Will 'Once Upon a Time' Magically Improve Its Ratings Tonight? - Poll

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March 24th, 2013

Once Upon A Time March 24

Once Upon A Time's ratings seem to have settled into the sub-2.5 adults 18-49 zone. But all it takes is a little Disney magic to turn things around.  Who knows? Maybe viewers have been craving Pinocchio. And more of Neal's fiancee. Yeah, probably not. But they're in tonight's episode, "Selfless, Brave and True." Make your ratings predictions below.


  • Jason50

    I’m thinking maybe a small drop if any. This season has been somewhat lackluster for me. It may take a week or two before I catch up with the episodes. I’m not sure if this series needs a poll every week but I suppose there’s not really anything else on broadcast TV that should get one. Maybe there can be a poll on other cable shows besides the Walking Dead. Although I don’t see many popular choices.

    Here’s my poll: Will Finding Bigfoot actually find bigfoot this week? Aw hell, will they find bigfoot this season?

  • Tony JJ

    OUAT 2.4
    Revenge 2.2 (Revenge should rise because of the promos about “THE LAST FIVE MINUTES WILL SHOCK EVEN EMILY!”)

  • iMember

    I hope Revenge rises, because tonight’s episode was really good! That last bombshell at the end of the episode should have Emily cooking up quite a treat for Victoria next episode.

  • HalCapone

    I know individual (or even collective) fan reviews are irrelevant as to how the ratings land the following day but I’ll add my two cents and say that it was a great evening of television on ABC from Once Upon A Time all the way through the end of Red Widow (which I had never watched before, along with everyone else, apparently, too). The last few episodes of Once have been very good and Revenge has been firing on all cylinders, too for the last few episodes (another great one tonight).

  • A

    Regardless, Once and Revenge WILL both RETURN.

    I think its also safe to say that they will go until at least season 4 for syndication deals. They’re both halfway there anyways and it will bring more money to the network.

  • brian

    Once Upon a Time 2.2. It’ll be tough to get higher against The Bible, College Basketball, and House of Lies/Californication.

  • DenverDean

    @A. Based on repeat value of OUAT and, especially, REV, syndication value will be limited. OUAT repeats horribly when ABC even dares to air it and REV, well pure soaps just don’t do it. (Look at DH as prime example.) They both may have life on “streaming.”

  • ZmaX


    Revenge would probably do well on SoapNet

  • zerg

    I will not be surprised if it fall under 2.0..And I’m saying as a fan

  • Aurora

    The premise of this show was hope but as of late I see little of this. Not sure the creators of LOST are up to the task. I want to see true love, redemption, and good winning over evil. This is a fairy tale after all!

  • SJ

    OUAT – 2.4
    Revenge – 2.2

    I think this will be a rare “up” week for both. I am worried about next week, when Revenge has to air on its own, on Easter, against The Bible and Walking Dead finales and the Game of Thrones premiere. At least we know it can’t hit a new low – I can’t imagine it going lower than 1.4.

  • David Howell

    Are the OUAT polls designed to get traffic from both OUAT fans and complaining Revenge fans? Demon move from Bill and Robert if so!

    2.3 for OUAT, 1.9 Revenge, and something so low that Bet On Your Baby might get an original scripted leadout on Saturdays for Red Widow.

  • Samuel

    OUAT: 2.3
    Revenge: 2.1

  • James

    2.3 The show is pretty boring and drawn out.

  • Liam

    ONCE: 7.80 million viewers and a 2.5 in the demo
    REV: 7.36 and a 2.0 in the demo
    RED W: 4.10 million and a 1.0 in the demo
    TGW: 8.84 and a 1.5 in the demo (the show started 45 mins late).

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