How Will 'Revolution' Return Tonight? (Poll)

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March 25th, 2013


Revolution comes back tonight after several months on hiatus. Can it recapture its former ratings glory? It premiered to a 4.1 rating at the start of the season, but slid pretty dramatically, with its last episode earning a 2.9 back in November. The Voice is also returning tonight for its spring premiere, so it should have the benefit of a generous lead in, but a nearly 4-month hiatus could lose the interest of even the most committed viewer. So what do you think? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • SusiN..

    Just wanted to post my prediction for the Voice. With Shakira and Usher joining the show as judges, I’m expecting big numbers of around 4.5 in the 18-49 demo.

  • tvfan2013

    The Voice 3.2 Revolution 2.0. Castle 2..1 H5O 2.4

  • MichaelChickless


    Kyle is a huge can!

  • Kangarookeeper

    How come we don’t get a poll for The Voice? Who cares about Revolution?

  • Mike

    I’d say a 3.5 – 3.7

  • Zth

    @Samuel: And the award for the most stupid comment goes to you. How can you say that The Voice has no buzz? Last season premiered to a 4.2 and finished with a 4.9. And really, no buzz? Are you from US at least? Because if you would be, you would know that you cannot avoid the buzz for The Voice.

  • Zth

    Your prediction is way too low.
    H5-O and Castle will be both in the high 1’s, while Revolution might be in the low 3’s.

  • Hubert R. Wentland

    I think it will return pretty high, but then it will take the same way SMASH went last year. 4 months is too long and people will realise tonight they don’t really care.

    Since I don’t live in US I have no idea how big or small is The Voice buzz – but it makes sense for it to premiere slightly down since all of the ratings are down from the fall, it has to deal with Daylight Saving and has probably a little stronger competition (or does it? Fox will perform better than it did in fall, but CBS and ABC not so much).

  • Zth

    @Hubert Wentland:

    You’re right about the fact that shows tend to have smaller ratings in the spring than in the fall. But Dancing with the Stars premiered way above the fall premiere last week. Also, the addition of Shakira and Usher, which are more relevant in today’s music industry than XTina and Celoo, should compensate for that effect. Also, Spring is the season where the first two seasons of The Voice aired, so people are more used to it being in the Spring.

  • lukas

    Voice – 3.4
    Revolution – 1.8

    HIMYM – 3.0
    RoE – 2.1
    2BG – 2.9
    M&M – 2.5
    Havaii Five-0 – 2.3

    DWTS – 2.4
    Castle – 2.1

    Bones – 2.1
    The Following – 3.0

  • oktimeforplanc


  • rich

    it’s been off for too long and I’ve lost interest in it. I much prefer how the cable networks handle their ‘seasons’. a smaller number of episodes each year but usually shown without a break.

  • Adam

    Why are some people predicting a 2.3 or 2.4 for Hawaii Five-0?

  • Melissa


    The Voice debuted badly last year

    Premiered badly last year? Are you referring to the strong 4.2 fall premiere or the whopping 16.3 (6.7 without Super Bowl) year-ago spring premiere?

  • Freddy Arrow

    I think NBC would have been a lot better off repeating the first 10 episodes of Revolution rather than putting Deception in this spot. It would have been “free” for them to show these and it might have picked up a few more viewers. At the very least, it would have kept the show a bit more on people’s minds.

  • CBS#1

    I wanted to say 2.8 – 3.2 at first, but they will probably take advantage of The Voice premiere.

    So 3.3 – 3.7 it is!

  • NCJeff

    I say mid-twos.

    Disagree with those criticizing NBC too harshly on the 4 month hiatus. Think they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. If memory serves I don’t think serialized dramas repeat well. They had a choice of potentially wasting a few new episodes by sprinkling them over the last four months, or trying to come back strong with a continuous run of new episodes.

    They’re kind of following the cable model of splitting the season, first half in the fall, second half in the spring. That works on cable because they get money from the monthly cable bills. NBC doesn’t get that same level of benefit, but considering their current position they should be happy just beating Univision (or is it Telemundo?)

    If a show is good people will come back. Unfortunately I don’t think this one falls into the ‘good’ category. From the end of the last new episodes both sides will have power again soon. Not sure if the lame sword fights will just be replaced with lame gun fights.

  • NCJeff

    I will add this – if they kill Charlie off if some horrible way, and leak that they’re doing it, it would be the highest rated episode of any show on NBC this season.

  • CBS#1

    The Voice can pull close to a 5.0. I’m convinced it will,

  • CBS#1

    Samuel is just trolling lol.

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