'The Lead With Jake Tapper' Declines From Day 2 to Day 3 in Adults 25-54

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March 22nd, 2013

jake tapper

New news series The Lead With Jake Tapper garnered 64,000 viewers in the key Adults 25-54 demographic on Wednesday. This represents a 31 percent drop from day 2 (93,000) to day 3. Only two programs on CNN on Wednesday had lower Adults 25-54 ratings: its lead-in CNN Newsroom (63,000) and a repeat of Anderson Cooper at 4AM (57,000). Nielsen does not count ratings for shows that have fewer than 50,000 viewers.

  • Parhae

    Most of the readers here appear to understand the sad state of the MSM. I blame the CNN for starting the slavish liberal bias in the media. The day CNN is expunged from network news is the day when the MSM will return to the sanity of reporting the news objectively. I just can’t understand why so many of the people here are telling why CNN sucks so much and what CNN can do to improve itself. Just let CNN wallow in its mediocrity and ignorance, and let it die ignominisously. There is no point in being helpful to the MSM bird brained dullards

  • Joanne

    CNN caught a la NBC editing tapes to out and out lie. New trend in journalism – if the truth don’t fit you can edit it. Erin Burnett is just awful. What a stinker and she knowingly submitted lies as the truth. Poor Erin, she was so much better on CNBC talking and reporting on business topics she didn’t understand. The ignorance was just so much less visible but on her new show on CNN she just comes across as an uninformed dope. And now the edit scandal. Like so many Obamaphiles, the truth is just an obstacle to agenda.

  • Bruce

    Jake got canned at ABC for “harassing” Dear Leader at a news conference.

  • Michael L

    I respect Jake Tapper, and wish him the best at CNN or whereever he goes.

  • Taylor

    I don’t have cable, but my gym does, so I spent my treadmill time watching Tapper’s show. I’m not normally a CNN watcher, so he’s the only reason for tuning in, and is an excellent reason. I’ll watch again. Give his show time. Way too early to tell.

  • Duude

    Jake Tapper was a fine White House reporter. Certainly more balanced in his coverage than anyone I’ve seen at CNN. Have to wait and see what happens with this guy. Doing a show is different from on the spot reporter.

  • gwgm

    I’m always amazed how 99% of reporters are willing to sacrifice their careers for the cause of supporting Democrats. They’re like lemmings.
    But they’re more dedicated to being advocates for the cause than they are to telling true stories, digging dirt on those who deserve it or even trying to get ratings.
    If Tapper wanted to attract viewers, he would find and interview some Benghazi survivors.
    He would do a story on Biden’s 1/2 million dollar nights in London and Paris.
    He would do something on the Administration’s petty sequester cuts… or dig on what happened to Woodward a few weeks ago.
    He would act like they all act when a Republican is in the White House.
    But to do those things, would go against the cause… so they don’t.
    No one gets big ratings by being a cheerleader.
    No one’s changing the channel to CNN because a guy use used to have a spine sold his soul and started acting like Soledad and Anderson.
    CNN is dead because of the way its “journalist / reporters” act. Tapper will fail because he’s morphed into a CNN “journalist / reporter.”

  • glenthompson

    Tripper might be what the head honchos at CNN might wants as part of their change; but, it is not what the embedded staff wants. They will not stand for their liberal biases to be challenged and will undermine Trapper in every way possible. CNN will never solve their ratings problem until they start firing the people behind the scenes. The ones with the real agenda. Networks always make this mistake. Also, they chose the wrong hour. Cavuto has that market sown up. If CNN is really interested in challenging FOX, they need to after Smith at 7PM. Talk about over-paid. This man gets flakier and flakier every day and FOX isn’t doing anything to correct the situation.

  • bob

    CNN is not worth the powder to blow it up…no one will a brain would watch crap like CNN

  • Missourimule

    I’ve seen, over the years, Jake Tapper show glimmers of being a good newsman. But it doesn’t matter. You could reincarnate Walter Cronkite and put him on CNN & he wouldn’t get any viewers. The channel has spent years self-destructing, and then wallowing in the causes of its self-destruction. Who’s going to watch? There’s one bonafide news network out there — FOX NEWS — where someone of Tapper’s quality could go and get respect AND an audience. He’s wasting his time anywhere else.

  • Pronghorn

    I suppose the show is pronounced ‘led,’ like a lead sinker?

  • bTeri

    I’m not surprised at all. Jake Tapper is that rare breed of journalist as he doesnt tow the far left line as his bretheren at the alphabet networks and 99.9% of those at CNN do. So why would Zucker think that CNN’s viewing audience would appreciate the quality and diversity of opinion and story coverage that Tapper brings to the table?

    Come on Jake…come on over to Fox News where grown ups that want to hear all sides of a story go for their news (40% of viewers are Democrats). We laugh at those that watch the other networks and all the stories that arent covered there because they are protecting their beloved Leader His Highenss Obama.

  • JR

    Lol I see that the Drudge trolls have arrived. I like how conservatives are praising Tapper because he’s tough on the current administration, but were likely calling him biased when he did the same when Bush was in office. If you look at his bio you would see that he’s definitely not a conservative. He’s worked for Democratic politicians, wrote for the liberal website Salon.com and was employed by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which promotes gun control. He just happens to practice objective journalism, which is rare these days.

  • biggoofer

    Jake needs to find a pet peeve, and quickly.

    I remember Pearce Morgan boasting about kicking O’Reilly’s butts even before he started his show on the “America’s most trusted network”.

    The guy was floundering until he found the life saver: Newton school shooting.
    He quickly embraced the cause of gun restriction and is getting some exposure on conservative media outlets.

    Jake needs something similar, or else he will soon join the ranks of “Has Been”.

  • Jesse Jacksoff

    Jake is the victim of some really, really bad career advice.

  • 1nancy2

    “Can’t believe how bad the show is. It’s awful. Just awful. Who gave it the OK?” Good, now that you have critiqued the show, why would I waste my time? In addition, I am not a Jake fan. When Chris Hayes takes over Ed’s slot, MSNBC, the numbers will drop like a rock. Chris is unwatchable, so I agree with you in both cases: “Who gave it the OK?” BBL

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  • kyle white

    nothing against the guy, but i expected “the lead” to be some sort of serious reporting. it’s just a bunch of headlines trying to appear upbeat and cool. huge disappointment.

  • fred

    i can’t understand how tapper has a job as a tv host of any sort, let alone cnn news. he has a problem with his speech and an outdated sense of humor.

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