'The Lead With Jake Tapper' Declines From Day 2 to Day 3 in Adults 25-54

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March 22nd, 2013

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New news series The Lead With Jake Tapper garnered 64,000 viewers in the key Adults 25-54 demographic on Wednesday. This represents a 31 percent drop from day 2 (93,000) to day 3. Only two programs on CNN on Wednesday had lower Adults 25-54 ratings: its lead-in CNN Newsroom (63,000) and a repeat of Anderson Cooper at 4AM (57,000). Nielsen does not count ratings for shows that have fewer than 50,000 viewers.

  • Derek

    And THIS is the direction of the “new” CNN…. seems to be working out huh?

  • Tex Geoas

    I respect Jake Tapper.
    He just made a terrible mistake in joining CNN. He went from a biased network to an uber-biased cable network… CNN. The CNN stain is already on him.

  • Pouncekitty

    Doesn’t matter. CNN is a loser. Only people who can’t handle the truth watch CNN. Doesn’t matter who the talking head is. Doesn’t matter.

  • Pipa

    Can’t believe how bad the show is. It’s awful. Just awful. Who gave it the OK?

  • Jimbo

    Well, despite CNN promoting the hell out of Jake Tapper and his new show, he’s managing to do worse than Blitzer did in the time slot. Doesn’t look good for him. Not that they’re gonna pull his show like it’s “Made In Jersey” but it’s certainly not a good start for CNN’s biggest recent hire.

  • hashman

    TAPPER IS AWESOME! He needs to get some high profile administration folks on their ask some tough questions and make some news.

  • Frank Keating

    Bad scheduling. He on the same time as Neil Cavuto, who has a very good show. They should have put him on at 7 pm opposite Shep Smith, who sucks.

  • Mart

    Jake brought a down-the-middle to slightly left worldview to a dying, very liberal network. Conservatives will not stomach CNN and liberals already there will not allow their biases to be challenged. Hope the checks are nice while they last Jake.

  • Reb

    Jake, the reason you are put on CNN is to stop the attempt you have made to tell the truth. On CNN you will not be heard. Nobody listens to CNN. Go back to where you were.

  • DJH

    I found it curious that he left, abc news has no professional ethics and are every bit the merchants of deceit but cnn – really? cnn isn’t even a bad joke anymore, absolutely no credibility but then, the msm as a whole has dismissed professional ethics in favor of ideology and blind worship.

  • Hubie337

    Jake Tapper will NOT ask anyone in the administration tough questions. The administration carefully plans ALL of their media stops to ensure only the most positive light shines on them. The fist time he asks a tough question will be the last time he sees anyone from the current administration. Just look back at the Palin Couric interview to see what happens when you fall into a media trap.

  • Stan

    Tapper selling pablum or truth at CNN?

  • Jerry

    CNN continues it’s nosedive into ratings oblivion. The merry band of buffoons marches on…Nice job Zucker you deserve a big government style bonus.

  • benjamin

    I like Jake–he will at least make his time slot truthful and he is so much better than anyone else on CNN. It is sad how CNN has gone down in the last few years.

  • Henny

    It’s a great show but he tries a little too hard to be funny. He does have great interviews, but when he talks about Jay-Z it’s comical. He should stick to Boehner and Bloomberg.

  • Geechee

    Maybe the officious Wolf Blitzer could give him some tips.
    After all, he won “Third Place” on an episode of ‘Jeopardy!’ once, losing to a comedian and a tv actress.
    He could show Jake, for example, how he pants and fawns when he performs his “Countdown to the President’s Speech” segment, which, if you haven’t ever seen it, is always good for a laugh.
    Of course, when you’re perpetually in Last Place, you’ll try anything.
    Considering that CNN hit its lowest ratings in 20 years just last October, everything they do now seems borne of desperation.
    “CNN. America’s Most Trusted News Source.” And their ratings prove it. LOL!!!!

  • Bill Hinton

    Jake Tapper needs to slam the administration for about 6 months to even get noticed on that excuse for a news network. Replacing a rabid liberal with another less than rabid liberal ain’t gonna get it done. CNN is left wing garbage and until you get rid of Costello, Blitzed,Piers (I hate America) Morgan, etc you guys will just keep going down the toilet. Getting rid of that fat slob Obama loving idiot (Roland Martin) was a good first start. Now about 15 more anchors and producers out to just about do it.

  • Judy Miraglia

    What about Anderson Cooper. No one mentions him. If it weren’t for him NO ONE would watch CNN. Give Jake a break and let him get settled in.

  • RufusVonDufus

    And who, pray tell, is Jake Tapper? And what, pray tell, has he done to be the recipient of a CNN segment? Whatever he did was it really that bad that he can only be on CNN? How sad!

  • J.T.

    Shoulda gone to FOX.

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