'The Lead With Jake Tapper' Declines From Day 2 to Day 3 in Adults 25-54

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March 22nd, 2013

jake tapper

New news series The Lead With Jake Tapper garnered 64,000 viewers in the key Adults 25-54 demographic on Wednesday. This represents a 31 percent drop from day 2 (93,000) to day 3. Only two programs on CNN on Wednesday had lower Adults 25-54 ratings: its lead-in CNN Newsroom (63,000) and a repeat of Anderson Cooper at 4AM (57,000). Nielsen does not count ratings for shows that have fewer than 50,000 viewers.

  • Gice

    Very good news. Let us hope the rest of the MSM keeps circling the drain. No one buys there (All MSM) bias junk anymore.
    Be Strong Hold The Line

  • Kay

    His program runs only once a day at 1:00 in the afternoon here in Ca. No reruns like Morgan and Anderson, how do they expect working people to know he’s there?

  • curiousDave

    I was once asked what the first step was if I wanted to hunt tigers.
    After giving a laundry list, including I’d rather hunt tiger poachers, I was told that I was missing the main point; to hunt tigers I must go where the tigers are.

    Jake is a pretty straight shooter as far as I have seen. His tigers, viewers who appreciate and repeatedly return to watch him, aren’t going to be found in the CNN audience.

  • edwardo

    His interview yesterday was pretty much liberal dribble and questions, but he did set the guy up to look good, was that his intention?

  • Joe Blow

    It is a terrible thing when these talking air heads start re-reading their own press clipping and actually start believing this diatribe. Big Jake needs to buck up and do a better job. Or, make room for someone else. What’s that old saying about being promoted above your competency?

  • ronbet

    The CNN problem is not Tapper, the CNN problem is their liberal agenda. With the new liberal boss now in place nothing about the agenda will change. CNN doesn’t listen so they are destined to continue to have poor ratings with their mostly ethnic and leftist audience.

  • charlie dont surf

    you can only put so much lipstick on a pig

  • JUanitaValdez

    Let Jake do his thing. He is a good reporter. CNN Needs to stop meddling.

  • JWnTX

    I don’t know what possessed Tapper to join CNN–the truth won’t sell to folks used to buying lies. The truth to them is like daylight to a vampire.

  • A/S

    CNN sucks. I gave up on them when the piers Morgan tripe started. I hope the whole network goes under for utter complicity to poor policy.

  • AlanB

    I had thought they were hiring Tapper to replace the god-awful Soledad O’Brien in the AM time slot. THAT would have been an improvement. Of course, ANYTHING would be.

  • mark edward marchiafava

    Uh, why not hire Judge Napolitano?

  • momofthree

    The ONLY times I have ever seen CNN was in a docs office and I ended up changing the channel!

  • Hoot Gibson

    Only Fools, Marxists, and Fruitcakes, watch anything on CNN….Garbage In, Garbage Out….Tapper should have taken his message to Fox…Oh Wait, he tried, but even they weren’t buying his BS.

  • JohnGault

    It is so funny to watch CNN try to improve their ratings. The problem is they are liberally biased in a sea of liberally biased news outlets. They are so liberal, they can not believe ballance would fix things. Watch Fox News. It is the only network that tries to present both sides. They are the only ones who do not try to hide the news. One sided liberal propaganda news is dead. Long live Fox!!

  • JohnGault

    If CNN was not forced on consumers in airports, hotels, gyms, etc., they would have 0 ratings.

  • dan grem

    met tapper at his book signing and at a dinner in savannah recently. very intelligent and nice guy. level headed. but has a deep background that make it difficult for him to shed his personal and educational liberalism. plus he is on cnn. i hope he does well but if i were him i would really rat hole some money.

  • Jenny

    Jake Tapper is a good journalist…my guess is that it has to do with it being a new show that hasn’t been publicized all that much yet to get the word out. I ran across a blurb about it earlier this week and planned to at the very least set my DVR to pick it up but then just forgot about it. New habits take time to form. On the other hand, CNN isn’t the best venue to start your show on since it has lost so many viewers in recent years. I bet if Jake went to FOX News, his show would be well received. Just my take on it.

  • Carolyn

    Jake Tapper should do a “This Week” (with GS) type show NOT a chatty Fox & Friends type show. When Jake Tapper subbed for George S., This Week was totally worth watching. Unlike George S. who was totally in the tank for all things/people liberal – Jake Tapper put the hard questions (and followup) to both the Liberals and the Conservatives.

    I really like Jake Tapper and really tried to like this new show but I have other and better choices to watch or record at that hour. If CNN gives Jake a Sunday show to compete with This Week, Meet the Press and Fox News Sunday – he will own the ratings. Chris Wallace is no Tony Snow or Brit Hume, David Gregory is no Tim Russert AND George Stephanopoulos is NO Jake Tapper.

    CNN should fix this . . . but then . . . I won’t hold my breath.

  • frank stevy

    Usually its not the race car or horse that is an important as the driver , in this case its the whole group !
    Under new management mean nothing here , so sad because ironically Ted ( Turner ) , CNN stated this new way to deliver news .

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