Will 'Once Upon a Time' Magically Improve Its Ratings Tonight? - Poll

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March 24th, 2013

Once Upon A Time March 24

Once Upon A Time's ratings seem to have settled into the sub-2.5 adults 18-49 zone. But all it takes is a little Disney magic to turn things around.  Who knows? Maybe viewers have been craving Pinocchio. And more of Neal's fiancee. Yeah, probably not. But they're in tonight's episode, "Selfless, Brave and True." Make your ratings predictions below.


  • TV Addict

    idk about once, but I’m really excited to guess the ratings for The Voice, Revolution, Go On and The New Normal. NBC.

  • John A

    The site should Just combine OUAT and Revenge poll to please everyone.

  • omabin

    I don’t think people are going to be very interested in an episode focused on Tamara. Hope to be wrong though, but my guess is a 2.1. And another 1.8 for Revenge. So sad about my shows, wish they could back to their fall levels.

  • omabin

    And yeah, I dont know why you dont do revenge polls simultaneously, since everyone answers about revenge too anyway

  • JJA

    Will OUAT magically improve its quality?

    Season 2 has been a massive letdown.

  • coonio

    isn’t 2.x the new 4.x in the ratings?!

  • WillyWonka

    No I don’t see OUAT improving it’s ratings in any substantial way, as others also seem to think, this season has been really poor.

    Even for what it is (fairy tale) the writing has been so flimsy that it’s impossible to get drawn in, characters continously do uncharacteristic things in order to enable a plot device.

    Add to that we have some appalling acting, while Morrison can act she is basically just phoning in her performance here, the kid who plays Henry has always been terrible but now they’ve added the guy who plays ‘balefire’ and he is almost just as bad.

    Still I could take the poor acting (atleast lana parilla and robert carlyle manages to put in a decent performance) if the storyline was even remotely exciting but instead it’s a jumbled mess with such insane plotholes that there’s no way you can suspend disbelief in order to immerse yourself in the story.

    For a show like this which is character driven you really need to have relatable characters which allow you to ‘buy’ the whole ‘fairytale’ bit, but the characters here are so thin and illogical that you get a much more ‘relatable’ person by turning to the Disney animated counterparts.

    I think it’s too late to save this show, obviously it will get a third season (likely with a smaller number of episodes upfront) but really it’s doomed to fail as it’s obvious the showrunners have no idea of what they are doing.

  • Kitsune

    More seriously, I think the latest string of good episodes will eventually do good for the show. Even though I miss Barbara Hershey already.

    2.5 is my official guess.

    2.0 for Revenge.

  • Pepper

    OUAT 2.1
    Revenge 1.8

  • BG

    OUAT- 2.5

  • ZmaX

    I really hope both shows rise.
    I’m going with a 2.4 for Once and a 2.0 for Revenge.

    -This episode features the return of Emily’s red sharpie! (I think she’ll be taking out her abusive foster mother.)

    -The return of Mason Treadwell

    -and supposedly there will be a HUGE cliffhanger at the end of the episode even Emily won’t see coming

  • outlawz

    every week this site ask the same question newsflash their are others shows

  • Ash

    OUAT hasn’t risen (by more than .1) for weeks and now all of a sudden it’s going to rise? There’s a reason people aren’t watching this show and it has more to do with quality than ABC ‘s scheduling.



  • JacobYates

    So many OUAT polls. The same question where the answer has already always been no. After all these weeks of low 2s in the ratings, I don’t think it can get its footing back.

    My prediction, OUAT gets a 3rd season where the ratings drop into the high 1s, but it gets a 4th season due to syndication. After that, its fate is up in the air.

  • Ash


    Why are you using caps? It looks like your yelling. You could get your point across without using all caps. Just a bit of advice ;)

  • Just Desserts

    Jesus v. Witchcraft

    I wonder who wood win?

  • Miki

    I don’t think that ratings will go above 2.4 this season, but there is a chance it will recover for finale. Too bad because this is a really great and imaginative show, different from most of the cr.ap we see these days on TV. Better writing will help this show improve its ratings during third season, but it seems that creators don’t listen to the audience and fans and want to represent their own ideas by any means.

    There are many fans that want to see more of Cinderella, Maleficent, August, Mirror, Aurora/Philip/Mulan, but we get like … nothing, only new and boring characters(Giant, really??). At least they should stick to core characters – Rumple, Regina and Charmings family. Also, they should stop making them going out of their characters (like Snow killing Cora, or Regina being evil, then good, then confused, then evil again, then confused again)

  • Nick

    Once Upon a Time: 2.4
    Revenge: 2.0
    Red Widow: 1.2

    The Amazing Race: 2.4
    The Good Wife: 1.6
    The Mentalist: 1.7

    The Simpsons (R): 1.7
    Bob’s Burgers: 1.5
    Family Guy: 2.3
    American Dad: 1.7

    Dateline NBC: 1.1
    Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars: 1.6


    It’s a shame OUAT is no where near its former level. While it’s still nowhere near its quality level last spring (when it was the best show on TV), it has rebounded OK-ish from a terrible fall. Revenge is also still a shadow of its former self. I am willing to wait that one out before judging though.

  • Fred


    I agree with your assessment of OUAT and REVENGE.
    Both shows have improved in the most recent episodes.
    I hope to see further improvement soon.
    Earlier this season REVENGE and to a lesser extent OUAT were barely watchable .
    Last season both shows were among the best TV had to offer.

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