Your Survival Kit For The TV Renewal & Cancellation Season

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March 25th, 2013

The broadcast television renewal and cancellation season is upon us. Between now and mid-May you'll know the fate of all your favorite broadcast primetime shows, whether they will return next season or be consigned to the dustbin of TV history.

To help you this season, I've assembled a few of our most popular items for your handy reference:

And for a little bit more fun during the season, here are two of our favorite things to have handy when reading our comments:

Graphic courtesy of the youngest staff member of the TVBTN family.

  • cadburyeasteregg

    Oh it’s amusing seeing the Deception fans acting like they’re absolutely certain the show is going to return because the loose ends weren’t tied up. It seems like the insiders already know the show was dead. It wasn’t supposed to return, it was a filler for Revolution to begin with.

  • ChipL

    The link to the Fan Excuse Bingo Card takes me back to your home page, not to the card. I have my dauber ready to go, I just need my card!

  • Robert Seidman

    @Chip: indeed. I’ve removed that section until we can get the link working properly. Thanks.

  • Kevin

    @Robert Seidman: What about the Cable Cancel/Renew index? Last update was Feb 23rd.

  • ChipL

    Link is fixed — thanks, Robert!

  • Bill Gorman

    “The link to the Fan Excuse Bingo Card takes me back to your home page, not to the card. I have my dauber ready to go, I just need my card!”

    ChipL, thanks again. The links have been restored.

  • Jonathan

    Why wouldn’t they renew Deception? Lol not like they have any other shows performing well haha

  • Robert Seidman

    @Kevin: I will either post an updated list this weekend or do a post that “The Cable Renew/Cancel Index” has been canceled. Readership wasn’t great, but I’m still on the fence.

  • Morgan Wick

    The cable renew/cancel posts only ever served as a scorecard of information already widely available and known to those paying attention. The lack of the prediction aspect missed the point of what made the broadcast R/C index so popular to begin with. I get the sense you only ever did it to begin with because people kept bugging you about a cable R/C index, and I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to drop it.

  • AA


  • Spen B

    We must start a fan campaign to save the Cable Renew/Cancel Index!

    Someone find Robert’s home address so we can send him boxes of coax cables!

  • Nick

    You have to update the Stages of Grief page. It still has the hyperlink thingy notice on it, which no longer exists thanks to the no-hyperlink policy. Also, House has been cancelled.

  • Ultima

    Also, House has been cancelled.

    Yes, but that screencap is perfect! :)

  • AO

    “The Cable Renew/Cancel Index” is a good thing, and helpful for those who do not want to look all over the Net for the status of (potentially) a large number of shows. Perhaps it doesn’t bring as many page views as some other topics, but I think it’s necessary for TVBTN to be a full service one stop source for all it’s readers Renewal/Cancel needs. What happens if people are forced to search all over in order to find out such information? The answer is that they’re spending less time at TVBTN and the worst case is that they find somewhere else that they prefer. Even if “The Cable Renew/Cancel Index” is effectively a “loss leader” then I think it a good one that fits into the overall brand.

  • Bill Gorman

    @Nick, Thanks, got rid of that bit about the auto hyperlinking.

    Until the Internet provides another suitable graphic, House stays.

  • CBSviewer

    Thanks for that :)

  • Morgan Wick

    The cable R/C index might work better as a dynamically updated static page.

    In general, the market for one-stop references tends to be surprisingly underserved on the Internet. Wikipedia tends to get railroaded for that purpose a lot as a result.

  • Meliwa

    Spen B–Sure! We need to do that. We’ll have an email campaign to save the Cable Renew/Cancel Index, and then we’ll threaten to boycott every TV show TV by the Numbers reports about unless the index is renewed, and we’ll start an online petition. And then even if Robert lists some very well-considered, thoughtful reasons for cancelling the Cable Renew/Cancel Index, we’ll end up telling him that readership doesn’t matter, bandwidth for the site doesn’t matter, never mind the expense, etc., the Index needs to be renewed anyway to appease the very miniscule legion of fans who insist on reading it instead of going out and interacting with human beings, or reading a good book.

  • MaryAnn

    Bill, I hope you will update the cable renew/cancel index. It is very useful to double check quickly the status of a cable show when you just can’t recall its status, or don’t know it. The work that you put into this effort is definitely appreciated.

  • Kevin

    @Robert Seidman: Thanks for the update on the Cable Renew/Cancel index. I do hope you continue it. Although it may be less popular than the other weekly articles, its still beneficial and i for one look there first (since most of today’s quality shows are on cable.)

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