Cable News Ratings for Thursday, March 28, 2013

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March 29th, 2013

Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for Thursday, March 28, 2013

Note: We only have individual program data right now. Will update when/if we get total day and primetime numbers.

Net Morning programs (6-9 AM) P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC FOX & Friends        1,050        228         438
CNN Early Start/Starting Point           257        104         114
MSNBC Morning Joe           382        128         207
CNBC Squawk Box           150         51           83
HLN Morning Express w/ Meade           276        148         207
Net 5PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC FIVE, THE        1,962        370         786
CNN SITUATION ROOM           430         90         146
MSNBC HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS           693        139         308
CNBC FAST MONEY           133         33           77
HLN EVENING EXPRESS           410        109         203
Net 6PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC SPECIAL RPT W/BRET BAIER        1,685        282         634
CNN SITUATION ROOM           354         93         114
MSNBC POLITICS NATION           652        157         310
CNBC MAD MONEY           117         35           71
HLN EVENING EXPRESS           377         86         187
Net 7PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE FOX REPORT W/S.SMITH        1,570        293         630
CNN ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT           368         97         117
MSNBC HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS           650        139         295
CNBC KUDLOW REPORT           127         18           47
HLN JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL           465        120         251
Net 8PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR        2,128        391         794
CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360           359        107         150
MSNBC NOW W/ ALEX WAGNER-PRIME           507        117         206
CNBC CRIME INC: ART FOR TAKING             92         16           39
HLN NANCY GRACE           657        169         335
Net 9PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC HANNITY        1,663        234         536
CNN PIERS MORGAN LIVE           392        114         143
MSNBC RACHEL MADDOW SHOW           785        247         389
CNBC AMER GREED THE FUGITIVES           202        113         104
HLN DR. DREW ON CALL           613        155         338
Net 10PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360 308 114 144
HLN HLN AFTER DARK 472 150 282
Net 11PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR           971        201         375
CNN ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT           256        127         153
MSNBC NOW W/ ALEX WAGNER-PRIME           309        134         167
CNBC MAD MONEY           152         74           80
HLN SHOWBIZ TONIGHT           387        139         219

For other days cable news ratings click here.

P2+ = viewers over the age of 2

(25-54) = Adults 25-54 viewing

(35-64) = Adults 35-64 viewing

Prime Time = 8-11pm

LIVE+SD: The number that watched a program either while it was broadcast OR watched via DVR on the same day [through 3AM the next day] the program was broadcast. For more information see Numbers 101.

Scratch = when a show's audience fails to meet minimum Nielsen reporting levels. For more information go here.

Nielsen Cable Network Coverage Estimates (as of July, 2012)

CNN/HLN: 99.727 million HHs

CNBC: 97.497 million HHs

FNC: 97.981 million HHs

MSNBC: 95.526 million HHs

Fox Business: 68.407 million HHs

  • Faith3

    If it wasn’t for TVA, their would be no hydroelectric power in many areas of the US. The price of electricity in East South Central US is still one of the cheapest but more importantly cleanest areas in the US.

  • AppleStinx

    1966 asked: “@apple stinx do you see a tractor coming yet?”

    No sign of it yet. It must be trying to cross the high Sierras. Our spies are sitting on their A.S.S.E.S. (Advanced Secure Surveillance & Eavesdropping Systems) and will give us a smoke signal.

  • 1966

    @apple stinx
    it’s probably pulling a mobile home with the rest of his family in it.

  • Hillbilly

    Faith3 – I strictly asked why do we have such ‘extreme’?


    Happy Easter.

    Geesh I thought i would have a relaxing day & you leave a book for me to read. ;)

    Not being ornery, but extreme can be subjective. Is it worse today than the Gilded Age that gets tossed around in here? Worse than times before & after the Great Depression? When coming out of a bad recession like we are now, does that make the inequality seem worse? Lots of folks out of work tends to make inequality more extreme.

    I agree there’s fewer jobs, therefore employers can be picky. Like some companies wanting a college degree for an office runner. I’m not saying the blame for the housing bubble all goes on to any one group. Plenty of blame to go around. IMO the fed govt gets a good size of the blame. You might agree, but for different reasons, but no sense in rehashing that. My point being during the bubble there were lots of folks working to build the houses & things that stock those houses. More folks working enables more cars to be brought, more vacations, luxury items, more commerce in general.

    If we had a better society with all our new found riches, we would at least have a rising tide lifting all boats but that is not at all what is happening with our new policy pushers’ agenda and legislators who listen to them.

    Now IMO you are treading into the morals of a society. That’s a sensitive issue. If I make a $billion do i have to be told by the govt or anybody else how much I should spend (beyond my legal taxes) to benefit others? If i want to keep it in the bank or blow it on drugs & hookers isn’t that my right? I would argue the legislators waste a lot of the taxes (snail sex & duck pee pee studies) they collect, so i dang sure don’t want to give them more.

    The old saying if you work hard and play by the rules you will be successful is no longer true. Now this saying has been replaced by it’s a dog eat dog world, good luck to you. We take on more risk then the past generation and now some ‘illustrious’ policy makers want fewer resources available when risks happen.

    I disagree. Nobody is guaranteed success. You improve your chances by working hard. Once again success is very subjective. For some a loving family, food, & shelter is all that’s needed to be considered a success. Others would think having 2 homes & 5 cars is a success. I’ll go out on a limb & say you consider your life a success. I’ll go out on another limb & say you have a good work ethic, and that helped in obtaining your success. It’s always been a dog eat dog world. I have no way to measure which generation took more risks, & don’t know how anybody could measure such a thing.

    Urbanization Gentrification

    While I’ll agree both of those things have their up sides & down sides, i don’t know where the balance should be. There’s some places folks won’t move to or invest in because of the crime rate. For being a bunch of thugs gangs sure do have the power. They run entire areas of the city with little or no fear of the cops. Some parents fear for their children’s safety crossing gang lines to go to school. That’s IMO unacceptable & could be solved if they parents & local governments worked together. It would require a police state for 6 months, but the gangs would move on. Jim Brown (the football player) use to work with gangs. I would think if Michael Jordan, Oprah, Mike Tyson..etc would have a sit down with the gang leaders & tell them, you have two choices. 1) Call a truce during school hours & allow the young folks to get educated or 2) The national guard will fill the streets 24/7 until you are out of business, the gangs would choose option 1.

  • Hillbilly

    AppleStinx – I know. The city has emitted a siren alert already for denizens to evacuate. Photoshop enhancement has determined that the “Val/Vald” tattooed on his female(?) companion’s armpits is actually “Vlad” – Vlad the Inhaler. It was difficult to read underneath all that hair. :(


    I wore the hair on my head off banging it against the headboards of super model’s beds. I have to grow hair some where. :cool:

  • Faith3

    There is an unsettling article in the Washing Times about jobs in the US. Beware for those who believe a degree in the right field will give them security. We live in a global world. At any cost here is the name of the article-IBM Suffer Culture Change as Jobs go Global

  • Hillbilly

    AppleStinx – No sign of it yet. It must be trying to cross the high Sierras. Our spies are sitting on their A.S.S.E.S. (Advanced Secure Surveillance & Eavesdropping Systems) and will give us a smoke signal.


    My tractor has stealth technology. You won’t see or hear me coming. :razz:

  • Hillbilly

    Posted March 30, 2013 at 1:57 PM
    @apple stinx
    it’s probably pulling a mobile home with the rest of his family in it.


    Faith3 got the mobile home too. :cry: :mad: :cry:

    We live in a tent now. :)

  • Faith3


    Inequality has been on the rise for about 40 years now due to policy changes. It is not something new connected with the recession.

    Also, are you suggesting market bubbles are a good thing? That does seem to be our new reality.

    The reason I used that old saying “A rising tide lifts all boats” is because that used to be the mantra being used to justify rising inequality. If there was any truth to this saying, many people wouldn’t complain. What good is rising wealth for a country if only a few benefit from any form of productivity while the rest do not, except in the form of more work hours, less benefits and less wages? How can this be justified while a few will benefit in huge returns at the expense of their own workers well being or just society as a whole?

    Also, no one is saying being a loving family isn’t a measure of success but a loving family could easily lose it all because of unexpected hardship due to market shocks and now when times are more vulnerable we should expect less protections because of legislators who think this is a good thing. It goes far beyond my comprehension or any kind of logical reasoning. More risk should equal less protection because the social contract is about moral issues? Ultra wealth at the top can be justified but a decent living can’t be justified for anyone else? Really? Are we really this extreme in our thinking then just one or two generations ago?

  • Faith3


    Be happy you live in a warm place;)

  • Hillbilly

    Faith3 talking to me.


    Faith3 – What are you praying for?

    Hillbilly – Guidance

    Faith3 – Pray for stiffness, Ill guide it myself.



    P.S. Faith3 don’t let AppleStinx & 1966 talk about me while I’m gone. Yea, that’s right you two scoundrels I’m hiding behind Faith3’s shirt.

  • Hillbilly

    Faith3 – Also, are you suggesting market bubbles are a good thing? That does seem to be our new reality.


    No way Jose. Bubbles are evil IMO. They can do away with the stock market tomorrow & i wouldn’t shed a tear. Now i know a lot of retirement plans are invested in the market. I’m not saying kill it ASAP. I have no idea when it was created or why. (No time to research it today) It sure does cause a lot of trouble. You won’t catch me investing in the mofo.

    OK I’m running late. Have a nice day. :)

  • Faith3

    Yes, a lot of retirement plans are invested in the market and that is why a volatile market is not a good thing. Welcome to the new normal.

    Have a Happy Easter all!

    p.s. I’ll hide you from Apple and 1966 but I keep the truck AND the dog.

  • Bobbyv

    same to you Faith, Happy Easter

  • 1966

    phil ramone

  • HRJ

    Can’t we all just get along?

    What is the reason for moving “The Ed Show?” I always enjoyed his show.

  • Jeff

    If Fox News was around during the Crucifixion of Jesus, they would have reported…..

    The banner would read: “Hippie Socalist Executed”
    The subtext would read: Texas Gov. Says “he got what he deserved”

    No doubt!

  • Sj

    I come on here and it’s mostly Fox New folks posting. It’s like you think it’s somehow your site. When someone else of a differing view comes on, it’s like everyone gangs up and starts making fun of them. I don’t blame some of them for saying questionable things back. There is just something about Fox news viewers that assumes no one else should come on here and say anything while you all bash people who like different things. It’s sad. It’s a bullying thing. Well never-the-less, maybe I’m just imagining things, I do want to wish everyone here, no matter what you watch or whether right or left, up or down or whatever, A Very wonderful Easter Holiday and a Blessed Week. :)

  • RedbarSoup


    EXACTLY, it’s a conservative orgy in here all the time!

  • Doug Z

    Faith I just checked It is cheaper in Missouri that is private than Gov owned TVA.
    2012 2013
    Mo 7..44 7.7
    TVA 9.1 9.32

    cents per Kilowatt hour.

    Again Gov has messed things up. why do we let Government do anything

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