Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Arrow', 'Supernatural', 'American Idol', 'Survivor' & 'Law & Order:SVU' Adjusted Up; 'Whitney' Adjusted Down

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March 21st, 2013

American Idol March 20

American Idol, Survivor, Law & Order: SVU, Arrow and Supernatural were each adjusted up a tenth while Whitney was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, March 20, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 FOX American Idol (8-10PM) 3.6/10 12.94
CBS Survivor 2.6/8 9.79
ABC The Middle -R 1.2/4 4.78
NBC Whitney 1.0/3 3.13
CW Arrow 1.0/3 3.02
8:30 ABC The Neighbors 1.4/4 4.76
NBC Whitney - R 0.8/2 2.52
9:00 CBS Criminal Minds 3.0/8 11.58
ABC Modern Family - R (9-9:31PM) 1.8/5 5.42
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1.6/4 5.51
CW Supernatural 1.0/3 2.16
9:30 ABC Suburgatory  (9:31-10PM) 1.5/4 4.19
10:00 CBS CSI 2.3/6 10.53
NBC Chicago Fire 1.7/5 6.39
ABC Nashville - R 0.6/2 2.47

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  • Paleonut

    @david Welcome to the fandom! I also owe TNT for introducing me to SPN… I was home sick & saw the Pilot when TNT was just starting to air Supernatural…. Addicted ever since!

  • 7 UP

    Some people have made a great point that SVU is probably the reason why Chicago Fire is doing as well as it is. The problem with most of NBC’s shows is either the fact that either are not massive enough to draw in viewers or that they don’t have good lead-ins. SVU was the perfect lead-in for CF. I would keep them two together for one more season then let CF branch out on its own where the network can build around it.

    I think NBC already knows they will renew Whitney too many of their comedies are struggling with super low numbers and its just a matter of which ones that they own are worth renewing.

  • Micheal

    @Ben Thompson

    A lot of SPN fans actually watch Arrow. I think they play off each other and I highly doubt Arrow gives SPN a 4 demo jump. Usually when another show helps another show it doesn’t match that show in the demos. Let’s be real Arrow is not the voice and it skews old.

  • rob60990

    All NBC needs is a stronger 8pm show to help the night. They should just stick a drama there and focus on comedy Tuesday at 9 & Thursdays. They don’t need 3 nights of comedy.

  • Sandy


    I think NBC is more proud of Chicago Fire than the luckluster aged SVU, and the crapshoot Whitney from day 1.

  • 7 UP

    @ Michael

    That’s true I think Supernatural is just as much responsible to Arrow’s ratings as it is the other way around. Supernatural fans were watching Nikita on Fridays before their show aired as well.

    @ rob

    I don’t think the 3 night comedy idea is that bad its just like you said they need stronger 8pm shows leading off the night. If they had stronger 8pm shows their comedies like Whitney would be doing a lot better. NBC needs a new self-starting program next season. Dateline should be used to support a night just to get things started.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “@Bill Gorman

    SVU might get renewed, but it’s only because NBC only cares about proping Dick Wolf. Ratings and SVU’s age and expensiveness, it should have been gone two years ago, it surely should be gone NOW.”

    That’s seriously crazy anti-fan talk there.

    One thing about crazy anti-fans, eventually every show gets canceled and they’re “right”.

    So, you’ve got that going for you.

    Just not this season.

  • Mickey

    Ha, that’s so awesome! Not only did Arrow adjust up, but so did Supernatural. Sweet!

    p.s. Inconsequential correction: I said in the earlier thread that ep10 of SPN had uspet a lot of people. I meant ep9.


    It’s too risky to let Chicago Fire on its own next season. It needs one more season behind SVU. Also, we don’t know that SVU is dragging CF. It might be that SVU is helping CF.

    CF wouldn’t be on its own if they cancelled SVU. It would have another lead-in, which might be perkier than the aging SVU. (Nothing against SVU.) It’s not like they would broadcast dead air at 9 pm.

    There’s no way to know anything for sure, but when CF has had a higher rated lead-in, like The Voice special broadcasts, its ratings have been a lot higher. I wouldn’t go so far as to say SVU is dragging CF down, but obviously a higher-rated lead-in never hurts.

    That being said, CF is doing fine now with SVU, and there’s no guarantee whatever they premiered at 9 pm would do better than SVU, so I’m not advocating the cancellation of SVU. But I certainly don’t think SVU is shoring up CF in any way, nor that CF needs one more season behind SVU.

  • 7 UP

    @ Mickey

    NBC has been unable to produce too many self-starting dramas so it would be a risk indeed when they can continue to go with the safer option in SVU. NBC really can’t afford to weaken Chicago Fire as they need to be building more hits not hurting the new ones. I think NBC should just leave SVU and CF alone next season then make the changes the year after.

  • Mi

    “I just realize Supernatural had a 0.6 demo at this time last year. What the hell did Arrow help the show that much? Or did they pick up new fans?”
    That is not true, SPN never had 0.6 in the final ratings last season, only in preliminary ones.

    As for why it went up I think it’s a combination of being aired after Arrow, getting out of the Friday graveyard, and having a new showrunner probably made some old ex-fans check the show again.

    We can’t say it’s only one of those factors because for example Grimm, that is aired in the same hour in Friday as SPN did, didn’t get higher ratings than Fridays in Mondays and Thursday when it was tested.

  • Melissa


    Lets not forget that Arrow had to hang in there by itself because it has no lead in.

    Oh, your local CW affiliate broadcasts dead air during the 7pm hour? :roll:

  • StevenD

    I think NBC should just do a new Wednesday. Move Chicago fire to Tuesday at 10 and SVU to Thursday at 10(it does best later anyways). The Voice being on the same night will prop up Chicago Fire

  • Anonymous

    @Richard Steven Hack

    Arrow has already been renewed for Season 2.

  • Tessa

    Happy Supernatural adjusted up. That should put a sock in those claims that Castiel brings the show’s ratings down. Just this morning silly fans were pointing at half hour viewer numbers and spinning conspiracy theories about viewers dropping like flies because the episode had an angel story arc instead of being a Sam and Dean love fest.

  • Ram510

    NBC needs to go ahead and give Jimmy Fallon a package deal renew Guys With Kids and give him the Tonight Show

  • jl

    @David. Thanks for the info on Supernatural season 1 starting on TNT tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for that so I could catch up. Just got done setting my dvr!

  • DW

    2 1/2 men , TBBT , Seinfeld reruns are not good as a CW lead in . lol

  • Thorn

    Whitney is dead 3 of their people have moved on(the black guy, the chick who plays Roxanne and Chris.) It is scoring horrible and will only do worse next year. It is tying with CW for Christ Sakes. Next season CW will beat it.
    The recent jokes from Leno regarding ratings has stirred things up, None of the low rated comedies will be renewed as NBC has order many more new comedy series. The CEO has to improve ratings or he will lose his job. no matter how much Whitney is 8==D 0-: it will not save the show.

  • thensnowleopard

    The CW must be very pleased with their decision to renew SPN and Arrow, along with TVD. Too bad the rest of the network isn’t doing nearly as well.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    God, how did I forget Arrow was already renewed! :-) Not enough sleep last night…

    Oh, well, the comment would apply to next season. I’m just ahead of my time! :-)

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