'The Lead With Jake Tapper' Declines From Day 2 to Day 3 in Adults 25-54

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March 22nd, 2013

jake tapper

New news series The Lead With Jake Tapper garnered 64,000 viewers in the key Adults 25-54 demographic on Wednesday. This represents a 31 percent drop from day 2 (93,000) to day 3. Only two programs on CNN on Wednesday had lower Adults 25-54 ratings: its lead-in CNN Newsroom (63,000) and a repeat of Anderson Cooper at 4AM (57,000). Nielsen does not count ratings for shows that have fewer than 50,000 viewers.

  • ppie14

    I watched a little of the show. It’s the same brutal show that’s on everywhere on CNN. It doesn’t matter who is hbosting whether It’s Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett or Tapper. It’s the same format, same dialogue, same tone It’s brutal and boring.

  • John Kelly

    I don’t know who Tapper is. Watching CNN is usually pretty painful, just skip the coverup and go straight to MSNBC for the DNC-Obama party lines. But, who knows? I will give him a try. So long as it is not that women with black hair. omg how poor. Stick to beauty pageants. That gay guy Cooper is pretty good. He was the only one I could stand. Actually asked some decent questions and refused to accept cr*p. Not hard hitting, but at least not falling into the Pacific.

  • soul leister

    No one is watching CNN… only their family members and close friends (explains the ratings). So unless Tapper has a huge family his ratings will be just as lackluster. CNN ceased being a news outlet years ago and has instead become DNC propaganda hub “basement 101).

  • big Mike

    I like Jake Tapper a lot… I just wish he would have moved to Fox News Channel. Jake is one of the few fair reporters out there in the MSM and he doesn’t understand at CNN with a majority liberal audience, they won’t appreciate his brand of fairness. I guarantee if Jake did the same show on the Fox News Channel his numbers would immediately triple.

  • E Rizzo

    Not impressed of “The Lead” Try another show CNN!

  • joanne

    I will gain respect for Mr. Tapper when and if he jumps into the Benghazi coverup. if he wants respect and I do like him…he’ll ruff le a few feathers and nail Obama.
    Until then..Neil Cavuto HAS my vote.

  • slee

    Jake Tapper is an excellent reporter and,yes,huge mistake going to CNN…money must have been fabulous…maybe if the management at CNN put him in a decent time slot not late afternoon when most intelligent folk(his audience)are still at work….Hey Jake,hope you didn’t sign a long term contract and or have a good attorney….

  • Ralph Hahn

    Maybe CNN could steal MSNBC’s sacred “cow” “Madcow” and make it more competitive for a two-way race for Number 2 again.

  • Ralph Hahn

    CNN named the show “The Lead” because Superman can’t see through it. THINK.

  • soul leister

    Like “read” is sometimes pronounced “red”… the “lead” is like wise the “led”… stumbling in the wilderness of DNC propaganda. They will soon cancel it and blame Tapper for CNN lack of an audience (their reputation is all they have now and its crap).

  • slee


  • driveby_poster

    CNN… where all has-been reporters go to die.

  • AppleStinx

    It looks like a spider ate the centipede. :lol:

  • Tobie

    Hang in there Jake and CNN! The real money in the pockets news consumers will come your way after they realize they will not be watching the same CNN liberal crap.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @JOE BLOW: Your answer to your earlier querstion: “The Peter Principle.”

  • Richard Gozenya

    When your NON News Network keeps pushing the presidents agenda and no one at the network will ask this pres any real questions of course your going to end up with a loser of a show.

  • Mitch Pawl

    He stunk over at NBC, I can’t see that he would be any better over an Corrupt News Network.

    Tapper is so far biased for liberals, it is amazing. I am glad that he moved off of NBC. The wife watches NBC, and I can’t sand him at all.

  • genetics73

    A small correction to Pouncekitty’s comment: The people who REALLY cannot stand the truth watch MSNBC. The gullible watch CNN.

    I do like Tapper, but he’s wasting his reputation and time on this new venue of his.

  • Smash44

    Who? Seriously I never heard of this guy. Should i have?

  • Elsewhere

    Jake Tapper is on CNN? When did that happen?

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