows by watching Happy Endings on Fridays!”

  • Adrian

    Maybe they’ll actually use those noodles and realize there is a following for this show that could give it a new life… although, I would think a move like that would work better, say, in the summer, before a season has begun, not mid-way through when they just simply stopped airing episodes. I do hope there is a suit over at ABC with the power to keep it on who has a massive hard-on for Happy Endings.

  • Chris

    As much as we like to blame networks it’s almost always the viewers fault when good shows get cancelled. Too many people watching garbage reality shows instead of quality tv results in great stuff like Enlightened and unfortunately Happy Endings being gone way before their time.

  • Justin

    Too bad this show can’t be a summer show for the remaining 40 or so episodes.

  • Bill Gorman

    “My question is how do the people behind Last Man Standing and Malibu County feel. “Please give us any reason to cancel those shows by watching Happy Endings on Fridays!”

    Headline opportunity missed!

    “ABC asks fans to save ‘Happy Endings’ and cancel ‘Last Man Standing'”

  • Bee

    at this point, i just want all the damn episodes to air. if i read that ABC has pulled the episodes after a week or two, i’ll destroy something.

    but what do they expect anyway? it’s coming back next friday, after 34 years off, in a new timeslot, and being given blink-and-you-miss-it 15 second promos. and i doubt that they’re airing very often. AND there is the DST effect. it’ll probably do 0.5-0.8. if it does over a 1.0, i’ll celebrate to the heavens.

    ABC made several mistakes this season, but kicking HE out and moving suburgatory to save the f***ing neighbors is at the very top of that list. now HE is near dead, suburgatory is weaker (and a bad lead-in for nashville), and the neighbors is STILL facing cancellation. just unimaginable levels of stupidity from this network.

  • ann

    It’s a farce. ABC doesn’t care about the show, they’re just trying to appease fans. Gotta make it look like they care.

  • DenverDean

    Will have 57 episodes at end of S3. Seems like ABC, which is one of the studios, would at least churn out another 13-16 episodes to hit 70+. I’m starting to be convinced that over 70 may just work for some shows. There are so many cable outlets out there that need product and that’s just enough episodes for those smaller nets that you don’t get typical burn.

  • Elijah

    Maybe im starting to be a little more optimistic, or maybe more delusional, who knows, but I think if this can pull similar-ish ratings to Last Man standing it might have some kind of a shot, whether that shot is a 13 episode renewal (yeah, I am probably delusional SHHHHH) or a shot at getting picked up elsewhere like how TBS picked up Cougar Town. But the only reason I am somewhat optmistic/delusional is because it is at 50 something episodes and Sony has made deals in the past like they did with Til Death.

  • Jon

    The question I always ask, is why would someone want to buy syndication rights to a show that can’t get the ratings the first time around. If you need to scrape and crawl to get that 4th year, is your show really a hit? Is it worthy of being in syndication. Also with more and more networks producing original programing, the demand for syndicated programs isn’t what it once was, they can be more choosy.

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