'The Good Wife', 'Elementary', 'Person Of Interest', '2 Broke Girls', 'NCIS: LA', 'The Mentalist', 'Mike & Molly,' 'Hawaii Five-0' & 'Blue Bloods' Renewed by CBS

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March 27th, 2013



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Returning Series Showcase the Ratings Success and Programming Depth of Television's

#1 Network in Viewers, Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54


            CBS announced today it has renewed 18 returning series from television's top-rated lineup for the 2013-2014 broadcast season.


The mass renewals showcase the strength and stability of television's leading network among viewers, adults 18-49 and adults 25-54.  This season, CBS is home to the #1 program/drama (NCIS), the #1 comedy (THE BIG BANG THEORY),  the #1 new series (ELEMENTARY) and the #1 newsmagazine (60 MINUTES).


            The renewals, comprising 16 hours of its primetime schedule, include four comedies, nine dramas, three reality series and two newsmagazines.  The returning shows encompass every night of the week and every hour, many of which rank #1 in their time period and some which rank #1 for the entire night.


The renewed comedies include the previously announced THE BIG BANG THEORY, the final season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER as well as 2 BROKE GIRLS and MIKE & MOLLY.


Among the returning dramas are the previously announced NCIS, television's #1 program and top drama for the fourth consecutive year, and the time period-winning CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION.


Other dramas renewed include NCIS: LOS ANGELES, the #2 drama for the third straight year; PERSON OF INTEREST, the fastest-growing show on network television; ELEMENTARY, the season’s most-watched new program; as well as HAWAII FIVE-0, THE MENTALIST, BLUE BLOODS and THE GOOD WIFE.


The Network's three Emmy Award-winning reality series — THE AMAZING RACE, SURVIVOR and UNDERCOVER BOSS — also return with new editions.



  • psychic

    First CSI: Miami, and now probably NY. With the mothership the only one in the franchise left, who wants to make bets on how soon we’ll see a CSI: Canada?

  • Angel

    YES The Mentalist renewed and all those who keep laying into the show go suck an egg. Be grateful TGW was renewed and lay off our show. Sick to death of all the horrid mean remarks that were being made and i’m sure on here will continue. So childish and pathetic. Fans should just come on here and rejoice their own shows and stop being nasty about other shows which i doubt they even watch. Beyond me on this site.

    Criminal minds is in negotiationas if you bother to read so when the actors sort it out it should be renewed which i’m glad for. Person Of Interest will be the No1 drama not Elementary. God i wish people and CBS get their bloody facts right. Sorry to see CSINY go which is for certain.Think CBS have all in all got it right somehow so now we have to see if they don’t botch it up with the scheduling again.

  • Beauty and the flop

    So happy for Elementary!

  • psychic

    “Fans should just come on here and rejoice their own shows and stop being nasty about other shows which i doubt they even watch.”
    People were saying this during the Castle v. Hawaii Five-0 fights, too. And probably before that. It doesn’t change much. I agree with you, but people will be people.

  • PurpleDrazi

    “@ Ultma sorry but in total veiwership Ncis is the Most wathced Drama which also includes the 18-49 counted into it”

    robby, read the post again. It says Elementary is the most watched NEW show. NCIS is not new.

    Also, I hope someone explained to Michael Chiklis that these renewal decisions were made by REAL network executives and not people “playing” at network executives.:-)

  • Justin121

    To everyone who even slightly doubted Good Wif’e renewal chances:

    I told you so.

  • omabin

    I am sort of surprised about the mentalist being renewed so early on. It was a true tossup for me, same as the mindy project over at fox. Yet, both got early renewals, which I find weird.

    In practical terms, this means that CBS will:
    A) Expand their comedy hours by cutting back on the number of new dramas (likely not launching any new friday drama). So 2 new dramas + 3 new comedies
    B) Expand their comedy hours by cutting back an hour of reality, time sharing survivor and the amazing race. I thought this was likely a few weeks ago when they premiered low, but now I don’t think so anymore. This would mean 3 new dramas + 3 new comedies
    C) No comedy expansion. I find this very very hard to believe due to the high number of high profile comedies they have. It just seems like an impossible waste. Even picking 3 doesn’t seem an obvious thing due to all the ones they’ve got. Still, I admit it is a possibility, especially since this season the advantage in the demo that the comedies have on their dramas has closed a lot since last season. I still doubt it a bit though and I am still against it. This would be 3 new dramas + 1 new comedy.

    I think B) is very unlikely, so it is between A and C. I would go with A, but both are possible, CBS may go with C) again…

    (All this assumes that Two and a Half Men does come back. There is no comedy expansion on the table if it ends this season IMO).

  • PurpleDrazi

    “Sick to death of all the horrid mean remarks that were being made”

    And yet you just told everyone to go suck an egg. Hypocrisy much?

    “Person Of Interest will be the No1 drama not Elementary. God i wish people and CBS get their bloody facts right.”

    I wish YOU would get YOUR facts right. The article says Elementary is the #1 NEW show. POI is in it’s second season and is not new. Perhaps you should check your facts before criticizing others.

  • Aja

    The naysayers were wrong,AGAIN. TGW was renewed, I never had a doubt.
    Roll out the sunshine, I’m walking on it one again!

  • bluejays

    It’s very strange isn’t it that Criminal Minds isn’t on there?

  • ProfessorTofty

    So pleased that “The Mentalist” was renewed– it’s the only drama on CBS I watch at the moment and was definitely worried there was a chance it could be canceled.

  • Mike

    TWO AND A HALF MEN is jut plain awful. It was vulgar and gross before and it still is. If CBS is smart they will part ways with the show.

  • JC

    Good for The Mentalist and Elementary. I’m hoping if CSI:NY is cancelled, I can see all the seasons on Netflix this fall or winter.

  • Ben

    The cast of Criminal Minds and Two and a Half Men are still discussing their contracts with the network. They will almost certainly be renewed, based on the very good ratings they bring to CBS.
    CSI: NY has almost certainly been cancelled. The season finale looked like a series finale to me and almost everyone else who saw it.
    Vegas and Golden Boy are probably cancelled.
    Rules of Engagement often gets a last minute renewal, but, it looks more and more that is not going to happen this year. It’s not over until it’s over with RoE.
    In 2012 CBS cancelled and uncancelled Unforgettable, but, that was something almost no network ever does and is not likely to happen again in 2013.

  • Brian

    Cannot believe they did not cancel the low rated Good Wife.CBS has cancelled so many more shows with far better ratings…what gives with this?
    Happy for it’s fans tho..maybe it will be a new trend.

  • JJF

    Not too many surprises. Less certain about the comedy expansion now though. My schedule is still fairly similar, I think.

    Sun: 60min/TAR/Elementary/TGW or The Mentalist
    Mon: HIMYM/Mike&Molly/2BG/New Comedy/Bev.Cop
    Tues: NCIS/LA/RED
    Wed: Survivor/CM/CSI
    Thurs: TBBT/TAAHM/POI/Intelligence
    Friday: H50/The Mentalist or TGW/BB

    Most shows probably won’t move. And they could still move CSI instead of H50. I definitely think 1 will go to Friday to premiere a new drama. It’ll probably depend on which drama they pick up and where it’d fit better. Elementary is good but soft and if they pick up Intelligence, it’d be a better partner for POI. I still think Elementary and The Mentalist could work together.

  • PurpleDrazi


    Actually, that’s a pretty good schedule. I’m hoping they don’t move Elementary to Sunday but I can’t think where else they would put it and still premier new shows. Oh well, even if they do the Good Wife got 5 seasons out of a Sunday move so I guess it’s not that bad.

    I can totally see CBS pulling some kind of Tuesday Premier stunt and have each of the NCIS premiers be a cross-over with the others. Start the story at 8:00 and have it finish at 10:00 during RED. That would be one way to make sure folks tune in.

  • bjssp

    @Petar Ivanov:

    You forget that Ashton Kutcher comes far cheaper than Charlie Sheen, at least $300-400,000 cheaper. That’s Jon Cryer and/or Angus Jones’ entire salary for each episode! Plus, its ratings were up in the demo for the 2011-2012 season. While down from last year, it doesn’t have the inflation from the Sheen fall out. It’s also still highly rated in general, so all things considered, it certainly works for CBS. I’d be astonished if it didn’t come back, although a big part of me expects next season to be the last.

  • bjssp

    The big questions for CBS schedule for next season are (a) do they go to four comedies on Thursdays and (b) if they pick up NCIS: Red, where does it go? Everything else is almost an after thought.

    Why do I say this? It seems unthinkable that they’d move POI over Elementary, but where does that show go? Tuesdays? It also seems odd to have three hours of NCIS shows on Tuesday, but does the latest spin off get the protection of the original, or does NCIS: LA keep it? And even if CBS doesn’t pick up the spin off, does it move NCIS: LA? The show could help the network on a bunch of other nights, but if the network moves it and doesn’t put Red after the original, what goes there?

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    ” It caught my attention Criminal Minds was not on that list. Robert and Bill should look more at contracts and profits then neilson ratings.”

    That’s nonsense.
    They really couldn’t take into account all contract negotiations even if the wanted to and just the fact that negotiations are occurring doesn’t change a thing around here.

    The renew/cancel index and bubble watch take into account the only easily available metric available to the public, the ratings, and more specifically the 18-49 demo ratings. Sometimes they will note editorially that the return of a show with god ratings may also be contingent on some well know talks occurring on some aged show, but that is rare and unnecessary.

    Criminal Minds WILL be back it is just going through negotiations.
    Could you even name three predictions they got wrong based on contract negotiations.

    Maybe I can help them out. My cousin’s wife’s aunt is the hairstylist of Joe Montegna’s Life Counselor. That could provide them with crucial information.

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