Monday Final Ratings: 'The Voice', 'Dancing With the Stars', '2 Broke Girls', 'Rules of Engagement', & 'Hawaii Five-O' Adjusted Up; 'Revolution' Adjusted Down

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March 26th, 2013


The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, Rules of Engagement, 2 Broke Girls and Hawaii Five-O were each adjusted up a tenth while Revolution was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, March 25, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 4.8 13 13.64
CBS How I Met Your Mother 2.7 8 6.99
ABC Dancing With the Stars (8-10PM) 2.4 6 14.47
FOX Bones 1.9 5 6.96
CW The Carrie Diaries 0.4 1 0.83
8:30 PM CBS Rules of Engagement 2.2 6 6.30
9:00PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.0 8 8.76
FOX The Following 2.3 6 6.66
CW Hart of Dixie -R 0.1 0 0.42
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 2.6 6 8.99
10:00PM NBC Revolution 2.6 7 7.03
ABC Castle 2.1 6 10.57
CBS Hawaii Five-O 2.1 5 8.61

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  • Dan S

    Granted there are plot holes galore on Revolution & The Following. Both shows however do hold your attention & never bore you which is the ultimate crime. I disagree with those arguing that Revolution would crash like Smash without The Voice. I think next season it can move to Tues after Voice results & do much better in that timeslot than what Go On & TNN have done. This will then allow NBC to launch 2 new dramas at 10pm on Mon & Tues. Parenthood could move to Wed at 8pm leading into a new drama at 9pm & leave Chicago Fire at 10pm.

  • JFC

    All this talk about Revolution and its retention of audience from the Voice. I doubt that this is much of a factor at all. In my small office almost everyone watched Revolution, but no one watched the Voice. I would think these shows have very different audiences.

  • Brian J


    The thing is, would Men be doing any better in the demo than 2BG? That much is not clear. And also, what might have held on to more of the TBBT audience?

    Had the ratings for 2BG really collapsed, they would have moved Men back, but they didn’t. Now CBS has something that could plausibly move up a half hour to anchor the 9:00 spot with two comedies in between–if the network is really interested in going with four comedies on Thursdays, that is. If one of the new comedies on Thursday works in this situation, CBS can always ship it to Mondays to help out that night.

  • Brian J

    Can I also point out that Revolution has had all of 11 episodes, including this past Monday’s, behind The Voice? That’s not all that many. Shows usually take more time behind a big hit to really establish themselves.

  • Baaa!

    There are so many shows at 10pm this season, that follow shows at 8&9pm with 4.8+ demo ratings, that do not drop half of their lead-in like Revolution does. Like….lets see…

  • BlanketMan

    @Pepper (“wow, ABC sure skews pretty old”): Yeah, that surprises me. Why is Castle’s audience so old? Isn’t Fillion a geek hero?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Why is Castle’s audience so old? Isn’t Fillion a geek hero?”

    Number of old women watching Castle > number of young geeks watching Castle.

  • BlanketMan

    @Bill: Numbers don’t lie, I guess! My teen-aged son loves Serenity/Firefly AND Castle; I figure he can’t be the only one.

  • Fake Me Out


    … Also why are Danny and Charlie such bimbos? Their parents are geniuses. Danny deserved to die, hopefully Charlie is next.

    I’m guessing Charlie’s dad isn’t the brother we’re lead to believe … Miles is really her dad not her uncle. Typical, bad boy splits and the good brother steps up to the plate and marries her mother

    … But the using two helicopters in that way was moronic. You dont put the amplifier device on the helicopter thats directly in the fight …

    While I agree in principle, remember no one has fought with these weapons in 15 years so the people were either rookies or very rusty. Perhaps Monroe should have known better but I think he’s in charge because he’s ruthless not because he’s a tactical genius … that was likely Miles and others.


  • Cara

    I am happy that my show got adjusted up in the final numbers!

  • Amy

    @ Other Than THAT Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play

    “And then when the kid stood up after taking out the main chopper and conveniently got cut in half with bullets? Yeah, he deserved to die for being stupid. You dont stand up in the open after firing you, hit the deck.”


  • POIFanatic

    Revolution was pretty good and the ratings are still great.

    I did not see that death coming (mainly because I stay from promos and spoilers). That was a pretty huge game changer. Now it propels the story forward and solidifies their intent on bringing down Monroe.

    The Following is just the most hilarious comedy on television. My heart bleeds for Kevin Bacon. I just keep watching because I am a huge fan of Bacon, but it literally makes me wanna punch someone because of the stupidity.

  • Judy912

    Glad ‘Castle’ didn’t go below 2.1 in the ratings considering the tough competition it’s up against. Both ‘Hawaii 5-0′ and ‘Revolution’ are good programs. I know it’s doesn’t mean anything but still I am thrilled that ‘Castle’ was the highest scripted program with the overall viewers last night.

  • Victorking

    I still prefer The Following… I trust in his suc, and not in the fuc?king realities musical.

  • Philip

    Seems like Bones has lost it magic this season. The ratings have been
    only fair.
    I wonder if FOX is having second thoughts on renewing Bones for another

  • andri

    Bones has made a decent run. Runes for the tube descent its ratings gratings thine seasoned veterans runt rubbed reagents the wrong coorse. Retire the clodded show./.

  • Gary D

    All the tv ratings accomplish is validation of the fact that the great majority of people who watch network TV have one or two digit IQs at best!

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