How Will 'The Neighbors' Finale Fare Tonight? (Poll)

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March 27th, 2013

the neighbors finale

The Neighbors started this season pretty well, but has been flagging recently, hitting a season low 1.4 adults 18-49 rating two weeks in a row. However, with a new The Middle original in front of it tonight (as well as guest roles for sci-fi favorites George Takei and Mark Hamill), do you think tonight's finale will finally see some growth? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • omabin

    1.7. I think this is the biggest disagreement I remember having with tvbtn about a show… It fits the definition of a bubble show for me, yet Bill and Rober claim that it is a sure thing to return. Really strange for me.

  • BG


  • KJ Styles

    I’ll say about 1.8 or so. It’ll be moved to Fridays next season.

  • NBC Fan

    The Middle:1.8 (I think DST may hurt it)
    The Neighbors:1.6
    Modern Family:3.7


    Chicago Fire:2.0

    American Idol:3.5


    Duck Dynasty:3.5

  • erwanfromfrance

    The Neighbors : 2.0% Whitney : 1.2% & 1.4%

  • Dave

    I predict a 2.0 and renewed. I don’t watch it but I’m rooting for it; especially with all these ABC fanboys wishing it nothing but bad ratings and cancellation.

  • Bill Gorman

    “1.7. I think this is the biggest disagreement I remember having with tvbtn about a show… It fits the definition of a bubble show for me, yet Bill and Rober claim that it is a sure thing to return. “

    While the distinction may be lost on you, or meaningless to you, I have The Neighbors as “Likely Renewal” not “Certain Renewal”.

  • BigBrotherFan


    The Middle: 2.3
    The Neighbors: 1.8
    Modern Family: 3.9
    Suburgatory: 2.2
    Nashville: 1.6

    Survivor: 2.6
    Criminal Minds (R): 1.5
    CSI (R): 1.5

    Arrow: 1.0
    Supernatural: 0.9

    American Idol: 3.4

    Whitney: 1.2
    Law & Order: SVU: 1.7
    Chicago Fire: 2.0

  • casuals

    I honestly don’t really care about how Neighbors does I’m more interested to see how Whitney does tonight with the back-to-back episodes. The 8:30pm show showing should be the most interesting because Whit should be able to go up from the 8:00pm show.

  • Ram510

    ABC should’ve kept Better With You, that show was way better than Neighbors

  • NBC Fan


    I agree. The Neighbors probably won’t match the 2.0 we saw for Better with You’s finale too.


    Went with the majority–1.7 to 1.9


    @ BigBrotherFan

    Why doesn’t it surprise me about your Nashville rant?

  • Geo Cart

    neighbors is both clever and slapstick. i suppose that’s why its ratings are low. i like it, even though i didn’t think i would. i hope the season finale is not a cliffhanger..just in case it gone for next year.

  • Obveeus

    1.7 for THE NEIGHBORS.

    I really like the show but with both SURVIVOR and WHITNEY’s season finale on in the timeslot, it falls to third place on my watch list.

  • JacobYates

    I’m guessing 1.9-2.0, simply due to the fact that the episode is the finale and has Hamill and Takei as guest stars. I’m pretty sure that it will get a second season, but I’m not so sure that it will be staying where it is. I think that ABC will cancel Malibu Country and move Neighbors into that spot.

  • Bee

    ugh. better with you. the most unjust cancellation in recent years. it had every reason to BOMB. but didn’t. ABC just didn’t care about it. they even got the name wrong in a mid-season press release! it would’ve fit so well on their friday block this season.

  • KeithAR2002

    If The Neighors wasn’t produced by ABC Studios, I could see them canceling it, but it’s more likely to be renewed simply because it IS ABC Studios produced. Better With You was produced by Warner Brothers, so that’s likely why it was canceled. If it was BAC produced, it would have gotten the renewal.

  • KeithAR2002

    Edit – ABC PRODUCED, not BAC :-)

  • toons

    why do people hate a show they dont watch?… it’s terrific… i didnt watch it either until a few months ago… and i’ll never get rooting for a show to be cancelled… how does it harm you? and thats a very selfish attitude… and neighbors is not bringing abc down… why dont we just blame neighbors for lower ratings all across tv… abc brought us something charming, clever, well cast, funny, different… and some of you freak out… because you want the same same same… you should just turn on tvland…

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