FOX Wins Fourth Consecutive Week Among Adults 18-34 and Teens

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American Idol March 20

via press release:

Last week, FOX won its fourth consecutive week among Adults 18-34 and Teens, and ranked No 1 among Adults 18-34 on five nights.  On Monday, freshman series THE FOLLOWING was the highest-rated drama of the night for the ninth consecutive week.  FOX’s Tuesday comedy and reality line-up led the network to win the night among Adults 18-34.  In fact, NEW GIRL and THE MINDY PROJECT were the No. 1 and No. 2 comedies among Adults 18-49 on Tuesday.  Marking its tenth straight Wednesday win, AMERICAN IDOL led the night in Adults 18-49, Total Viewers, Adults 18-34 and Teens.  FOX outperformed the No. 2 network of the night, CBS, by +38% in Adults 18-49 (3.6/10 vs. 2.6/8), +87% in Adults 18-34 (2.8/9 vs. 1.5/5) and +22% in Total Viewers (12.9 Mil. vs. 10.6 Mil.).  In addition, AMERICAN IDOL ranked as the No 1 show for the week among Adults 18-49.


For the week, FOX had:


·         6 of the Top 20 programs among Adults 18-49: AMERICAN IDOL-Wed (No. 1), AMERICAN IDOL-Thu (No. 7), FAMILY GUY (No. 12), THE FOLLOWING (No. 15), NEW GIRL (No. 18 tie) and AMERICAN DAD (No. 18 tie).


·         10 of the Top 20 programs among Adults 18-34: FAMILY GUY (No. 1), AMERICAN IDOL-Wed (No. 2), AMERICAN DAD (No. 3), NEW GIRL (No. 4), AMERICAN IDOL-Thu (No. 8 tie), THE FOLLOWING (No. 8 tie), BOB’S BURGERS (No. 8 tie), THE MINDY PROJECT (No. 16 tie), BONES (No. 16 tie) and GLEE (No. 16 tie).


·         9 of the Top 20 programs among Teens: FAMILY GUY (No. 1), AMERICAN IDOL-Thu (No. 2), GLEE (No. 3), BOB’S BURGERS (No. 5 tie), THE SIMPSONS ENCORE (No. 5 tie), AMERICAN DAD (No. 8), AMERICAN IDOL-Wed (No. 9), NEW GIRL (No. 15 tie) and THE CLEVELAND SHOW ENCORE (No. 15 tie).


·         2 of the Top 20 programs among Total Viewers: AMERICAN IDOL-Wed (No. 4) and AMERICAN IDOL-Thu (No. 5).

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