How Will 'The Walking Dead' Finale Fare Tonight? (Poll)

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March 31st, 2013


Tonight is the finale of ratings powerhouse The Walking Dead. Last week's episode earned a 5.4 adults 18-49 rating, which is already up over last year's finale (which earned a 4.7 adults 18-49 rating).

However, tonight The Walking Dead has some unusually stiff competition in the form of the eagerly awaited premiere of the third season of Game of Thrones. Can The Walking Dead maintain its massive ratings dominance? Or is winter coming for tonight's finale? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • Joseph

    Again not a revenge poll!

  • Statix

    Revenge doesn’t deserve a poll, it’s rubbish.

  • Dan S

    No contest, TWD will get over 5.7 easily. GOT on HBO has a lower viewership simply because it’s a premium channel so not worried.

  • omabin

    I think it will hit a 6.0, but it will not set a new record, as I truly believe there is a very big crossed audience between the two shows. However, since the ratings we see are Live+Same Day, I think a lot of people will watch one live and the other right after, so in the end both will be counted. This is not a trend I would expect to see for most broadcast shows but these are two shows with a very passionate following that I think is willing to do this sort of thing.

  • Remote Patrolled

    Have to ask – why on earth did HBO choose to premiere Game of Thrones against the Walking Dead finale… crazy decision to me!

  • DW

    i say 5.7 due to GOT and its a final. it could hit 6.0 though.

  • DW

    @remote its also on @ 10 and 11 and on hbo go and on demand anytime after 9

  • iMember

    @Statix Revenge is certainly not rubbish, especially not the last handful of episodes we’ve had lately. Better run, or else Emily Thorne is gonna come after you for that and x you off with her red sharpie.

    I think this site has something against Revenge lol. It would have been a much more interesting poll for Revenge given the tough competition it has to face tonight and it has no Once Upon A Time lead in.

    A poll for the finale of The Walking Dead is boring, even though I love the show.

  • DW

    competition is good in television. showtime decided to put the final season of dexter up against true blood this summer.

  • jcoop

    The Walking Dead finale, Vikings, and Game Of Thrones. Tonight is going to be a great night of TV.

  • John A

    Revenge dont deserve a poll. TWD will get a 6.0 while Revenge will be neck and neck with TGW to get a 1.5.

  • frodo

    Game of Thrones and Revenge are quality TV!

    That is what I will be watching and than Vikings.

  • frodo

    @John A

    You don’t deserve to post, your as worse Max but less entertaining.

  • frodo

    By the way
    The Walking Dead 5.8
    Game of Thrones 2.4
    Revenge 1.7
    The Good Wife 1.4

  • John A

    @Frodo I watch TGW Revenge and TWD. But im not a crazy fanboy that makes up excuses for Revenge or TGW low ratings.

  • DenverDean

    OMG – HBO is TRYING to KILL GOT (or AMC is KILLING TWD) by airing it: 1) against TWD finale/GOT S3 debut); 2) on Easter Sunday; 3) The Bible two-hour finale night, etc. Have I forgotten any Bingo excuses? Wait this isn’t an ABC Sunday line-up discussion?

  • Bee

    bible finale.
    GOT premiere.
    walking dead finale.
    no lead-in.
    not as interesting a promo.

    revenge will do 1.4-1.7 tonight i think :(

  • omabin

    My complete guesses:

    The Walking Dead: 6.1
    Game of Thrones: 2.5
    Revenge 1.5
    The Good Wife: 1.4

  • Dan W

    The ratings will be huge I’m sure. I actually really feel bad for Revenge. I don’t know what ABC is thinking…airing a new episode against the season finale of The Walking Dead AND on Easter Sunday? Revenge sadly doesn’t stand a chance. I know I for one will be watching The Walking Dead finale and DVRing Revenge. ABC definitely should have held off airing a new Revenge for another week like they are doing with Once Upon A Time.

  • Greg

    Isn’t HBO reairing the premiere of Game of Thrones right after its first airing? I just can’t see GoT hurting The Walking Dead at all. People who watch both shows will watch TWD’s finale then flip the channel to HBO and watch the second airing of Game of Throne’s premiere.

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