Monday Final Ratings: 'The Voice', 'Dancing With the Stars', '2 Broke Girls', 'Rules of Engagement', & 'Hawaii Five-O' Adjusted Up; 'Revolution' Adjusted Down

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March 26th, 2013


The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, Rules of Engagement, 2 Broke Girls and Hawaii Five-O were each adjusted up a tenth while Revolution was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, March 25, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 4.8 13 13.64
CBS How I Met Your Mother 2.7 8 6.99
ABC Dancing With the Stars (8-10PM) 2.4 6 14.47
FOX Bones 1.9 5 6.96
CW The Carrie Diaries 0.4 1 0.83
8:30 PM CBS Rules of Engagement 2.2 6 6.30
9:00PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.0 8 8.76
FOX The Following 2.3 6 6.66
CW Hart of Dixie -R 0.1 0 0.42
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 2.6 6 8.99
10:00PM NBC Revolution 2.6 7 7.03
ABC Castle 2.1 6 10.57
CBS Hawaii Five-O 2.1 5 8.61

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  • Mike

    Revolution didn’t crash after the hiatus as some predicted. NBC is winning the 10 pm slot. Great !!! :)
    I can see the show ratings improving in the next episodes. It has already done that before the hiatus,
    NBC Mondays are BACK !!!

  • Oliver

    Revolution’s return matches its series low. I think it will keep falling.

  • Keith

    Wooooohooooo! I predicted a 2.6! What do I win?

  • Alan

    Cant believe 2 broke girls hit the 3.0 well done

  • tscchope

    The Following falling. If this continues, FOX will need to revisit its renewal decision.

    Another 0.4 for TCD. No surprise there. The show isn’t coming back for a second season.

    Those HoD repeat ratings do not bode well for its syndication potential..

  • Dan S

    @ Inigo, there’s no way that Revolution can air on Sundays in the fall. NBC has Football until January but I do agree it should move. I propose Tues at 9pm to be paired with either new series Believe or 6th Gun. This would then open up Mon to introduce another new high profile series.

  • Mark

    Talk to me when The Voice is hitting a 4.8 in season 12. Oh wait! It won’t! Hahahaha

    Idol was and still is a beast.

  • Mark

    And it should never be compared to The Voice.

  • Mon

    I’m so glad I don’t watch Revolution anymore. I stopped watching an episode before the midseason finale. I just thought I’ve had enough of Charlie’s stupidity. Anyway, *Spoilers ahead* I have read there was a “shocking” twist last night. To think that the fall episodes spent too much time about the survivors looking for that character must have been frustrating. I mean I hope the writers are not killing characters just because they want to – just because they want to be that show where no one is safe. I hope it plays out well for the show and the audience sticks around a while.

    3.0 for 2 Broke Girls looks fine to me. Not a monster hit as it used to be but it’s still young and CBS can still turn this show into a hit like when TBBT was just a solid perforner back in its early seasons. From what we’ve seen, a solid 8:30 performer is a major key to have a stronger comedy block. Perhaps Mike & Molly could do the job? It’s logical but I’m sensing CBS would be stubborn about it because they own that show and they want to protect it.


    Revolution ratings mean little. Had the top lead in show in the top demographic

  • were123

    YES! 2 Broke Girls back on 3s! Sure, it’s a bare 3, but that’s still nice to see!

  • Fake Me Out

    Well, guess I was wrong about the long hiatus hurting Revolution … just a small ding and likely more due to the spring/DST effect than the hiatus effect.

    While a 4.8 is great, NBC must still be a wee bit nervous that the Voice is down so much in the year over year ratings … down about 2 demo points and how many total viewers? Still it stems the bleed out NBC was suffering at least for the time being …

    Wow, do ABC shows skew old … guess they’re looking to take the old folks mantle from CBS.

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    Where are all the fans praising HoD? It got a 0.1, pathethic! and no, I don’t watch BatB, or TCD, or TSC.

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    pathetic** gosh, I miss that edit button,LOL.

  • Martin


    Not worried about its renewal prospects, heck at this rate it will at least, and i mean at least, get 5 seasons.

    Worried about how much it has dropped a. from the start of the season and b. from last season.

    I really love this show but it not performing nowhere near as good as TAAHm did last season, interested in seeing what CBS does at upfronts.

  • Brandy

    Good for 2 Broke Girls, well at least better.


    The thing is the voice stayed pretty solid through the battle rounds with the steal. It seems to dip when it gets to the finals but the voice is airing into late June where it will have no competition. Honestly last nights premiere was so fun and engaging compared to how much of a chore idol has been to watch this year. Idol has had four bad years which are season 3,6,9 and now 12. Next season Fox has its work cut out they need to shake things up.

  • Gabe

    Good to see 2 Broke Girls beating HIMYM. That show should have ended sooner. The whole storyline has become ridiculous at this point. And Barney gettting married? Save it for the finale.

  • tasha

    that viewership for tcd is heinous. flop of dixie…just lol.

  • Pepper

    wow, ABC sure skews pretty old

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