How Will 'Revolution' Return Tonight? (Poll)

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March 25th, 2013


Revolution comes back tonight after several months on hiatus. Can it recapture its former ratings glory? It premiered to a 4.1 rating at the start of the season, but slid pretty dramatically, with its last episode earning a 2.9 back in November. The Voice is also returning tonight for its spring premiere, so it should have the benefit of a generous lead in, but a nearly 4-month hiatus could lose the interest of even the most committed viewer. So what do you think? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • jeff

    “The Event was already crashing before it’s break and so was FlashForward. V went from a 3.1 to a 2.8 because of the break and that’s not a big fall.”

    I’m sorry is going from 4.1 to a 2.9 NOT crashing?

    BTW when a show disappears for the summer, it’s because the season is over and they’ve shown 22-24 episodes, it feels complete and it’s been that way for decades and is expected. When you show 6-10 new episodes of a brand new serialized show you’re trying to get people to commit to, it’s a little different. When they did it to Lost in that 3rd season, it was nearly cancelled. (cue, all of the Lost haters coming out of the woodwork, saying that it should have been, blah, blah, blah)

    FlashForward, The Event, and V are all valid points. V they hyped up all summer and then delayed it until January, both seasons. Flashforward i liked, but after the long hiatus, i didn’t come back, i knew it was going to be cancelled. The Event had a lot of filler, stuck with it all season and still cancelled.

    I’ll even bring up another one. When Jericho was on, it had low ratings, and got cancelled after season 1. The fan base got CBS to give them another season (shortened) and they ran reruns all summer with some of the filler episodes taken out to get people caught up on it and psyched up for season 2 and when the season finale was ran in early Sept or August whenever it was and we were ready for season 2 to start, what did CBS do instead of starting it right away and getting the fans new AND old right into the season when the plot and finale was in the front of the viewers minds? They delayed the damn thing until February or later and then no one watched, what kind of logic was that? They only made 8 episodes, you could have shown them before Christmas, check what your ratings were and then decided on a 3rd season or not. Nope, let’s make people become disinterested after 6 months again. They HAD to know that would happen, why even spend the money on a season 2 when you design it to fail.

    and Ultima you’re right, they do obviously have “reasons” but I’d like to hear what they are. Because most of the time they don’t make sense. It’s tiring to get invested in a show that a network isn’t going to give a chance.

    I want Revolution to succeed, I really do, but until it’s on for a year and renewed, I’m not getting sucked in. NBC has burned me too many times, ala The Event, Awake, Journeyman, etc. I’m really surprised Chuck got to finish out it’s run, but that was an exception to the rule. And it’s not just NBC that does this, it’s all the networks. Alcatraz was another show i enjoyed and thought it would have only gotten better. I enjoyed it way more than The Following, which IMHO is bland and poorly written, and if it wasn’t for Kevin Bacon, I’d have bailed long ago. But that’s another conversation altogether.


  • Ultima

    When they did it to Lost in that 3rd season, it was nearly cancelled.

    Are you seriously suggesting that ABC was considering cancelling Lost before giving it a three season renewal? :roll:

  • NBC Fan

    The Voice did well in the overnights. Revolution didn’t.

  • jj

    I wish they brought back JERICHO…Far superior to Revolution which has no plot and bland characters.

  • senor chang

    4.5 in the overnights? ouch. although iirc it hit a low 5 once and it still got a 2.6 in the demo, so maybe the demo skew won’t be too bad…

    taking a wait and see approach.

    and for what it’s worth, The Voice had a very strong return!

  • Kitsune

    A 4.6 or 4.7 translated to a 2.6 for Revolution in the fall. It’ll probably come out a 2.5 or so.

  • rob60990

    2.7 for Revolution
    4.7 for The Voice
    2.3 for The Following

  • maplab98


  • maplab98

    2.3 for The Following
    3.0 for Revolution
    2.1 for Castle
    4.6 for The Voice

  • jeff

    I’m saying that if Lost had continued to continue with 22-23 episode seasons with no ending in sight, yes they would have probably cancelled it.

    The creators instead went to ABC and said we want an end date and here’s how many episodes per season we’re going to do. And they let them.

    Look at those ratings at the beginning of that 3rd season, by the hiatus they were starting to sink and some of the episodes were obviously filler.

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