Does 'Happy Endings' Have a Chance Tonight? (Poll)

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March 29th, 2013


Happy Endings is debuting in its new Friday timeslot tonight at 8PM before a new Shark Tank. ABC has already asked viewers to save it...but does it really have a chance? Its last pair of originals (way back in January) earned a 1.2 and a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. Will its fans follow the show to Fridays? Or is this burn-off the end of Happy Endings? Predict the ratings below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Anon

    I thin the first 15 minutes will be comparable to what LMS usually draws, but as people slowly figure out that LMS won’t be on, they will bail.

    First episode significantly higher than the second; 1.4 then 0.9.

  • Liam

    I think around a 0.9 to a 1.0. Maybe lower. Its difficult to tell.

  • Chris

    Everyone here saying TBS should get Happy Endings is delusional. HE is doing worse than Cougar Town was doing on ABC, and Cougar Town hasn’t been doing that well on TBS, considering it is failing to keep the audience from a REPEAT of the TBBT, has only been renewed for 13 episodes and is expensive compared to TBS shows like Men at Work. TBS renewed Cougar Town so they wouldn’t admit that it wasn’t a bad idea. Hopefully after tonight there will no longer be any excuses from HE fans. Cancel the show already, how many chances can you give this show.

  • Chris

    was a bad idea*

  • CH2164

    What rating would it need to likely get renewed?

    I hope we get another chance :D

  • Ccemerson

    This show is a edgy grown up 9pm show, not a 8pm family hour comedy. They should have had Shark Tank @ 8pm as its lead in.

  • Ritchie

    I know I’m watching because it’s gonna be amaahzing!

  • tv#1

    If it gets a 1.0 for both half hours it will be lucky. I am a fan, and I want it to do well. However, I know that will be a long shot. Most likely it will get anywhere for a .7-.9.

  • NBC Fan


  • Sel

    I hope it does “well” enough to be renewed. I don’t care if it’s a pity renewal as long is keep on going.

  • Ali

    I am afraid Happy Endings will have a sad ending this season. It wont even crack a 1.0 if you ask me. It’s a dead show!

  • AJ

    1.0 + pretty please?

  • jimmcaf

    It would be great paired with “Better Off Ted”. Ah well, it will perform great in the network in my head…

  • Bee

    wow you guys are optimistic. good friday + basketball + huge hiatus + blink-and-miss 15 second promos + DST = nightmare. 0.8 i’d say.

    i would cry tears of joy if there was some miracle and it rallied support to return with a shocking 2.0 or something like that time community came back 3 months later in a march with a season high 2.2. but that would be a true miracle.

    i just want TBS to save it. people have been talking about it for a while so i hope it happens. but i’m preparing for the end. AT THE VERY LEAST THO, i need need need ABC to not pull it. i don’t want to wait till august to watch any remaining episodes. they screwed the show over enough by bumping it for “the neighbors,” esp when that show is a fail too.

  • Marc

    I’d be surprised if it does better than a 1.0. I don’t think there could be an excuse that fans do not know it is on. They have been promoting it and even the promotion of it was publicized. So, the publicity stunt was good so far as letting people know it would be on.

    While it will have CBS competing with it w/ basketball, they do get a new shark tank paired up with it, so at least it will be a decent gauge to see Shark Tanks performance along with HE. (But at the same time, if HE pulls a .7 does it also bring down ST?

    That said, I think HE has a high bar to meet. MC finished YTD over 1.3+ and LSM finished 1.5+ YTD. It wasn’t pulling those numbers on Tuesday (or Sunday) and there is typically a 25-40% viewer bleed by getting kicked to Fridays. HE doesn’t really fit with the Friday theme for ABC, however, so I’d think it might be more in contest with the Neighbors at this point, which is not performing well in it’s time period.

    Or the short answer: HE is doomed.

  • perfected

    ABC wishes LMS and MC were still on tonight.

  • rob60990

    I’ll be shocked if it cracks a 1.0

    0.8 at 8:00
    0.7 at 8:30
    1.5 for Shark Tank. It won’t do much better than its recent rerun ratings.

  • oktimeforplanc

    I’m recording it tonight since I am seeing Man Overboard / The Story So Far and tonight alive. Concerts > tv.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Perhaps Bill Gorman, or Robert or Holly or Ultima or one of the pros around here could help me out here.

    If there are NCAA preemptions in a fair few ABC affiliates does that mean whatever rating we see tomorrow morning, we should expect a likely adjustment down on Monday? It seems the NCAA is down to 4 games all on CBS and TBS so would there even be a lot of ABC preemptions?

    Just curious?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    I certainly want Happy Endings to do well tonight for its fans but in a way also for me.
    Maybe a decent performance will cut back on this over repeated theory that TBS is somehow hot to pick the show up.
    Then again that will probably be prolonging the inevitable as upon probable cancellation in May the TBS chatter will begin again.

    I am not saying it is impossible but network transfers are rare enough to being with that it makes it even less likely that TBS is going to want to be know as the dumping grounds for ABC’s comedy failures two years in a row.

    Then again Sony could make them an offer they can’t refuse.

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