ABC Asks Viewers To "Save 'Happy Endings'", Are They Begging, Cynical Or Joking? (Poll)

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March 21st, 2013


A current ABC promo advertising the schedule move of its low rated sitcom Happy Endings to Friday asks viewers to "Save Happy Endings".

Given that when it left ABC's schedule seven weeks ago Happy Endings was by far ABC's lowest rated non-Friday scripted show, and its prognosis was already overwhelmingly bleak, is the plea by ABC

  • Begging - They're begging to fans to produce a Friday ratings miracle to save the show!
  • Cynical - The show's dead already, they're just trying to milk whatever ratings (and ad revenue) they can get from it on Fridays by appeals to desperate fans.
  • Joking - It's a comedy, they're just joking around! They don't really mean it! The show's dead and they're just having some fun!

You be the judge:

For those who haven't seen it:

  • Flame

    Cynical. They brought it on themselves by moving it away from Modern Family.

  • JJF

    Definitely joking, with the off chance that just maybe, it’ll work.

  • DeanW

    Cynical. ABC just wants to attract viewers because the Show is moving to Friday.
    The goal of every network is to make profits so why renew a Show which is low rated and has Zero chances to get a syndication deal.

  • Michael1

    Maybe ABC is done with “Happy Endings”, but viewers have a chance to “save” it by making it attractive to TBS.

  • Dan

    I doubt this effects Last Man Standing and Malibu Country’s chances. LMS will be renewed MC will probably cancelled and Happy Endings just needs a slot to get its eps out of the way.

    The only chance Happy Endings has is a Til Death style fourth season deal

  • American

    Begging, and sad begging at that.

  • Dan S

    When I 1st saw the HE promo to save it I thought it was a joke. When I decided they’re serious I said that was cynical. They’ve already made up their minds to can HE knowing that it’ll draw miserable numbers. The audience for HE rarely stays home on Fridays.

  • Moveittoadultswim

    Why doesn’t Adult Swim pick it up? Or Sony could put the 4th season on the Playstation Network

  • Billy martins

    As of next season ABC Network shall shuffle their shows around having AFHV”s move to Saturdays at 7:00pm & having Once upon a Time move up an hour having starting at 7:00pm following Revenge at 8:00pm then scandal at 9:00 & the new prime time soap Venice at 10:00pm.Here is how the shecdule for 2013/14 season shall be starting with
    7:00pm AFHV”S (New Day)
    7:00pm Once upon a time {new Time}
    8:00pm revenge{new time}
    9:00pm scandal{new day&time}
    10:00pm Venice(new)
    8:00pm Dancing with the stars
    10:00pm Castle
    8:00pm Dancing with the stars results show
    9:00pm {new}
    9:30pm ~{new}
    10:00pm {new}
    8:00 The middle
    8:30 suburatory
    9:00 modern family
    9:30 The Neighbours
    10:00 Nashville
    9:00 Grey”s Anatomy {final season}
    8:00 ?
    8:30 ?
    9:00 Shark tank
    10:00 20/20

  • Billy martins

    Have happy ending ,Apt 23,Malibu county,last men standing move to TBS Too just like cougar town did.So ABC can add more shows to there shecdule next year so viewers can indulge in more.

  • AA

    They made the effort to make a promo. That says enough right? Begging.

  • Ceej

    You know, it could very well be a combination of those three words. ;) Clever promo nevertheless, so who knows, Fringe’s fans followed their show to Fridays, so maybe…

  • BigBrotherFan

    ABC does not give a crap about HAPPY ENDINGS.
    If they did they wouldn’t of stuck it against so many other comedies and a crowded TUESDAY then drop it on Sundays @10pm!? then throw it back on TUESDAYS with 0 promotion and then pull it out of nowhere.

    Sadly. There is no way they are going to pick it up. They been giving the show such a hard time since the fall. I hope fans throw their effort to TBS because that’s OUR only hope. ABC knows this full WELL the SCUM president is just trying to milk the ratings.

    BTW, what 20-somethings or even 30-somethings (single) are home on a Friday night, anyway? The last time I was was in Febuary because I had a stomach BUG. They are setting it up to fail and then they can say to fans “well we tried” BS!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    There’s no reason ANY network would BEG to save a show, so cynical is the only rational answer. :-)

    Also that has to be the answer because every network knows fans can’t save a show no matter what they do.

  • SJ

    Cynical. They want to be all like “we gave it our best shot” when they do cancel it. Hopefully TBS picks it up. It’s its only hope.

  • GG

    Isnt it smarter to renew it anyways?

    It would be on its season 4 and its actually not far from reaching syndication deal. That would bring more money to ABC?

  • Theoacme

    @Billy martins – Grey’s is the top ABC drama, and only trails Modern Family, and you think ABC is going to cancel it next season?

    ABC? The network that ran Millionaire into the ground, is the same network that is going to cancel a drama that is still their top rated drama – that beat Idol, and everything else on broadcast, last night?

    Do you have a rational explanation as to why ABC would cancel Greys, before it has collapsed in the ratings?

  • Theoacme

    As for Happy Endings, that was purely cynical, in a blatant attempt to gain the favors of TV By The Numbers (headline bait on a silver platter!)

  • david

    I just saw that prmo a few minutes ago and i thought interesting way to promote the move to Fridays. I think it was begging the fans to follow the show to Friday.

  • Patrick Gillease

    ABC would like to get one more season out of “Happy Endings” for syndication since its so close now. Plus, it’s produced in-house, so they DO have reasons to renew it – just not at its current woeful ratings. I still think the show will eke out a renewal SOMEWHERE, even if ABC just tosses it to TBS again, a-la “Cougar Town.” Time will tell.

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