ABC Asks Viewers To "Save 'Happy Endings'", Are They Begging, Cynical Or Joking? (Poll)

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March 21st, 2013


A current ABC promo advertising the schedule move of its low rated sitcom Happy Endings to Friday asks viewers to "Save Happy Endings".

Given that when it left ABC's schedule seven weeks ago Happy Endings was by far ABC's lowest rated non-Friday scripted show, and its prognosis was already overwhelmingly bleak, is the plea by ABC

  • Begging - They're begging to fans to produce a Friday ratings miracle to save the show!
  • Cynical - The show's dead already, they're just trying to milk whatever ratings (and ad revenue) they can get from it on Fridays by appeals to desperate fans.
  • Joking - It's a comedy, they're just joking around! They don't really mean it! The show's dead and they're just having some fun!

You be the judge:

For those who haven't seen it:

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    I feel like it’s saying “Viewers: Happy Endings is in this situation because of you. You don’t watch this show. You want it to continue? We’ve dumped it to Friday and you can watch it then if you really want it in the future.”

    Which is true, it was moved because viewers didn’t watch it.

  • matthew

    I love Happy Endings and i hope ABC does save it or another network buys it. It it top notch comedy… viewers these days.

  • Networkman

    I feel it was lousy scheduling that has Happy Endings in this position in the first place. Why would they air it opposite New Girl and the anticipated new Matthew Perry sitcom Go On? Also placing it behind older skewing DWTS:Result show was stupid. In no ways were those programs compatitble. Nashville should of aired Tuesday @9pm behind DWTS. And then ABC should of been bold enough to place Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B… in the 10pm hour on Wednesday. It would of been great counterprogramming to CSI and Chicago Fire.

  • scifi

    lol, funny poll

  • Oliver


    There are lots of cable channels who want content and only about 2 comedies reach syndication each year. Less popular shows also cost less and not every channel can afford to pay for hits.

    Sometimes shows surprise in syndication. Family Guy and HIMYM were modestly rated when they were first sold for reruns.

  • CBSviewer

    I don’t watch the Show but it’s a good thing if ABC tries to save a Show because the fans really want it to be Renewed.

  • omar

    the show is good but the only way to save happy ending that abc ignore the rating this season and work hard to bring happy ending in good script next season

  • garrrr

    maybe it’s a 4th option, they’re joking, the show is going to be renewed but they want viewers to think it’s being canceled so we all tune in and when they say it’s renewed we think we made a difference

  • garrrr

    a good idead in my opinion would be to get the first two seasons of the show streaming on netflix so people who have never seen it can watch it and get into it if they like it. the main problem is people aren’t watching it on TV so i’m thinking a move to Fridays may be good for it because then it doesn’t have a lot of competition. i know a lot of people who have the first two seasons on DVD and watch them religiously but don’t ever watch it on Tuesday because they’re too busy

  • Glue

    What about Apartment 23? I want to see the remaining episodes.

  • Kenn

    Don’t ask viewers, ask writers to make it better.

  • were123

    I think they are begging; if somehow Happy Endings out rates Malibu Country then it’s going to be renewed. I mean, MC draws 1.1s some times, and while it’s able to rise, imagine HE being stable at 1.2 or 1.3 on Fridays, it would be an indicator that it could do even better with a lead in such as Last Man Standing.
    I don’t think it’s impossible to save Happy Endings, in fact I think it has some chances, and considering it’s a show on a third season, it will have the edge against Malibu Country if they deliver the same ratings

  • Colin

    I say they want to see if Happy Endings has enough fans that really really want the show to come back… Like the fans did for Fringe and desperatly trying for 666 Park Ave. It wants to see how big their fan base is and if it’s worth bring it back…

  • Michael1

    I like “Happy Endings”, but it’s not worth the extra effort if it would be at the expense of “The Neighbors.” Also, I think HE and “Cougar Town” would go nice together on TBS. Now that I know the show is still in play, I may just have to boycott it.

  • Pavelsauce

    Cynical. To me, it seems like just another way to stir up PR.

  • RyanCanada

    this is such an amazing show, and by far one of ABC’s best shows, to actually let this show go, ABC would be nuts.

  • PurpleDrazi

    You should add a 4th choice to the poll: “Depressing”

    Because I have no hope that moving it to Friday will help and I don’t believe ABC really cares. :-(

  • Chris

    It always cracks me up when the same people that put down LMS and say it’s a bad show then come back when a show like Happy Endings is struggling and say “well maybe if it gets 1.2-1.3 it can do even better behind LMS” clearly indicating that LMS does well. I like Happy Endings but I also like LMS as well. Some people should lay off of other shows they don’t like.

  • Chris

    Also as much as I like Happy Endings, even if it did better than Malibu Country, I still wouldn’t be able to see the show being compatible with LMS in the 8pm hour. The two shows are polar opposites and I know for a fact that there are few people like me that actually like both LMS and Happy Endings as seen on this board. The ratings would like 1.5 for LMS and somewhere between a .9-1.1 for Happy Endings if that were to happen.

  • Anon

    I believe they have already made up their minds to save it, and this promo is just some tongue-in-cheek fun from ABC.

    Disclosure: I have never seen a single episode of this show.

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