ABC Asks Viewers To "Save 'Happy Endings'", Are They Begging, Cynical Or Joking? (Poll)

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March 21st, 2013


A current ABC promo advertising the schedule move of its low rated sitcom Happy Endings to Friday asks viewers to "Save Happy Endings".

Given that when it left ABC's schedule seven weeks ago Happy Endings was by far ABC's lowest rated non-Friday scripted show, and its prognosis was already overwhelmingly bleak, is the plea by ABC

  • Begging - They're begging to fans to produce a Friday ratings miracle to save the show!
  • Cynical - The show's dead already, they're just trying to milk whatever ratings (and ad revenue) they can get from it on Fridays by appeals to desperate fans.
  • Joking - It's a comedy, they're just joking around! They don't really mean it! The show's dead and they're just having some fun!

You be the judge:

For those who haven't seen it:

  • Hardline_Pro

    Well this is a first…silly ABC.

  • somebodysome

    Everybody keeps going on about X ABC comedy moving to TBS. It’s not going to happen. TBS does seem to want to build its brand, but doing so by cultivating failed ABC comedies is not how they are going to do it. Plus Cougar Town had a pretty intense following, whereas Happy Endings has much less so. Saying ‘oh maybe it will go to TBS’ is like saying ‘oh maybe there will be a kickstarter’. Both the Cougar Town and Veronica Mars situations are anomalies, not future business models.

  • JohnnyRico

    It’s not really anomalies. It is a sellers market for non serial shows that can hit the 80-90ish episode plateau on network tv.

    Demand is high as there are way more cable and off network syndication outlets looking to buy shows and supply is lower as there is less shows to go around then 12-15 years ago as procedurals and sitcoms were not competing with reality shows for big 4 primetime real estate.

    People kind of laugh at the Til Death situation but that low rated show that has been off the air for 3 years is in most big cities still in Syndication and also airs nationally on WGN America.

  • brian

    Sad, pitiful, shameless begging. ABC is in no position to joke. Maybe there’s a little cynicism involved, but mostly begging.

  • somebodysome

    It’s not the possibility of renewing shows for syndication I’m talking about, it’s simply having some sort of dues ex machina like TBS come grab up the show. If they really want syndication for Happy Endings they are not just going to dump it into TBS. The reason why TBS got Cougar Town is not so that they could get syndication. ABC had already canceled it even in its third season, they got the show because they thought it could last more then one season and help TBS become something other then endless TBBT repeats, not so that they could get syndication.

  • andri

    Cynics of the times. Jettingly begging?? Once incessantly crestless falling on their knees with supplication.

  • glen

    Not likely but another option could be it’s already renewed, ABC is goofing around so that they can say – see, we listened and saved the show. It’s ratings are unfortunate, though, it’s a great show. Air it after Dancing with the Stars or some high profile show.

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