The Scripted Cable Show Renew/Cancel Status List...Has Been Canceled

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March 30th, 2013


After 12 “episodes” the Scripted Cable Renew/Cancel Status has been canceled.  It debuted on November 7, 2012 and the list that “aired” on February 23 was its finale.

I know what you’re thinking.  This: “I read it. All my friends read it. Your stats system must be antiquated!”  And this: “TV by the Numbers never loved that list and didn’t want it to succeed. They launched it on a Saturday. A SATURDAY! C’mon!”

Kidding aside, our tracking isn’t antiquated and is pretty much exactly the “full census” measurement that many fans clamor to see utilized for TV shows. Sadly, even with a full census data the poor performers still get canceled.  I launched it on Saturdays so I could give it extra “promotion” by featuring it more prominently on our home page. That helped, but not enough.

A movie or a save by Netflix don't seem likely, but maybe another site will pick it up!

  • Jonay

    IT was my favorite Show what was its rating demo 18-49??

  • merrranga

    great, now i’m back to wikipediaing Curb Your Enthusiasm every couple weeks…

  • Flame

    Seems like the Cancel Bear got his teeth into a TVBTN feature as interim snack while he waits for Network cancels…

  • Mike

    Maybe they revamp the show and bring it back. It was too big and cumbersome.

  • JRG

    And you could have not ended it with one last list for the junkies?? Just had to make them go cold turkey. How cruel.

  • Hugh

    Ha haaa! At the premise, not the cancellation.

    Cable shows are so short, there’s a long down time between season finale and renewal, so people forget to check their shows.

  • forg

    I didn’t care much for it anyway, monitoring the fates of Broadcast shows is much more exciting anyway ;)

  • DM

    TV Series Finale still does one by network

  • ricktatorship

    How about setting up a Wiki version of the scripted cable status list so we can help with updates as you guys post news?

    No one else has an at-a-glance list for the multitude of scripted cable shows. There’s too much junk to wade through at Futon Critic and TV Series Finale is spread out over nine web pages.

  • Donof

    Daylight savings is obviously the reason for this.

  • Bright

    I think this list wasn’t about readers or visits for fun, just a service for the people who come here everyday and had any doubts about their show’s faith. I used it a lot even if I don’t read it everyday as I read other posts.I don’t think you should cancel it even if it’s not so strong, because I don’t think it takes so many time and hard work to keep it alive. Think about it.
    I’m sorry to say this but this place isn’t the same back 3 or 4 years ago, seems like fame went a little to your heads and sometimes you’re more worried about visits than content (like when you choose headlines, you just say it yourself), and that should NEVER be like that.

  • were123

    Kickstarte campaing for a movie! Petitions so spoiler tv picks it up!
    Start all the fans campaigns! :D
    Jokings aside, I always thought it was helpful and neat information for those like me who doesn’t check on cable ratings all that often. It’s a shame it won’t go on, but ok, maybe you can just put a little list of scripted cable shows status now and then ;)

  • Kevin

    That sucks.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    The list was simply to expensive to produce on an entry by entry basis. Plus I think it was produced all the way from New Zealand!!! ;-)

  • One

    You stupid pieces of festering human excrement! How dare you not read the Scripted Cable Renew/Cancel Status List! This is all your fault! You will suffer the wrath! This much I vow, goddamnit!!!

  • One

    Also, this fate, much like that of Alphas, was easy to see coming, especially once the last entry in the series was allowed to fall off the front page a couple weeks back.

  • Bazza

    Not fair they kept moving the time, it was in a hard time slot and its lead in was terrible

  • Craig

    Noooo. That’s the reason I visit the site :(

  • jake3988

    I’m thinking the major reason this isn’t renewed is it takes a lot of time to compile. So yes, time vs readership and/or laziness.

    But no worries, I’ll take the most recent list you guys have, print it out (copy it, or whatever) and keep it up to date myself.

    This was a wonderful resource, pity it’s not going to be kept going. I loved it. Anytime any friend or coworker had a question about a cable show being renewed or cancelled, I just pointed them to this list or I looked at it and told them the answer. Oh well.

  • Feedback

    Louie had announced months ago that the next season wasn’t going to air until 2014. I had completely missed that until I read it on this table.

    I’m really bummed to see it go. Why not continue it as a monthly feature?

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