'The Young and the Restless' Posts Week-to-Week Gains in Viewers, Women 18-49, Women 25-54 and Women 18-34

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March 28th, 2013

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"The Bold and the Beautiful," "The Talk," and "Let's Make a Deal" Also Notch Increases


            THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS posted week-to-week gains in viewers and key women demographics, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending March 24.


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, THE TALK and LET'S MAKE A DEAL also notched weekly increases.


Editor's Note:  CBS's Daytime averages for the week ending March 24 are based on Monday-Wednesday due to NCAA Basketball.


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS was up +8% in viewers (4.71m from 4.37m), +5% in women 25-54 (2.0/12 from 1.9/12), +8% in women 18-49 (1.4/09 from 1.3/09) and +17% in women 18-34 (0.7/05 from 0.6/04).


Compared to the prior week, THE TALK was up +4% in viewers (2.47m from 2.37m), +10% in women 25-54 (1.1/06 from 1.0/06) and +33% in women 18-34 (0.4/02 from 0.3/02).


LET'S MAKE A DEAL 1 posted gains of +4% in viewers (2.90m from 2.79m), +11% in women 25-54 (1.0/06 from 0.9/06) and +50% in women 18-34 (0.6/04 from 0.4/03).  LET'S MAKE A DEAL 2 was up +5% in viewers (3.37m from 3.20m), +10% in women 25-54 (1.1/07 from 1.0/06), +14% in women 18-49 (0.8/06 from 0.7/05) and +20% in women 18-34 (0.6/4 from 0.5/04).


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL was up +3% in viewers (3.49m from 3.38m).


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  • Mike

    Congrats to my CBS shows.

  • LeChoke

    I knew the ratings would go back up this since there was a lot of preemptions the week before.

  • Pinkle

    I find it interesting that the second half-hour of LMAD gets that much of an increase from the first half hour. Either way, the numbers for both are still WAY better than GL, so CBS doesn’t care.

    The Talk being up is cool, too. I wish they would take on more controversial issues, but they are a fun show to watch. Hopefully, they can find the balance between hard topics and the light-hearted fun that this show likes to have. They’ve got the right hosts for it.

    CBS is killing it in daytime! They are #1, and they deserve it. They actually care and support ALL the shows in their lineup, unlike another broadcast network *coughcoughABCcoughcough*.

  • Derrick

    Wow for Y&R!
    CBS is DEFINITELY on a roll…………….

  • Mike

    Pinkle, I think ABC is messed up no matter what they do. They can’t support their whole lineup like CBS does. Even when they try to use their talk shows to promote their soap, soap fans balk and refuse to watch. And soap fans don’t want counter advertisement with GH as they don’t want ABC using GH to promote the reality shows.

    CBS uses all their lineup to support one another and it works. ABC soap fans will never allow that. With ABC soap fans it is all or nothing. They will never be happy until ABC is a full soap network again and that will do nothing but bankrupt them or be the thing that kills the ABC soaps completely.

    I do wish ABC would add another soap like CBS has but until ABC builds up some revenue I don’t see them having enough right now to launch another soap. Even GH which was building momentum has slowed some since December. And even The Chew and The View are losing momemtum which they were building in the fall.

    CBS is really doing well in daytime. I miss both GL and ATWT but I can’t fault CBS. They seemed to know what they were doing. And I think what they did has definitely helped to give their last 2 remaining soaps more life in the future.

  • Jennifer

    Go CBS! I am VERY impressed with Angelica McDaniel, VP Daytime at CBS. She’s such a supporter of her shows. And she’s fantastic at answering heartfelt tweets about CBS daytime.

  • PatF

    So great to see the entire lineup doing well, but especially the iconic The Young and the Restless. Love the show, especially now that the writing has drastically improved under Josh G.

    It’s really the success story for both the soap opera genre and the centerpiece for Daytime.


  • tad

    Way up go Young and Restless . This show is on the rise. And great job putting the lady who plays Lauren on contract. She is really leading the storyline along.

  • Walton 33

    @ Jennifer

    I think that’s one of the main reasons why CBS is doing so well in their daytime division she gets it.

  • Harlee

    I can’t wait to see the full ratings. This is so needed to rebound from the loss last week, this is great news. Y&R turned around quickly considering the mess Josh & Jill walked into to give it life again…and we are just getting started so this is so exciting to see.

    As for TT, I much rather be lite & fun instead having a hard, political topics because there are enough 24/7 cable news channel for that type of topics. I think ABCD (even not in same time period) is seeing the serious rise in ratings for TT and The View has even lost some of core base and it started when Frons & friends at ABCD cancelled their other soaps.

    I do wish CBS would think about bringing back ATWT as 30 minute soap again, because I think it wasn’t given a fair chance because of Angela Sharpio or was it Barbara Bloom at the time in charge of CBS daytime? Those two women regardless coming from daytime was friends of Frons and didn’t have a deep love for genre anymore. I know I could never have my beloved GL back because the damage was already done. Look how many series are now taping all over the country not just in NY or CA. P&G world headquarters is a hop, skip & jump from where I live and it’s massive! They could tape right in their back yard to save on cost and Cincy will do anything for P&G, with huge major airports all around P&G which be easier for many actors to commute and so many unemployed soap actors I think they would jump at the chance…and maybe P&G could throw us Springfielders a bone and have some actors visit Oakdale for story arcs. I know it’s only a wish and dream. Sigh!

  • jupiter

    how is abc daytime doing

  • robert

    Congrats to CBS.

  • Shelly

    good for CBS soaps and the soap genre in general. The networks, at least for the time being, are allowing the soaps to thrive. I hope the anniversary momentum continues for Y & R and GH. I cannot wait for the Nurses Ball!!!!

  • Mike


    No one knows right now since ABC has not released a press release this week and the new ratings have not been released yet.

    ABC has been a little slack on releasing press releases in the last month. The only ones they have released have been one concerning Katie during sweeps and one for The View for sweeps.

  • Bill40

    Good job CBS now all you have to do is get Eileen Davidson back on Y&R full time with a contract

  • JayTN

    Mike…remember that ABC programs one less hour in daytime than CBS does, which is the only network that still offers the same amount of hours that they did a decade ago. NBC and ABC, meanwhile, had made a history of giving back hours to the affiliates.

    Personally I like that “The Talk” doesn’t do the political/controversial topics like “The View” does. That allows the co-hosts to banter with each while still being lighthearted. I cannot imagine the group from “The View” taking on some of the more pop culture centered stories that “The Talk” does…it’s like “The View” takes itself too seriously.

  • mt0708

    Does anybody have the ratings?

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