Wednesday Final Ratings: 'American Idol', 'Survivor' & 'Arrow' Adjusted Up; 'Whitney' and 'Chicago Fire' Adjusted Down

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March 28th, 2013


American Idol, Survivor,  and Arrow were each adjusted up a tenth while Whitney (8:30) and Chicago Fire were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, March 27, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX American Idol (8-10PM) 3.2 9 12.33
CBS Survivor: Caramoan 2.5 7 9.43
ABC The Middle 1.8 6 6.90
NBC Whitney 1.0 3 2.92
CW Arrow 0.9 3 2.65
8:30PM ABC The Neighbors 1.5 5 5.52
NBC Whitney 1.0 3 2.88
9:00 PM ABC Modern Family 3.2 9 9.09
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1.7 5 6.61
CBS Criminal Minds -R 1.2 4 5.57
CW Supernatural 1.0 3 2.23
9:30PM ABC Suburgatory 1.9 5 5.33
10:00PM NBC Chicago Fire 1.7 5 6.85
ABC Nashville 1.5 4 5.18
CBS CSI -R 1.3 4 6.96

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  • Tianyi Li

    The trend for Arrow is not really good, even Supernatural beats it in rating by a tenth. Despite renewed, there are already two 0.9s in the 1st Season so far. Hopefully this situation is only temporary, or this show won’t survive after season two. Glad to see that Chicago Fire’s rating is stable despite the adjust down

  • William

    Hopefully NBC moves up “Chicago Fire”, its too good a program to air at 10 pm on a Wednesday night. I enjoyed “Trauma” and they cancelled it, and it aired the wrong slot also. Chicago Fire has been solid. Lots of potential.

  • Melanie

    Yaaay Supernatural!
    I’m glad Arrow adjusted up.

  • Nick

    Modern Family is a FLOP! It needs to be cancelled immediately!!!!

  • IwuvDean

    So, i guess this will shut those people who said Arrow was helping SPN up. They helped each other! ok?!

  • tvfan

    Love Arrow! One of the best shows on television!

  • Ekras

    TCD is dead! This has nothing to do with this article, but I figured I’d say it anyway – a comment section on this site isn’t complete without a TCD/BATB war in it……

  • Thorn

    While the quality was not there last night, i do not wish for it to be cancelled. It is one of the only funny shows on Wednesday night.

  • Nick


    It’s a joke, lol.

  • Thorn


    There are many worse shows, look at all of the ones with the awful laugh track, stupid people need to be told whats funny and when to laugh. IE Whitney.
    While Modern Family has lost a little something and i did feel sick with the goldfish joke i do think that it can make a come back.

  • Walton 33

    At least has NBC has Chicago Fire to leave this season with and spin-off. With the spin-off being about the police department then I can see it maybe even outshining Fire.

    As for Whitney, NBC mishandled this one badly this season. It was in the wrong timeslot the entire season and they never moved it or gave it a boost it was basically left there to rot. I guess a positive is that both episodes scored about the same numbers. Like somebody mentioned earlier the show needs to move back an hour to 9pm next season. NBC needs a really strong leading off the night and Wednesdays might not be that night either they need try a different night during the week.

    Sometimes I wonder how Whitney would’ve done on Fridays, they should’ve kept it there after seeing LMS and MC’s extremely good numbers on the night.

  • Walton 33

    @ Thorn

    Nobody really watches multi-cams like that bro that’s a myth, people laugh when they want to. The live audience/laugh track creates an atmosphere like that of a live show or theater play you feel like you’re there watching it with other people. With single-cams its more like watching a movie than it is a TV show.

    Like when I watch a show like Friends, the crowd provides great energy and are in-tuned with the characters and storyline playing out on the screen so you get that feeling like you’re there watching it.

    I never really got people favor one format over the other its stupid to me.

  • Mark Wood

    Tiany Li

    The Trend for Arrow is still better then most first season shows, and considering the extreme range between Arrow/SPN to the next level of shows on the CW, even with trends like that Arrow should have many years left on the CW.

  • Matt

    Nashville is going to be renewed, but it NEEDS to be moved to another night. ABC KNEW the show wasn’t going to perform amazingly in the ratings with the Wednesday 10PM slot, despite the strong critical buzz it received. No major hits come out of that time slot barely averaging low 2’s and high 1’s. REVENGE was sort of a rare one, as I believe it settled in the 2.2-2.6 range by midseason, but it was lucky. NASHVILLE didn’t start bad, and it truly isn’t doing bad, but it REALLY could be doing much better in another timeslot. This may sound crazy, Castle should run for 16-18 episodes as a lead out to the first cycle of DWTS and The Bachelor. Then by the 2nd cycle of DWTS, Nashville should come in with a 15 episode season to end. NASHVILLE would do great behind a dancing/music reality series. It would probably do around the same, maybe better, in the demo, but it would certainly surge in viewers to Castle standards. (9-11 million) Or, it could move to Sundays at 9 or 10PM. Revenge or ONCE could be its lead-in, and it would probably do the same, maybe better, in the demo, but it would likely see moderate gains in viewers. Also, it wouldn’t have much stiff competition, against low-rated Good Wife and Mentalist, both doing around a 1.5-1.7 right now.

  • Thorn

    @Walton 33

    Wrong, laugh tracks are designed to help stupid people feel comfortable watching a show. I have never ever watches a show with a laugh track and felt like i was there. That’s honestly the most retarded mess I’ve ever heard.
    These shows are not taped in front of a live audience, they film some scenes that are like a rehearsal. The whole thing takes a week or more to film. I want a smart comedy with NO laugh track, i know if something is funny. When i watch those awful shows with the laugh track they just seem pathetic, somethings are not even funny yet “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

  • Thorn

    Watched*** i hate my iPad

  • Mark Wood

    Here’s something I wish Bill and Robert got data for. In fact it’s almost never reported anywhere now.

    And that’s live data. With DVR’s you get a lot of DVR data in Live Same day, even more so with shows that air earlier in the night.

    For example, look at SPN, Arrow and Vampire Diaries. On Live Same Day numbers for adults 18-49 Vampire Diaries is easily King of the CW, and has been for years.

    But through the Fall, the season average for adults 18-49 live data paints a really different picture.

    Remember for ad based revenue, Live numbers are actually very close to c3 data. Live numbers has the greatest percentage of viewers who do watch commercials (by far). Of course in fairness to VD, the CW gets a huge boost in ad revenue that is based on adults 18-34, and here VD really has a significant edge over both other programs.

    Arrow .9
    Vampire Dairies .8
    Supernatural .7

    Live Same Day
    Vampire Dairies 1.3
    Arrow 1.1
    Supernatural .9

    * VD has a huge boost in viewers due to same Day DVR. But those viewers don’t actually add much to the real revenue generated by ads (it takes about 5 DVR viewers to equal one live viewer).

    Live Plus 7
    Vampire Diaries 2.0
    Arrow 1.6
    Supernatural 1.4

    With VD and SPN fairly stable this spring versus Fall, SPN is actually up versus its fall. Arrow is down, its Spring Adults live Same day is now basically statistically tied with SPN, and for the last few weeks SPN and Arrow have been tied with Adults 18-49 Live Plus 7. With Live only Data I would expect that SPN has already beaten Arrow a couple of times this spring. It’s also possible that SPN might have beaten VD a time or two in live adults 18-49.

    During the first season of VD they had several weeks where the difference between their live adults 18-49 numbers were separated by .1 or .2

  • Jarrod

    Perhaps The CW should pair Nikita with Arrow on a Wednesday. See how much that show grows from benefiting off of another night and time and different show.

  • Percysowner

    @Jarrod I adore Nikita. I think it is one of the best, most intelligent shows out there. There is NO WAY it will get moved to after Arrow or any other high performing show. There is no way it will move off Friday. Nikita does not have good ratings. What it has is enough seasons that one more will put it into syndication area, where I think it will do fairly well. Nikita and its viewers lucked out when it got renewed for season 2 and then did JUST well enough to pull a season 3 and practically get guaranteed a season 4 for syndication. It did not show the potential to suddenly become a breakout hit in its fourth season.

  • CookyMonzta

    @728huey: The top brass at Idol never learn, and when they do, they are slow at it. It is like watching the last days of Sparta. As one documentary tells it, they were either too slow or too stubborn to either improvise or employ new strategies.

    The same goes for Idol. They will neither change nor adapt to survive. I imagine this will cost them in advertising revenue next year. They simply will not pay the same rates to a show that is now drawing in the 2s and 3s, when once it drew 10s with enormous regularity. Even 6s and 7s are no longer possible (then again, 7s are hard to come by for any show).

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