'Once Upon a Time' & 'The Walking Dead' Top GetGlue Chart for the Week of March 18-24

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March 25th, 2013

walking dead march 24

This week, Once Upon a Time was the top broadcast show on GetGlue, and The Walking Dead was the top cable show for the week of March 18-24.  Remember: a show's social media popularity does not correlate to its renewal prospects and/or actual ratings.


  • Michael

    Is GetGlue relevant?

  • psychic

    I would say yes, except for the fact that I just saw a post on this site all about how Twitter ISN’T relevant, so I can’t say for sure.

  • halloween

    means nothing otherwise cw would have 3 shows that top live viewers

  • Mark Wood

    Relevant for what?

    As an indicator of ratings? Absolutely not. Indicator of Viewer attachment? Perhaps.

    Interesting side, is that so far over the various weeks I have seen on the broadcast network side, only one show doesn’t sell considerably above average in DVD and Blu/Ray Sales. Obviously new shows have yet to enter the Sell through market.

    The one exception to this is Nikita, which sales numbers were so low as they have never tracked even for one week, for the first two seasons that are available to purchase.

    While the Home Sell through market is no longer as powerful as it once was. It still can generate tens of millions for a show that does solid numbers.

  • Iggy


  • Richard Steven Hack

    Mark Wood: “only one show doesn’t sell considerably above average in DVD”

    How can ONLY one show not sell “above average” by definition of the word “average”…IOW, how can the REST of the shows sell “above average”? What shows are setting the “average” then?

    Somehow I don’t think “average” means what you think it means.

    And without a cited sales figures site, I’d have to call BS on the whole post.

  • PurpleDrazi

    Given Once Upon a Time’s low ratings this week this is even MORE proof that a show’s social network popularity does not equate to high ratings.

  • Hemsagar

    Getglue may not be that irrelevant as we might think. Nielsen only measures its ratings by using 25000 households, whereas there are over 100 million households that have TV. God knows, If all those people under hate CW.
    Supernatural does very good business Internationally and DVD sales in US alone are very good. Arrow is generating a lot of talk too. But those shows are nowhere close to the top shows acc. to Nielsen.

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