David Tennant and Billie Piper to Return for 'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary

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March 30th, 2013


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David Tennant and Billie Piper to return for blockbuster celebrations with John Hurt also confirmed


Ahead of tonight’s premiere, Doctor Who revealed some of the all-star cast that will mark the 50th anniversary.  David Tennant and Billie Piper will join current Doctor and companion, Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, while John Hurt (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Alien, Harry Potter) will also co-star.


Last seen as the Doctor on January 1, 2010, this will be the first time Tennant has reprised his role as the Tenth Doctor.  During his reign as the Time Lord, Tennant appeared in three series as well as several specials.  He was first revealed as the Doctor in the 2005 series finale, The Parting of the Ways.


Meanwhile Billie Piper, who played companion Rose Tyler for two series following the reboot in 2005, will appear in the show for the first time since featuring in Tennant’s last episode, The End of Time in 2010.


Also confirmed to join the cast is John Hurt who will also co-star in the anniversary special that will form part of blockbuster celebrations.  Produced by BBC Cymru Wales for BBC One, the 50th anniversary will be written by Steven Moffat and Directed by Nick Hurran.


Filming for the 50th anniversary begins this week in the UK.  Meanwhile, Doctor Who returns to BBC America tonight, March 30, 8:00pm ET/PT with eight epic episodes, which officially introduces the Doctor’s newest companion, Clara Oswald, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.  Doctor Who will be immediately followed by the world-premiere of new original series Orphan Black at 9:00pm ET/PT and Chris Hardwick’s The Nerdist at 10:00pm ET/PT as part of BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday.


All-new special, Doctor Who: The Companions, premieres Sunday, March 31, 7:00pm ET/PT. As the Doctor’s newest companion, Clara Oswald, steps into the TARDIS, take a look back at previous companions that have won over the Doctor’s heart in Doctor Who: The Companions.  Along the way, companions old and new talk about how the show has changed their lives, and how they've never quite managed to leave the TARDIS behind. Matt Smith and David Tennant are joined by fellow contributors including John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Arthur Darvill (Rory) and Noel Clarke (Mickey).


Additionally, David Tennant’s two-part special Spies of Warsaw premieres on Wednesday, April 3, 9:00pm ET as part of BBC AMERICA’s Dramaville programming block. Adapted by renowned Emmy®-winning writing team Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais (Across the Universe, Tracey Takes On…) and executive produced by Richard Fell (Outcasts), Spies of Warsaw is based on The New York Times Bestselling author Alan Furst’s acclaimed novel. David Tennant and Janet Montgomery (Made in Jersey, Black Swan, Entourage) star in the thrilling spy story set in Poland, Paris and London in the years leading up to the Second World War.

  • Paul

    Although I’m hopefully waiting for Eccleston announcement.

  • GARebelman

    Selfish whiney mother hating Rose. Oh yes I’m so looking forward to that, says nobody ever.

  • Ekras

    Actually I’d love to see Rose again…. Best looking companion until Clara….

  • John


    So glad you are a superficial twat and looks trump talent, typical american sensibilities.

    The best companion of all the ‘new ones’ has been Donna Noble who encompasses everything that the true companions always embodied with out all the asinine ‘lovey dovey’ nonsense that RTD felt he had to interject and that Moffat started moving away from with Pond and hopefully will completely move away from with Clara.

  • Steve

    I’m always amazed at the fan comments about Donna Noble. I know lots of people say she was the best companion, but I couldn’t stand her. Constantly obnoxious, and I believe she cried in every single episode she appeared in. And contrary to what I’ve seen written, I don’t think she displayed an ounce of character development during her entire run.

    Looks like I’m also on the opposite side of the fence when it comes to Martha Jones. I think fans never got behind her because they just missed Billie Piper so much. Piper was awesome in the role, but I thought Martha was just as good, even better in some ways.

    Looking forward to Clara though.

  • Ekras


    What’s wrong with being superficial?

  • matthew mingo

    I love David Tennant and Billie Piper in Doctor Who.

  • Josh

    @ John,

    Looks and poor acting do trump no looks and poor acting, twat. Typical British sensibilities.

  • Samuel

    Can’t wait! I loved Rose just like I loved Donna, Amy, and now Clara. Plus, David Tennant should be awesome!

  • Rachel Scott

    Well, I never watched old Who since it was never on at any reasonable time, so new Who was my first Who, and 10 and Rose will always be my favorites. All that “lovey dovey” stuff made for great TV. Scifi doesn’t have to be void of relationships.

  • Penny

    YES. The best paring to ever come from DW.

  • Lisa

    Yawn. I want to see Peter Davison, Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Colin Baker, Mark Strickson, Bonnie Langford, Sophie Aldred, and some of the other greats.

  • Mike

    Enough time passes and you’d be surprised who you wouldnt mind coming back. I’d be thrilled to see Perry or even Ace. Just to see some old school who.

  • Jason

    Martha Jones has been my favorite of the companions in the New Series. I am really not a fan of Donna Noble or Rose Tyler. Amy Pond was pretty good.

    Well, unless you count Captain Jack in the list of companions. I assumed we were just ranking the primary female companions. Captain Jack has been the best additional character IMO (much better than River Song aka Mary Sue).

  • Wright

    I love David Tennant!!!! I haven’t watched Doctor Who since he left. Martha Jones and Captain Jack were the best companions. I still miss Torchwood.

  • CrimTV

    @Jason, Martha was the worst imo, she was better when she came back in a smaller capacity for specials but my all time favourite was Rose!

  • brandon


    You’re missing out, then. Matt Smith’s series have been some of the best NuWho. He’s one of my top Doctors.

  • Natlie

    I am so sick of this remake tripe! Doctor Who has not been Doctor Who since 1996. Long live the 8 Doctors, there are only 8 anyway.

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