Thursday Final Ratings: 'American Idol' & 'Grey's Anatomy' Adjusted Up; 'Raising Hope' Adjusted Down

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March 29th, 2013

Grey's Anatomy

American Idol, and Grey's Anatomy were each adjusted up a tenth while Raising Hope (9PM) was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings. The final numbers for the NCAA Tournament, broken out by game, can also be found below.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX American Idol 2.8 9 11.43
CBS NCAA Basketball (Marquette/Miami) 8PM-9:30 1.7 7 5.77
ABC Wife Swap 1.4 5 4.23
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.2 4 2.46
NBC Community -R 0.7 3 2.24
8:30PM NBC 1600 Penn 0.7 2 1.92
9:00PM ABC Grey's Anatomy 2.9 8 9.02
FOX Raising Hope 1.3 4 4.16
NBC The Office -R 0.7 2 1.62
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.6 2 1.50
9:30 PM CBS NCAA Basketball (Syracuse/Indiana) 9:30-12:04 2.8 9 7.99
FOX Raising Hope 1.2 3 3.28
NBC 1600 Penn 0.7 2 1.91
10:00 PM ABC Scandal 2.6 7 7.97
NBC Law & Order: SVU -R 1.0 3 3.95

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  • Sky

    A 1.2 share for the 9pm episode of Raising Hope can’t be right.

  • carl


    Ouch at something that doesn’t matter? What is your problem? You know viewers don’t have any importance, you’re just bashing Scandal.

  • forg

    American Idol will likely have a Survivor type of run where it will no longer reach very high ratings but it will always be a valuable player. But you know with reality competition shows, they could always bounce back just look at Bachelor last season. AI has a very good history in American pop culture (and even the world) so I think it still has what it takes to last a couple more seasons. And clearly “star” judges is not the answer, maybe they could experiment tweaking the format like Survivor has done

  • Tom

    “yay batb…it’s not a lock for renewal, but i’m feeling more optimistic about it than i was about a month or so ago…”

    Ok, enough already. I’m tired of you Beastlings cluttering this thread with your nonsense.

    As @ Halloween just pointed out, The Beast lost close to half of The Vampire Diaries audience. It also got only half the rating. Last season, The Secret Circle received a 0.7/172MM viewers for its seventeenth episode. This week the Beast also lost 220,000 from last week’s audience against diminished competition in its own timeslot and ended up with a weak 0.6. Still feeling optimistic?

  • david

    Good to see Beauty and the Beast remain at a .6 two weeks in a row. It is not a repetitive show. It is moving the story along every week. I agree with the people who say the show has gotten better over time. It started off slow the first few episode butr by episode 5 or so it started geting really good and interesting.

  • forg


    If I were ABC, I would choose “stability” for next season especially in the state they are in right now. So I’ll keep Thu 9-11 intact next year, as well as Fri 8-10 and Wednesdays (just one new show maybe at 9:30 or if How to Live with Your Parents works just leave it there).

  • BigFlop

    it was so amusing you remind me that 18-49 ratings are the most important!!! everybody knows that!

  • forg

    SVU reruns are doing decently relatively speaking maybe NBC could move the show on this slot next season to solve that problem timeslot

  • Ash


    Well it seemed that you didn’t know that considering you said “ouch” when Scandals viewers dropped, indicating that viewers are supposedly important. :)

  • Bookworm

    Viewers don’t matter!!

    Castle gets higher views than both Scandal and Grey, along with more of the shows in ABC but the rating is in the lower 2.0’s and that is what matters.

  • Skylar James

    @JohnA: if you don’t watch or like the show, why do you care? Dumbass comment.

  • Ram510

    Scandal and Revolution stand as the top 10pm shows for the week, good for them. This proves people will still watch live at 10pm if networks out something on that worth staying up for.

    Raising Hope is a waste of space and the 4th season should (and probably will) be its last and should be sent to a Friday burn off

  • ZmaX

    just an interesting tidbit, the Cw just released a new “TV Now” channel promo and they didn’t include any TCD or Cult clips (or any 90210 clips for that matter, along with all the other canceled shows)

    Not sure if we should read too much into it, but if they don’t even promote the Carrie Diaries show during their campaign, they probably won’t renew it.

    Might be a good sign for Beauty and the Beast :/

  • BigFlop

    @ash and @Bookworm
    but most of the audience doesn’t know that demos are important!! Also, almost every website pay attention to the viewers, not the demos!
    IMO Demo means money but Viewers means popularity

  • Beauty&theFlop

    LOL @ Beauty & the Beast and solid ratings in the same sentence.

  • Ash


    And what do you think execs care about more. Making money or the popularity of a show?

  • jackieO

    TVD still going strong.
    Last night was a great episode.

  • BigFlop

    I don’t care and I don’t think as a execs.
    But,thinking about money and thinking about 18-49 as a target only, leads to produce bad tv shows.

  • davie

    The CW had an interesting week, Arrow was the 3rd highest rated, behind SPN (wow!) and TVD.

  • davie

    Also, Communitys repeat ratings are pretty good, I wish the LIVE #s were better

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