'The Lead With Jake Tapper' Declines From Day 2 to Day 3 in Adults 25-54

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March 22nd, 2013

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New news series The Lead With Jake Tapper garnered 64,000 viewers in the key Adults 25-54 demographic on Wednesday. This represents a 31 percent drop from day 2 (93,000) to day 3. Only two programs on CNN on Wednesday had lower Adults 25-54 ratings: its lead-in CNN Newsroom (63,000) and a repeat of Anderson Cooper at 4AM (57,000). Nielsen does not count ratings for shows that have fewer than 50,000 viewers.

  • RJ

    I really like Jake Tapper, but this show is awful. Should have stuck with ABC!

  • Dutra

    All of the makeup and cosmetic surgery in the world can’t put a new face on the old CNN. Time to sell out to the Saudis (see Al Gore for tips) and call it a day.

  • Eric R.

    Tapper should have learned that when he did not get ABC This Week, that the gig was up for him, not only at ABC but throughout the Marxist MSM. They are now a propaganda device for the Democrat-Marxists – people who read “1984” and saw it as a guidebook and not as a warning.

    Jake’s a good guy with no place to go — not left wing enough for 90% of the media, and too liberal for Fox.

  • Cam

    It’s lose, lose for Jake Tapper at CNN. If he acts like a real journalist, the lefties will complain and he’s done. If he acts like a partisan hack like most at CNN he’ll lose the credibility he has earned over the years as unbiased. Once you act like a hack, you can’t go back.

  • B. S. Davis

    CNN CANNOT win – it cannot get ratings since there is no room for two Democratic cable news outlets. There are only so many Democrats out there.

    Of course CNN could offer news from a solid conservative view, and make millions if not billions, but it can’t do that for some reason. In other words openly conservative is something not seen on cable – FOX really is fair and balanced.

    But CNN would rather go broke than go conservative. So they can go broke – it is amusing to see CNN die when the answer is so readily there.

  • bob wire

    Tapper got sucked in by Jeff Zucker with money and promises of comebacks…just like Chris Cuomo did—both are currently failing miserable after leaving their previous cushy with ratings jobs. Zucker is the flim flam man that has helped single handily destroy what used to be News, with the likes of his beloved Katie Couric.

    Not too despair Jake—you will soon hold the new Award once held by the John McEnroe Talk Show for the absolute lowest watched show in the history of Televison–Cable or otherwise…a well deserved award for your greed and sleeze buying.

  • WilliamPenn

    Nobody watches CNN. Nobody!

  • Joe M

    Wow the Drudge trolls are out in full force today.

  • John Adams

    I just read Tapper’s “Outpost” and conclude he is an honest reporter who doesn’t wear the left-wing blinders to which we’ve become accustomed on the likes of CNN and ABC. I’m happy he has an outlet and hope more like him gain air time on television.

    All left-wing media are experiencing a cash crunch and loss of ratings/revenues, and for good reason. Thoughtful people, the ones who take the time to watch the news in the first place, tend to see through the sales pitch. Who would you rather have as a talking head, Jake or Soledad? I hope he does well, and that his oar in the water helps steer CNN back toward what it once was, a primary source of information as to what is going on in the world.

  • Karen mallaber

    I like his personality and the show.

  • Moochelle, Queen of the Wookies

    Jake jumps into a sinking life boat and then is surprised that it is sinking.

  • suibne

    In a true free market CNN would have been gone years ago. Floated by special political interests with a left wing agenda, the network fails by so many standards of fairness and excellence that it would not be allowed to show cartoons. But guess what……there it is…..thanks Ted. Thanks Jane……I live in georgia ted…….stay the fk away from my house.

  • Willdit

    They should have waited until AFTER the Jodi Arias murder trial. Even Fox shows are taking a hit right now. It shows how dumb the new head of CNN is. He should have done his research. Now Tapper will be damaged goods when it may have had nothing to do with him. REALLY bad timing on CNN’s part. Bad management too.

  • RPaine

    I gave up on getting real news from CNN.

  • edwardo

    I like his show, not bad interviews and persons! keep watching I think he will give Cavuto a run for his money, cavuto is too much a bully and thinks he, cavuto, is the show.

  • EJ

    Tapper is a fraud who has already shown one prime example of puppet reporting rather than doing his own work. He just says what the teleprompter shows and doesn’t have a lick of journalistic integrity by any means or stretch. I watched his show thinking CNN would upgrade once in a while, but no. He made some comments the other day about mammograms that were so outrageous that anybody who has kept up with the last three years of medicine would have back handed him for his televised ignorance. With any luck, he will go back to the mail room where he is needed most.

  • Fred Buse

    Tapper could have done worse. He could have gone to MSNBC.

  • Steve

    Jake who?

  • Kathy K

    I watched the first day of his program. Boring! He went from a serious newsman to just another “TV Host” without much serious content. Too bad. I like Jake a lot. It looks like this might be a big mistake on his part.

  • freecheese

    Jake can do well at most any network. The problem is CNN viewers are dropping out in droves. Our regional radio shock jocks have a bigger audience than his viewers at CNN.
    Tapper isn’t the problem . . . CNN is the problem. I can’t understand why he would move to such a low viewed audience. Even ABC had more viewers.

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