How Will 'The Walking Dead' Finale Fare Tonight? (Poll)

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March 31st, 2013


Tonight is the finale of ratings powerhouse The Walking Dead. Last week's episode earned a 5.4 adults 18-49 rating, which is already up over last year's finale (which earned a 4.7 adults 18-49 rating).

However, tonight The Walking Dead has some unusually stiff competition in the form of the eagerly awaited premiere of the third season of Game of Thrones. Can The Walking Dead maintain its massive ratings dominance? Or is winter coming for tonight's finale? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • NBC Fan

    If Revenge is down it’s probably because it’s lead-in is a repeat. ABC should have aired a new America’s Funniest Home Videos at 7 and the Charlie Brown special at 8.

  • James

    It seems more likely that if someone is fan of both TWD and GOT they would probably watch watch the season finale before watching a season premiere becasue TWD is what they have been watching for the past few weeks so it would make sense to watch that before watching the GOT premiere. But TWD does have commercials and GOT doesn’t so some may want to watch GOT first and DVR TWD so they can fastfoward the commercials. Even though HBO doesn’t sell ads it still was stupid to put the premiere of there big show up against the biggest show on TV. Whatever the ratings for GOT are they would most likely be higher without going up against TWD and the bigger the premiere ratings are the better the publicity.

  • dan

    walking dead 6.4
    bible 10.3

  • Bookworm

    With the Game of Thrones premiering tonight, I’m not sure if it will be reaching highs but definitely not sink; it will probably be even and maybe take a small hit. The Bible is also having a finale tonight so I say the competition is very high. I hope Revenge comes out well because it is set to get slaughtered tonight.

  • brian

    Walking Dead gets a 4.5. Hurt between the series premiere of Game and series finale of The Bible.

    Better question: Who gets lower ratings? Red Widow or Celebrity Apprentice: Omarosa has to eat

  • Alan M


    And Walking Dead has? A bunch of dumb people running around.

  • TV Addict

    I AM SO STOKED FOR TONIGHT!!! The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I’ve died and gone to Heaven. Or rather, I’ve been turned into a zombie and gone to Westeros.

  • FogHornThatWillNeverBeSilent

    @Alan M

    And GOT has? A bunch of dumb naked people running around.

  • David

    As the results are showing, the poll choices were set too low. It will easily be 5.7 or higher. There should have at least been a 6.0 or higher choice to make it interesting.

  • Matt


    The Walking Dead – 6.3 / 13 million
    Revenge – 1.9 / 7 million
    The Good Wife – 1.3 / 8 million

  • Alan M


    But GoT has great drama and dialogue. Walking Dead has neither. Sometimes dialogue in TWD makes me cringe more than tv-shows on main networks and that is saying much. It is also hard to have emotional connection with characters from Walking Dead because they are so one-dimensional and sometimes really stupid.

  • k:Alex

    The Governer will die, but who will shoot him?
    The character in the strip isn’t in the series.

  • FogHornThatWillNeverBeSilent

    @Alan M

    Yes, GOT has great dialogue… once you get rid of the 10 million exclamations of “m’lady”, “m’lord”, “where are my dragons?”, “mother of dragons!”…. Then you get to the truly wonderful stuff like “Play with her a$s”… It’s just like Shakespeare, isn’t it?

  • Layton

    @Alan I agree GOT has amazing characters and great dialogue. I also think it has a great plot, although it isn’t completely clear yet that the main threat is the White Walkers/Others. I know I am watching GOT first and then watching TWD when it airs later.

  • John A

    TWD and GOT are very similar. Both have rubbish charactors and bad dialogue. But at least TWD is fun to watch. But HBO use too much nudity thats a turn off for me. But obviously i can see why people prefer that kind of show.

  • Layton

    GOT can be very fun to watch, the big battle of Blackwater last season was better than anything that has been in TWD. You also have the evil White Walkers who bring their own zombies that trump the zombies in TWD.

  • Zth

    The Walking Dead 6.3
    The Bible 3.0
    Game of Thrones 2.5
    Revenge 1.2
    The Good Wife 1.0

    Yes, Revenge will get murdered tonight, might even sink to 0’s.

  • Beto

    It would be so amazing if network television caused this same hype with the premiere/finale of its broadcasting nowadays.v Now my prediction

    The Walking Dead 6.2
    The Bible 2.7
    Game Of Thrones 2.4
    Revenge 1.4
    The Good Wife 1.4

  • Kbnel

    6.4 walking dead
    1.8 Revenge

  • The Old Woman

    Excited to watch the battle of the nerds. Will be interesting to see both TWD and GOT ratings.

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