How Will 'Revolution' Return Tonight? (Poll)

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March 25th, 2013


Revolution comes back tonight after several months on hiatus. Can it recapture its former ratings glory? It premiered to a 4.1 rating at the start of the season, but slid pretty dramatically, with its last episode earning a 2.9 back in November. The Voice is also returning tonight for its spring premiere, so it should have the benefit of a generous lead in, but a nearly 4-month hiatus could lose the interest of even the most committed viewer. So what do you think? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • MichaelChickless

    Hopefully a 3.0 or above to shut up the naysayers.

  • aedude01

    Well if it’s any indication, I had no idea it was back on tonight. Considering I work in the industry, that’s not a good sign.

  • Simon

    2.7 or 2.9 in the demo. It’ll still win the 10:00 P.M. time slot and be renewed for a 2nd season. GRIMM survived the long 4 month hiatus so it is entirely possible that REVOLUTION will survive it too.

  • William

    Its been off the air for so long, but then again the Voice is a great lead in. Something tells me half the the voice audience will change the channel once it starts. I can’t even remember what happened on the last episode.

  • Dahne

    @Jarrod – Count me as one of the 20% hoping Charlie gets killed. I actually think it’s closer to 25% though. For the record, I am one of the 1% that hopes the entire Matheson clan goes up in a huge helicopter bomb and the show reboots with the main focus being on the war between different republics in an ultimate battle for control of the former USA.

  • TV Man

    Are we talking P18-49?

  • joel

    Revolution would be unnoticed sub-2 if weren’t following the Voice season premiere. Since it is, > 3.8

  • BigBrotherFan

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.0
    Rules of Engagement: 2.4
    2 Broke Girls: 2.8
    Mike & Molly: 2.5
    Hawaii Five-0: 1.9

    The Voice: 3.8
    Revolution: 2.2

    Dancing with the Stars: 2.6
    Castle: 2.1

    Bones: 1.9

    The Carrie Diaries: 0.3
    Hart of Dixie (R): 0.2

  • HalCapone

    What no poll for The Voice? Revolution is not a favorite of mine, although I love the science fiction genre–hope it survives. The Voice, on the other hand is cheesy garbage that should be silenced, along with all other singing competition shows.

  • I Love TV!

    This and The Voice will tank… 2.2 at best and The Voice will be lucky to be 3.0

  • sarah nz

    2.8 – 3.2, more likely to be 2.8 I believe.

  • sarah nz

    @ Dahne – I’d watch that show.

  • Remote Patrolled

    Wanted to like the show and watched the first half of the season but it’s simply not a very good show so I’m tuning out…

  • Anon

    2.3-2.7, due to the hiatus

  • Matty

    They have been promoting the show a lot they even had ads on the bottom of the screen on their other channels such as USA network so I think it will still do much better than NBCs average even if it doesn’t do as well as it did in the fall.

  • NBC Fan

    If the Biggest Loser could pull a 2.7 last week, then I think The Voice is capable of pulling a least 3.5 and Revolution a 2.5.

  • Zth

    The Voice 5.0
    Revolution 3.4

  • Zth

    For anyone who says that The Voice will be lucky to get a 3.0, you will have a really rough awakening tomorrow morning. The buzz for The Voice is now insane, probably at an all-time high among the black and latino minorities. It will hit high 4’s for sure, maybe even low 5’s.

  • Kangarookeeper

    @Zth : I totally agree with you. The haters are hoping for a 3.0 for The Voice but they are going to be very disappointed when The Voice premiers to a 4.8!

  • tomko44

    I love that Saturday night and Sunday night NBC ran commercials for Revolution on several cable networks and said “Coming Soon” instead of actually saying it is on Monday night!

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