Wednesday Final Ratings: 'American Idol', 'Survivor' & 'Arrow' Adjusted Up; 'Whitney' and 'Chicago Fire' Adjusted Down

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March 28th, 2013


American Idol, Survivor,  and Arrow were each adjusted up a tenth while Whitney (8:30) and Chicago Fire were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, March 27, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX American Idol (8-10PM) 3.2 9 12.33
CBS Survivor: Caramoan 2.5 7 9.43
ABC The Middle 1.8 6 6.90
NBC Whitney 1.0 3 2.92
CW Arrow 0.9 3 2.65
8:30PM ABC The Neighbors 1.5 5 5.52
NBC Whitney 1.0 3 2.88
9:00 PM ABC Modern Family 3.2 9 9.09
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1.7 5 6.61
CBS Criminal Minds -R 1.2 4 5.57
CW Supernatural 1.0 3 2.23
9:30PM ABC Suburgatory 1.9 5 5.33
10:00PM NBC Chicago Fire 1.7 5 6.85
ABC Nashville 1.5 4 5.18
CBS CSI -R 1.3 4 6.96

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  • Cougar Town Forever


    Thanks. Very helpful. Interesting, Go On has the strongest numbers, EXCEPT in February, when BOTH Whitney and Community beat it (not by much, mind you, but still slightly better). That’s probably tells you that of the three, Go On should be the most likely cancelled. ironically,
    it is probably the most likely to get renewed.

  • 728huey

    I find it odd that people are screaming for FOX to cancel American Idol when it;s still one of the highest rated programs on all networks, yet beg and plead for the CW to renew Supernatural and Nikita, two shows that are barely watched by anyone.

    Having said that, even though I’ve been a fan of Idol since the show began, here’s my rant. The last two weeks, Idol has had it’s usual theme nights with the music of The Beatles and Motown respectively. While the ladies have at least given the songs the old college try, the men have been butchering these songs. Then during the judges’ critiques, some of the contestants admit to not having heard the material they were performing prior to the week’s telecast. How could these kids have never heard anything by the Beatles or the world famous Motown artists?

    Simple. They don’t listen to oldies stations, and I would suggest that most of them don’t even listen to radio these days. Plus, the Beatles, Supremes, Temptations, Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, etc., are as relevant to the kids as Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Glenn Miller were to me when I was the same age, which was not at all.

    Contrast that to the opening rounds of The Voice this week, where most of the contestants sung songs that were hits from the last decade, and the energy was twice as big. Also add in judges that genuinely have chemistry with each other, and it makes for entertaining TV. The judges on Idol this season have no chemistry with each other, and you’re more likely to find Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj competing for the UFC Women’s Title instead of embracing each other like sisters.

    In a way it’s too bad, because Nicki Minaj has given the most constructive advice to the contestants this season, but she acts like she’s on another planet sometimes, and a lot of viewers can’t stand her. Mariah has been a real disappointment this season, as she either stays way too sweet or rambles on about whatever. Keith Urban is a nice guy, but he needs to be a bit more in-your-face to the contestants.

    In light of the declining ratings and the rising ratings for The Voice, I would expect wholesale changes to the show next season. They need to get rid of the theme weeks or at least gear them to more current music, and I would encourage them to let some contestants try their own material during the live rounds.

  • cris

    Chicago fire still wins =D

  • btzneb92

    ABC deserved the ratings they got with Modern Family. Incredibly s**tty scheduling for this season with too much long-gap breaks.

  • Ash

    @ btzneb92

    Fan Bingo

  • Maya

    LOL Supernatural didn’t adjust down, there you have it haters!

  • tj

    Now that Arrow has dipped this week I can see it happening more often. I think it will fluctuate between positions 2 or 3 on a regular basis now. I don’t think the CW will premier a show that comes close to their top 3 though anytime soon. TVD, Supernatural, or Arrow. I would have like to see Cult do well though, sad it didn’t. Or at least a show with similar content. Oh I did forget the originals is gonna premier so that should mix up positions 2 and 3 soon enough.

  • Jay

    I find it odd that people are screaming for FOX to cancel American Idol when it;s still one of the highest rated programs on all networks, yet beg and plead for the CW to renew Supernatural and Nikita, two shows that are barely watched by anyone.

    That’s comparing apple to oranges from two different networks.
    Supernatural at the moment is high rated on CW but that’s a CW issue.
    In you know with AI everyone wan’t it to die cause of the quality now despite ratings. The Voice winning big time but I can say the Voice is new AI been around for many seasons now. So I think people should think about that as well.

  • Dave

    Do you guys think Modern Family will be renewed?

  • Jesse Cardoza

    Despite the slip it’s still a victory for Chicago Fire.

  • Thorn

    DING DONG The Bitch is Dead, Bye Bye Whitney. There is no way NBC will renew it. It has ordered more comedies than in the past and with those horrible ratings there is no way it will come back. IF you truly think it will then you are retarded and delusional. 3 of the cast has left and only Chris was playing second chair, the actress who was playing Roxanne has been booked all over the USA and Canada for her comedy tour and the black bartender is in another pilot.
    I hope you Whitney loved enjoyed the series final.

  • Rave Mystery

    I am a fan of Whitney and a lot of shows but why can’t networks ever promote shows right anymore? I remember when you would see a promo for the next episode of a show through out the week not just after the last episode aired. If NBC would have done what they promised by Whitney and Community and promoted them they might have been better rated. Also all these networks seem to not care that much about promoting their programs anymore.

  • Rave Mystery

    NBC needs to give Whitney, Community, and Parks new season orders and do better by them.

  • Thorn

    You Whitney fans are so deluded, Whitney was advertised to the point it was shoved down our throats. As for doing right by them? What???? They gave the shows a chance and Whitney has not kept numbers, they are down a lot from last year and guess what? Did far worse than Animal Practice.
    It makes no financial sense for NBC to Renew Whitney. It doesn’t take me looking at their records to know that they are in a hole with it. It is littoral money down a drain. It is not picking up viewers and is hated by critics.

  • BigBrotherFan

    You people are amazing! How can anyone say anything negative about NASHVILLE? Sure, it doesn’t move at the same pace as Emily in Revenge but thats because the show does not want to have plot holes you could drive a truck through! It is such a well crafted, well acted, amazing written series and should be seen by more people.

    It annoys me to NO END that people would chose Chicago Fire over this. I watch CF since the start and it’s a fun show but the writing and acting are nowhere near the level as NASHVILLE not even close! WITH THE EXCEPTION OF KINNEY, GERMAN AND WALKER the rest of the cast is medicore or seem like they are stuck in a state of near coma.. at best! with CHARLIE BARNETT standing out as truly horrible! Is same expression puppy dog sad face is so lame! Spencer has always been ONE NOTE but here it really shows and RAYMUND was MUCH MUCH better on THE GOOD WIFE here she’s just medicore. The writing is fast paced and fun but this is nowhere near the caliber of NASHVILLE! NASHVILLES WEAKEST ACTOR PALLADIO is better than 90% of CF entire cast.

    I would like to say with NASHVILLE i don’t like what they have done with AVERY. I think they should of shown his rise to the top and his struggles with having to sing music he does not feel. Being tormented that he basically sold out and sold his soul to the devil. That would of been far more interesting than **spoiler** walking way!

    As much as it pains me I now think Whitney is a goner. If it could of rose to a 1.3 or so it be back. I will be PO’ed if NBC renews THE NEW NORMAL over this, though..atleast whitney never fell below a 1 and the show has NO LEAD-IN WHATSOEVER! Go On deserves a second shot, though. I could live with them bringing Go ON back over whitney but not TNN.

    American Idol-These numbers are scary. I much prefer the IDOL format to that of the VOICE because idol has turned out some ACTUAL STARS and I grew up with it as a teen.. the problem is people HATE these judges and maybe someone can shed some light..? what the heck has NIKKI MINAJ done for people to dislike her so much? she actually offers them some good critiques and says something worthwhile. Randy seems like hes just going through the motions now, URBAN is the male weaker PAULA ABDUL and Mariah…Oh geez..Mariah..I was expecting more from her but why the Nikki hate?

  • Rave Mystery

    They should have all these low rated comedies move to cable networks like TBS or somewhere because they could do better since these are ratings that they would want. I say this for not only Whitney but all the low rated comedies.

  • Rave Mystery

    Why do people think a show they are most interested in is better than someone elses? its just so funny to me.

  • Tony JJ


    lol yes!

  • DonnaT

    @ Tessa

    Since you missed my comment on the prelim ratings thread because finals came out a few minutes later I thought it was worth C&P-ing to this thread because you misunderstood me.

    @ Tessa said: So what we are saying essentially is that we want the veteran show to slow down so that the new show doesn’t look bad and has a chance…

    Not at all. I’m only saying The CW needs more hits of Arrow’s caliber (~08, 0.9.-1.3 demo) in the next few years to survive the coming affiliate apocalypse of 2016. I doubt that any new show will reach TVD consistent and higher demos.

    If Arrow can’t hold the line at even 0.9 (and we won’t know until the final data that it hasn’t) and an 8 year old show with a loyal fanbase can easily surpass the ratings of all new shows (even Arrow) I don’t have much hope for The CWs survival unless The CW goes “cable” (I don’t know what that involves or even if it’s feasible) or The CW accelerates how they look at a show’s success beyond the more traditional ratings systems … which they seem to be but how low can shows like B&TB and TCD sink before they become they become unprofitable and The CW has to invest even more money into a replacing not 3 or 4 shows but 5 or 6 shows (so they have mid-season replacements)?

  • Freddy Arrow


    “I feel Suburgatory will see low numbers after The Middle if it is doing poorly after Modern Family.”

    Probably. Tessa and her dad need to move to a new suburb and leave the dreck of Chatswin behind them.

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