How Will 'Revolution' Return Tonight? (Poll)

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March 25th, 2013


Revolution comes back tonight after several months on hiatus. Can it recapture its former ratings glory? It premiered to a 4.1 rating at the start of the season, but slid pretty dramatically, with its last episode earning a 2.9 back in November. The Voice is also returning tonight for its spring premiere, so it should have the benefit of a generous lead in, but a nearly 4-month hiatus could lose the interest of even the most committed viewer. So what do you think? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • Tran

    Hope General Monroe is going to be very angry at those ratings.

  • Tony ^_^


  • JoshuaCanada

    I’m going to be watching bates motel at 10 and recording revolution. Hopefully it holds up well though


    2.4. Such a long hiatus is never good for a show. Don’t think fans will stay from fall.

  • kyle

    I’m a huge can but I think since we are past 12.21.12 it will lose a lot of viewers

  • Charlie

    It’d be interesting to see how it comes back but Chicago Fire is the network’s true scripted MVP this season no doubt about it.

  • cimmer

    2.4-2.6, I think the bloom is off the rose

  • s0303

    i’m guessing 2.4/2.5…not sure about this one. personally the show wasn’t very good to me, i gave up after 4 episodes..i think the voice will be down also…

  • Keith

    I picked 2.3-2.7. To get more specific, I’m thinking a 2.6.

  • FaceForUnderAPillow

    Since it’s a crap show with no real plot or quality acting or writing, I’ll say it’ll do very well on return.

  • hello

    I predict huge fall

  • CrimTV


    Your a can? Good to know

  • joel

    The Voice will hit 6

  • Nick

    Dancing with the Stars: 2.6
    Castle: 2.1

    How I Met Your Mother: 2.9
    Rules of Engagement: 2.4
    2 Broke Girls: 2.9
    Mike & Molly: 2.5
    Hawaii Five-0: 1.8

    The Carrie Diaries: 0.3
    Hart of Dixie (R): 0.3

    Bones: 2.0
    The Following: 2.3

    The Voice: 4.0
    Revolution: 2.8

  • Samuel

    I think both this and The Voice will do relatively poorly tonight. The Voice debuted badly last year and it will certainly do worse now that it has NO buzz.

  • Nick

    I cannot wait to see The Voice pummel American Idol.

  • TBFL

    How far does it have to slip to make NBC realize that a 4 month hiatus is a screw-up, but not big enough of one to cancel the show? That is what I want it to get…

  • Nick

    @Samuel What are you talking about? The Voice premiered to a 4.2 in the fall, went up and down a little throughout the season, and ended with the performance finale getting a 4.2 and the results finale getting a 4.9. And the buzz is huge. Do you live under a rock? lol

  • Jlopie1

    It was already on the down swing before it went on hiatus. I don’t think it will pick those followers back up.

  • Luiz

    Revolution 2.8, The Voice 4.0

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