'The Good Wife', 'Elementary', 'Person Of Interest', '2 Broke Girls', 'NCIS: LA', 'The Mentalist', 'Mike & Molly,' 'Hawaii Five-0' & 'Blue Bloods' Renewed by CBS

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March 27th, 2013



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Returning Series Showcase the Ratings Success and Programming Depth of Television's

#1 Network in Viewers, Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54


            CBS announced today it has renewed 18 returning series from television's top-rated lineup for the 2013-2014 broadcast season.


The mass renewals showcase the strength and stability of television's leading network among viewers, adults 18-49 and adults 25-54.  This season, CBS is home to the #1 program/drama (NCIS), the #1 comedy (THE BIG BANG THEORY),  the #1 new series (ELEMENTARY) and the #1 newsmagazine (60 MINUTES).


            The renewals, comprising 16 hours of its primetime schedule, include four comedies, nine dramas, three reality series and two newsmagazines.  The returning shows encompass every night of the week and every hour, many of which rank #1 in their time period and some which rank #1 for the entire night.


The renewed comedies include the previously announced THE BIG BANG THEORY, the final season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER as well as 2 BROKE GIRLS and MIKE & MOLLY.


Among the returning dramas are the previously announced NCIS, television's #1 program and top drama for the fourth consecutive year, and the time period-winning CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION.


Other dramas renewed include NCIS: LOS ANGELES, the #2 drama for the third straight year; PERSON OF INTEREST, the fastest-growing show on network television; ELEMENTARY, the season’s most-watched new program; as well as HAWAII FIVE-0, THE MENTALIST, BLUE BLOODS and THE GOOD WIFE.


The Network's three Emmy Award-winning reality series — THE AMAZING RACE, SURVIVOR and UNDERCOVER BOSS — also return with new editions.



  • Rod

    Awesome! Yay for The Good Wife. :)
    At least one more year.

  • Dan S

    I’m not worried about Criminal Minds not returning. This does spell the end for Vegas & NY however & unless CBS moves any shows to Sat there won’t be much room for any new shows. I was hoping to see Beverly Hills Cop & Intelligence on the fall schedule but who knows now. I still expect to see Robin Williams new show Crazy Ones but not too likely they’ll add another hour of comedy now. That’s the problem being number 1 trying to make room for new shows.

  • gigi

    WOOHOO!!! Go POI…best show on tv!

    I really hope NCIS:Red doesn’t show up in the Fall. I’m a huge NCIS fan, but this one is just crap!

  • AA

    Is the good wife any good?

    Since its renewed, I may think of trying it.

  • Shabbir

    Im sad for The Mentallist as they will continue to have average storylines.
    They should have announced it would be its final season. Fast forward a year as TM will again be on death row as the cancellation bear pulls the plug.

  • Mike

    All of these renewals were expected. My only doubt was TM, ?..All expected because some are real hits for the network. Others because they need to reach the magical syndication number, no matter the numbers the show gets. I think the schedule will remain the same except for H50 moving to Fridays, and new shows on Monday and Tuesday 10 pm and Friday 8 pm.
    Wonder which show will get a half season order next season.

  • Leverage-Fan

    “The Mentalist” gets a sixth season! That’s great! :-)

  • CrimTV

    wth? The Good Wife has been renewed, it has been getting awful ratings all season

  • Eric

    While other people were saying the either The Good Wife or The Mentalist would get cancelled, I’ve been saying both would get renewed… and I was right!!

  • Andrew

    Hawaii 5-0 is not a huge disappointment! ABC, FOX or NBC would love to have it! CBS has the best lineup of shows but cannot package them well on nights together! Comedy here, drama there, cop show here, reality there. Mon, Weds, Fri, Sun all start with reality shows, then from 9-10 scripted shows, based on theme.

    8pm Amazing Race
    9:00pm- Big Bang
    9:30 pm-New Comedy
    10:00pm- 2 1/2 Men
    10:30pm- 2 Broke Girls

    The Mentalist

    Criminal Minds

    8Pm- HIMYM
    8:30-Mike and Molly
    Hawaii 5-0

    Undercover Boss
    New Drama (NCIS LA spinoff?)

    Amazing Race
    New Drama (Soap Type)
    The Goodwife

  • Browncoat

    Thank God, the Mentalist is coming back!

  • Lastof


    Your schedule is missing anything for Monday 9:30 (unless you are suggesting hour long 2BG episodes).

  • ChipL

    Of course, the other problem with ProViewer’s schedule is that he’s added a whole hour of primetime programming to the least-watched night of the week. Primetime network programming beginning at 7:00 on Saturday?

    This should be labeled a “dream” schedule or “fantasy” schedule, not proposed.

  • ProViewerShipNumbers

    Posted March 27, 2013 at 1:37 PM
    ProViewer.. it sounds more like you are just shoving shows to Sat you don’t like, but CBS has a huge problem attracting young viewers and TAR and Survivor still do well with the demo. (Which is less likely to be around on Sat) If you were to move anything to Sat, it would be the ones with more viewers/less demo – like The Good Wife and perhaps The Mentalist…and yes, Hawaii 5-0, but not because you think it’s a disappointment, but because it still has a decent overall viewer count.
    My reasoning for places certain shows on Saturday is based on my need to take **bold** risks (thinking of the future), how I view the quality of the shows (yes, I know, very subjective!), and its ratings.

    For far too long, all TV networks have treated Saturdays as a dumping ground/wasteland, and it certainly has affected their ratings in a negative way and how viewers respond to TV in general. If I wanted to be even bolder, I would want all TV networks in America to air their most watched series on Saturday. The reasoning for this would be to repair the damage done to Saturday, as I strongly feel that will be the only way to give the day a fighting chance on the network skeds.

    You cannot move the higher rated shows to Saturday which have the ability to attract new viewers like The Good Wife [the best series on CBS], while keeping shows like Hawaii Five O in prime timeslots.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “@Hmm pretty stange that Criminal Minds was not renewed today.”

    Has to be contractual wrangling. Inconceivable that it and TAAHM are not renewed.

  • tvwatcher

    Yes, The Mentalist is renewed! Yes, Yes!

    A little surprised that The Good Wife was renewed too.

    I think CBS should flip the schedule for those two next year. The Mentalist at 9 pm, followed by The Good Wife.

  • Petar Ivanov

    To all Robin W fans. The guy is great but is 65 years old. Too old even for CBS. Last season another aging actor martin lawrence was with pilot in CBS and they pass on him too. If CBS pick single cams will be for friday or saturday. Or for summer. They are not part from CBS working and winning business model.

  • American

    Why would you move TBBT from Thursdays? Yikes!

  • scarps

    CSI, the original will be the last one standing. As it should be!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “How in the name of all that’s holy are CBS going to get any new shows on the schedule next season?”

    It’s not that tricky.

    ROE not on Fall sched (whether canceled or held back) = 1 sitcom slot.
    Vegas, Golden Boy canceled, Undercover Boss held for spring = 3 drama slots

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