'World's Toughest Drive' to Premiere Saturday, March 30 on Discovery

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March 21st, 2013

World's Toughest Drive

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-Co-production with Discovery Networks International shadows adventurers on a race to the South Pole-



(LOS ANGELES, CA) Subzero Antarctic temperatures that can reach -89 degrees Celsius, savage winds and unpredictable weather are just a few of the extreme conditions present along the span of harsh terrain between Antarctica and the South Pole. Discovery Channel’s hour-long special WORLD’S TOUGHEST DRIVE, airing on Saturday, March 30 at 10PM ET/PT, follows the expedition of three adventurers embarking on the journey of a lifetime as they attempt to break the world record for the fastest overland drive to the South Pole. Using their state-of-the-art specialized vehicle named “Polar”, the team races 700 miles across the ice in the hopes of overtaking the Guinness World Record of 2 days, 21 hours and 21 minutes. But overtaking the current record won’t be easy.


The endeavor, sponsored by Thomson Reuters, marks the 100 year anniversary of the first successful expedition to reach the South Pole, which was led by Roald Amundsen in December 1911. "This unique expedition required a completely new way of filming the action, using cutting edge technology in the most extreme conditions on earth. The result is truly a first for adventure television," said Dimitri Doganis, Managing Director of Raw Television.

The three-man crew includes polar expedition leader Jason de Carteret, design engineer specialist Kieron Bradley and Jason Thomas “JT”, a Canadian copy writer who won his place on the expedition through a Thomson Reuters competition. The fourth member of the team is ‘Polar’, a revolutionary concept vehicle custom built to withstand the uneven terrain and below freezing weather. ‘Polar’ has been jacked up to run on massive 44-inch tires, has a supercharged V6 engine running on bio fuel, double wishbone suspension, a long bar fitted on the front designed to stop the vehicle from falling into crevasses and a reinforced survival cell built into the cab.


“Antarctica is one of the world’s last pristine environments. It can be both stunningly beautiful and very brutal at the same time. With every visit I make to this continent I never cease to be amazed by it…you really are dealing with conditions that can quickly flip you to the very edge of human survival,” said Jason de Carteret. Throughout the expedition, the team faces numerous challenges. Tensions flair between team members as exhaustion and frustration mount. Lacking nearby assistance and without supply planes passing through, the team needs to execute their plan flawlessly or they will be left stranded in the frozen tundra. On Saturday, March 30 at 10PM ET/PT, Discovery invites viewers to join the team as they fight to beat the clock in WORLD’S TOUGHEST DRIVE.


WORLD’S TOUGHEST DRIVE is produced for Discovery Channel and Discovery Networks International by Raw TV. For Raw TV, Sophie Todd is series producer and Louise Norman is executive producer. For Discovery Networks International, Elizabeth McIntyre is executive producer and for Discovery Channel, Brian Dean is executive producer.


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  • Wade Condrey

    Don’t know if this is the rite place to comment. But I’m watchin the worlds toughest drive. Why are the guys sayin they built the only vehicle that could make this journey and while there filming there are tracks in front of them. And then there is a busted tire. And these guys have prepared and specially built this truck to follow where someone has been by lookin at the tracks but the idiots don’t even have a spare tire. Really. Really. No spare tire. On a journey like that. Stupid is what that is. Am enjoying the show because if the embarrassment these guys have nationally broadcast about how unprepared they are. And now there all going home. Huh. If this is not the right place to comment please forward to the right people. Thank you

  • Scott

    Worlds toughest drive….south pole……Okay so…… Im watching this show about how they are going to the south pole….. in a toyota… which i love… and live and die toyota…. but I’m no expert like the guy that they claim that designed and built the truck… obviously with lots of money….if they had all these funds to build how did they miss something so large, and not expect that they needed to switch the suspension to something beefier or a straight front axel. or put gearing in the axles for the large tires so the transmission didn’t take so much of the pounding buy just beefing up the engine..there is huge 50 something inch tires on this thing and they think that those baby a arms or wishbones would handle….. i would expect the independent suspension to take a beating with 50 inch tires on the regular paved streets….. and no spare tires? …. discovery channel never mind…. at least they made it… Jason’s partner kirin was a baby.. I’m tired whaaa… haha driving too fast through tough terrain is a good way to break your truck just kus u want to get there sooner…. man up .. if it wasnt for jason u would have froze to death with a broken lost truck

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