Will Jonathan Taylor Thomas Bring 1990s-Style High Ratings to the 'Last Man Standing' Finale? - Poll

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March 22nd, 2013

Last Man Standing Jonathan taylor Thomas

The early 1990s were a very different time for television. There was no CW or ABC Family,  so tween girls were forced to look to family sitcoms for their celebrity crushes. Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas graced the cover of many issues of Bop magazine. (There were no  blogs back then!) Now he is all grown up and reuniting with his Home Improvement Dad Tim Allen on the season finale of Last Man Standing. His appearance has been heavily promoted. Will his former fans, now part of the 18-49 demographic, tune in for a dose of 1990s nostalgia and help the show wrap its season on a high note? Last week's episode garnered a 1.4 adults 18-49 rating. How will tonight's fare?






  • Joe

    Do people really think Jonathon Tyler Thomas is a big enough name to draw a 2.0+? Lol.

    No higher than a 1.5.

  • RyanCanada

    all i care about is #SAVEHAPPYENDINGS

  • Igwell Predicts…


  • Brandojames

    I think it can hit a 1.9

  • FaceForUnderAPillow


    Everybody please stop hating on JTT and Home Improvement/Last Man Standing I can’t stand haters you ain’t got nothing better to do!

    Why else do you think we do it? We’re not so keen on you either as it goes.


    all i care about is #SAVEHAPPYENDINGS

    Obviously, since you posted about it in a Last Man Standing article. #StartWatchingBetterShows

  • debsafan

    I like him, but the show sucks. Not funny at all. I wouldn’t watch it at all except it’s the only thing on, until Grimm comes on.

  • Dan

    Probably 1.5-1.6, not sure if it will make much of a difference, the shown will still be renewed.

  • Mal

    Rolling with a 1.7 on this one. But we shall see…

  • Ashton Butcher

    LMS deserves to go out with one of their higher ratings of the season the show has really succeeded expectations on Fridays this season and really has given ABC the confidence to open up an extra hour of comedies if need be next season.

    I think JTT probably won’t boost it up too much but there will be some curiosity since he hasn’t been on television for years now.

  • FaceForUnderAPillow

    A small amount of additional viewers will check in just to see if JTT got fat by now.

  • Jaime04

    I say at least 1.7 (maybe more) – I love JTT!

  • Nick

    Last Man Standing: 1.5
    Malibu Country: 1.2
    Shark Tank (R): 1.5
    20/20 (R): 1.1

    iHear Radio Album Release Party (R): 0.2
    Cult: 0.1

    Kitchen Nightmares (R): 0.9
    Touch: 0.7

    Fashion Star: 0.6
    Grimm: 1.5
    Rock Center with Brian Williams: 0.6


    Can Last Man Standing score its highest ratings since January? Sure. Will it get 1990s-style ratings? When pigs fly (and The Mob Doctor is renewed).

  • rob60990


  • Chuck_T


  • JJF

    1.5/1.6, a slight bump. Probably enough to get the show renewed.

  • reedmac

    I dont like the show but I’ll download it tomorrow for JTT, I adored him in my early teens. I’m 28 now and I still think he’s cute.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Never heard of him… :-)

  • iMember

    So, Last Man Standing and Malibu Country has been preempted in the Orlando area. Instead, they’re showing the Jimmy Neutron movie.

    …Oh my childhood!

  • david

    I say 1.6, i just watched it and it was a good episode.

  • david

    I do remember watching Home Improvement growing up though. I am 28 now.

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