Will 'Go On' Get a Boost From 'The Voice' Tonight? (Poll)

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March 26th, 2013


The last time Go On aired behind The Voice (back in December), it earned a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating. However, after The Voice's fall iteration ended, the sitcom dropped quickly, with last week's episode earning just a 1.0 Adults 18-49 rating. Will the return of  The Voice bring Go On back to life? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • Nick

    Oh, and by the way, Go On will probably be over a 2.5 tonight. I can’t believe people actually think it’s going to be as low as a 1.5, or even lower than that. lol. Some people are delusional.

  • Samunto

    And i think people will tune in to see Monika & Chandler on screen together again.
    DWTS will get a boost from The Voice too – people wanting more show after The Voice might tune to ABC.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    If Go On does reach the high 1s low 2s, what are the chances that NBC figures well, it’s better to have shows that are lead in dependent than low rated shows? Meaning a renewal strictly to follow The Voice?

  • RyanCanada

    i hope the new normal gets a big boast

  • RyanCanada

    Splash – 1.9
    Dancing With the Stars – 2.3
    Body of Proof – 1.8

    NCIS – 3.2
    NCIS: Los Angeles – 2.7
    Golden Boy – 1.7

    The Voice – 4.3
    Go On – 2.2
    The New Normal – 1.9
    Smash – 1.4

    Hell’s Kitchen – 2.0
    New Girl – 2.4
    The Mindy Project – 1.8

    Here Comes Peter Cottontail – 0.2
    Beauty and the Beast (R) – 0.3

  • Justin121

    That picture looks like it’s taken from Scream 4 :D

    aka Courtney Cox’s other decade old reunion.

  • bob

    Splash – 2.1
    Dancing With the Stars – 2.2
    Body of Proof – 1.6

    NCIS – 3.5
    NCIS: Los Angeles – 2.9
    Golden Boy – 1.7

    The Voice – 4.0
    Go On – 1.7
    The New Normal – 1.3
    Smash – 1.0

    Hell’s Kitchen – 2.5
    New Girl – 2.0
    The Mindy Project – 1.2

    Here Comes Peter Cottontail – 0.5
    Beauty and the Beast (R) – 0.3

  • Altair

    I’m going to be totally optimistic here…

    The Voice 4.5
    Go On 2.5
    TNN 2.0
    Smash 1.5

    And now a little bit more realistic…

    The Voice 4.2
    Go On 2.1
    TNN 1.8
    Smash 1.2

    I hope tonight’s TNN ratings and its finale next week after The Voice help to renew it.

    PS. TNN used to retain almost all of Go On’s audience. Plus they have Courtney Cox tonight… It’ll be interesting.

  • Altair

    Forgot to mention that ABC and FOX will do worse than before because of NBC and The Voice and etceteras. New Girl and Mindy benefitted from Go On and TNN drops. Maybe tonight things will go vice versa.

  • NBC Fan

    I think some are being a little too optimistic about Go On and especially The New Normal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Go On can’t even retain 40% of The Voice’s audience.

  • Ian

    Go On will get a big rise. It has both the Voice lead in and the reunion of Monica and Chandler tonight. I think at least a 2.5. Also I think the New Normal will get a boost. Maybe a 1.3?

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I said 1.5-1.7 but it definitely wouldn’t surprise me if it’s higher, i mean right after The Voice and a “Monica and Chandler” reunion! Go On for the win!!!

  • John K.

    I think next season, NBC should do what it did with Revolution and build these new shows instead of letting them go on their own (and fail). Put veterans on between the seasons of the Voice. So, I would air Biggest Loser (like they did) Mondays between the voice, and maybe Dateline/Parenthood Tuesdays 8-10 Tuesdays (with no repeats).

  • Nick

    Splash: 2.0
    DWTS: 2.2
    Body of Proof: 1.6

    NCIS: 3.2
    NCIS:LA: 2.8
    Golden Boy: 1.5

    Hell’s Kitchen: 2.0
    New Girl: 2.1
    The Mindy Project: 1.6

    The Voice: 4.3
    Go On: 1.7
    The New Normal: 1.3
    Smash: 0.7

  • JulieDawn

    1.4 As much as I enjoyed the earlier episodes I stopped watching about a month ago, I just got bored with it and I suspect I’m not the only one. Even if I watched The Voice live (which I don’t), I’d be very unlikely to watch Go On tonight.

  • James

    I can’t imagine ‘the voice’ helping any show that follows it.

  • Ram510

    I’m surprised people are predicting Go On will lose more than half of The Voice’s lead in some people not even half? I’m not sure what Go On will get (maybe 2.0-2.2) but I’m sure it’ll be able to hold on to half of what The Voice gets.

  • theCroup

    I’m thinking it’ll get a boost to between 2.0-2.5 (yeah, I know a big range). It would be higher except I don’t think enough people watch NBC to catch the advertising they did for this episode of Go On. (They could have had a massive campaign, but damned if I would ever see it.) So I think most of the viewers will be the incidental kind, like the folks who are slow to turn the channel once The Voice ends and get caught up for that one episode.

  • Cervasio

    Go On is a horrible show but I think there will be some sampling tonight but the show is a ratings loser and just because its behind The Voice now won’t mean its all the sudden a good ratings performer.

    I think it would be a lot better if Monica and Chandler would just end their shows and get back together and form a Friends spin-off. NBC really needs something like that on the air to get their comedy roster back in shape.

  • Gene

    I think The Voice will help it, but not as much as earlier in the fall.

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