'The Lead With Jake Tapper' Hits Demo Low

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March 28th, 2013

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The Lead With Jake Tapper hit a new low in the key 25-54 demo on March 27.  See below for more.

Viewers for 3/27 4-5 PM/ET

Your World with Neil Cavuto – 1,222,000 total viewers  (199,000 in demo)

Martin Bashir – 383,000 total viewers (124,000 in demo)

Lead With Jake Tapper – 318,000 total viewers, (61,000 in demo)

  • Vanquished

    Wow, I guess Fox always tops the ratings

  • DW

    more like the led with jake tapper.

  • AppleStinx

    He still has a few gulps of air left before he starts scratching and screaming to be let out.

  • Stan T.

    How can someone NOT beat Martin Bashir? lol

  • Key

    Stop hiring liberals once and for all!

  • tony

    Actually Jake Tapper as a WH press corps asked Obama hard ball questions unlike the rest of the Robots.

  • BillMac

    Here’s what may be part of the problem: I like Jake Tapper and have wondered where he went when he disappeared from ABC News…and, until seeing this headline and clicking on the article, I had NO IDEA he had a show. So, possibly a lack of promotion is a contributing factor? Hard to get people to watch a show they don’t know exists. (Other problem might be: Who the hell, other than retired folks and shut-ins, is watching TV at 4 in the afternoon?)

  • Jimbo

    @BillMac – CNN has definitely been promoting the hell out of Jake Tapper. And obviously some people (including myself, depending on the day) watch TV at 4 in the afternoon, considering Fox News has no trouble getting over a million.

  • Michael

    Wolf Blitzer did VERY well for himself at the 4PM hour….but Neil Covuto is a business Genius, and 4PM is when Wall St Closes. Nobody can now beat Neil.

    But REALLY…he loses to MARTIN BASHIR! WTF?!? Either the demos have it wrong or Tapper really isn’t cut out for this. Hopefully CNN will give him a few weeks to jump this around.

    CNN has had a lot of problems as of late, but this is just a disgrace.

  • Malamute Dad

    ABC should have given Jake Tapper “This Week” when Amanpour was booted. Jake did an excellent job on that when he had the opportunity to fill in

    CNN is toast

  • KevinY

    I like the setup of his show but his delivery is too boring. They’re also putting way too much makeup on the female guests. Erin McPike’s face was hidden somewhere behind all that cake.

  • Dan T

    This post feels like it exists solely in the hopes in getting a Drudge link and higher web traffic. Sad day for TVBN.

  • 1nancy2

    As I said, Chris Hayes will follow Jake in zero ratings. The show will be a huge dud and there is no way Chris will ever fill Ed’s shoes. I’ll watch the first show, however, I don’t have much hope for Chris’s new show. I bet 100 K in the Demo, then downhill from there. First show may be higher, but that would be it. Too bad Cupp, Joe Blow, MHP, Andrea M. have not been shown the door. BBL

  • AppleStinx

    Dan T wrote: “This post feels like it exists solely in the hopes in getting a Drudge link and higher web traffic. Sad day for TVBN.”

    Which web site doesn’t want to do its best to attract visitors??
    Ratings for the 4pm hour are rarely seen, thanks to TVbtN for posting these.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    Replace Bill O Reilly with this man! I refuse to watch CNN, and I really can not stand Fox O Reilly and Hanity, give me a reason to watch Fox in the evenings by putting this man on the air!~ Trapper is charming, engaging, and honest, I wish I could support his show, but at CNN I can’t just can’t.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    @Dan T?? So what, if it was generated for hits via Drudge?

  • Laurence Glavin

    Unless my computer has screwed up, the TV Cable News Ratings for Thursday and Friday seem to have disappeared.

  • AppleStinx

    Thursday and Friday of last week are available. It’s early for Thursday of this week.

  • Laurence Glavin

    You know what? The fact that the Stock Markets are closed today and CNBC was running “60 Minutes” repeats made me think it was Saturday already!

  • Wallaby2012

    Cavuto show was great today, as it is every day!

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