The Scripted Cable Show Renew/Cancel Status List...Has Been Canceled

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March 30th, 2013


After 12 “episodes” the Scripted Cable Renew/Cancel Status has been canceled.  It debuted on November 7, 2012 and the list that “aired” on February 23 was its finale.

I know what you’re thinking.  This: “I read it. All my friends read it. Your stats system must be antiquated!”  And this: “TV by the Numbers never loved that list and didn’t want it to succeed. They launched it on a Saturday. A SATURDAY! C’mon!”

Kidding aside, our tracking isn’t antiquated and is pretty much exactly the “full census” measurement that many fans clamor to see utilized for TV shows. Sadly, even with a full census data the poor performers still get canceled.  I launched it on Saturdays so I could give it extra “promotion” by featuring it more prominently on our home page. That helped, but not enough.

A movie or a save by Netflix don't seem likely, but maybe another site will pick it up!

  • MDM

    Not surprising, very hard to keep up with.

  • Desperate Houseboy

    I think you should have made that list as groups that each one has 3 channels in instead of all in one page.

  • Matt

    early April Fools joke?

  • HanSolo

    It would be nice to at least get an occasional update about which shows specifically have been renewed and cancelled every few months. The full list on a regular basis may have been a bit much, especially since things don’t necessarily change a lot, and you weren’t really making predictions

  • romo

    Thats ok cause i just got $55 million guaranteed.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Heh, first it was necessary to keep Sanctuary on the list for decades because it “wasn’t too much information” – then the whole list was “too much information.” :-)

  • DW

    it happeneds. maybe it was too gay?. :) thats a joke and the worst excuse ever.

  • chris

    Yet another of my favourite lists gets cancelled :( When will it end!!! :p

  • Melissa

    I didn’t even know this page was in danger of cancellation! The Renew/Cancel Index certainly didn’t say so. ;-)

  • Robert Seidman

    It would be nice to at least get an occasional update about which shows specifically have been renewed and cancelled every few months.

    We’ll of course continue post renewals/cancellations as announced/known on a show by show basis. We just won’t be doing any aggregation of that information.

  • Cory

    I believe the cancellation bear should have been worked into the picture, maybe dining on a list of some kind.

  • Lane

    I bet the readership was just too old and fell outside of the 18-49 demo.

  • Dan

    It was 76 episodes short of syndication too

  • Justin121

    The Cable Renew/Cancel Index would do.

    It had a terrible title!

  • Joseph

    Did The Cancellation Bear cancel the Scripted Cable Show Renew/Cancel index??


    you guys know monday is april 1st right?

  • Rob3008

    I misread the headline and didn’t see the word “cable”… awkward panic moment!

  • TV Addict

    Oh no!!!!! jk. I will survive

  • Ekras

    Romo – Can I borrow $100,000?

  • Dan

    @Marty – I don’t think Bill & Robert are joking and by the way if it was an April fools joke, they probably would have posted it on Monday.

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