ABC's '20/20' Reports on the Steubenville, Ohio Rape Case Involving Two High School Football Players

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March 21st, 2013


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Hour-long Report Includes Exclusive Interview with

Defendant Ma’lik Richmond, Friday, March 22 on ABC



Steubenville, Ohio is a football-obsessed city that typically makes headlines for touchdowns not trials. But this past week a verdict in the case of two high school football players split the middle-American town and sparked a national discussion about the world of teens today. Ma'lik Richmond, 16, and Trent Mays, 17, were found delinquent -- the Juvenile Court equivalent of convicted -- of the sexual assault of an intoxicated 16-year-old girl after a night of partying that then played out in shocking text messages, pictures and videos. With the first and only interview with defendant Ma'lik Richmond, interviews with family members, and never-before-seen materials and evidence surrounding the case, “20/20” tells the inside story of what happened that night and in the days that followed.


Elizabeth Vargas’ hour-long report is also a cautionary tale for all parents and teenagers, as the case has pulled back the curtain on the secret lives of many teens living in today's digital world. Anchored by Vargas and David Muir, “20/20” airs FRIDAY, MARCH 22 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.


David Sloan is executive producer of “20/20.”


  • Fred

    Interesting case. ABC anchonrs better not show too much sympathy for the young accused rapists and ignore the young victim. A CNN anchor is in trouble for just that.

  • JB

    Fred, they are no longer accused rapists, they are convicted rapists. I followed this story pretty closely and what those boys did to that girl was disgusting and vile, and quite frankly they deserved more punishment than what they got (IMO). There have also been additional arrests because people are harassing and threatening the victim.

  • Noelle Lima

    I am appalled that attention (on 20/20) wasn’t given to the lack of judgement or guidance by the victims family. I’m sure someone stupid will accuse me of inferring that Jane Doe asked for it so let me head you off right now. She did not ask for it. Rape is a violent crime and having been a student in a small town, I saw the arrogance of athletes and law enforcement brats alike. I saw how they “knew” they were safe from consequence. And it was incredibly frustrating.
    What bothered me about the 20/20 report was hat no light was shed on the behavior of young, young girls and girls in college as well. It is not at all uncommon to see girls being begged by their girlfriends not to “go with them” as Jane Doe’s friend reported. This behavior, if not corrected, leads to women doing the same stupid things. Girls need to be taught at home the value of their lives, their bodies. I now work with children in middle school and these girls wear more make up than I do and show more cleavage than I ever will. Parents need to step up.
    At the end of the report, Elizabeth Vargus commented on another school in Connecticut with a similar case…”another Steubenville?” Wake up, people. This is happening right now. Right this minute. There are more Steubenville’s than we will ever know about and there have been for a long time.

  • ann

    Check out movie that came out that time “Project X”, 3 16 year old boys throwing party to improve popularity, sex, naked girls, drugs massive alchol, all being videotaped by their friend. Sound familiar? Risky business on steroids. The movie gave totally mixed messages, epic party and heroes to peers, but total destruction otherwise.

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