How Will 'The Walking Dead' Finale Fare Tonight? (Poll)

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March 31st, 2013


Tonight is the finale of ratings powerhouse The Walking Dead. Last week's episode earned a 5.4 adults 18-49 rating, which is already up over last year's finale (which earned a 4.7 adults 18-49 rating).

However, tonight The Walking Dead has some unusually stiff competition in the form of the eagerly awaited premiere of the third season of Game of Thrones. Can The Walking Dead maintain its massive ratings dominance? Or is winter coming for tonight's finale? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • Layton

    It will be interesting to see GOT’s ratings at 10PM and even 11.

  • Lil Asskicker

    What will you be watching instead of Vikings? “That is what I will be watching and than Vikings.” Don’t you mean “then”? Must have made that typo due to the loss of your finger by mean and nasty Gollum because certainly the demonstration of your genius IQ here means your improper grammar usage wasn’t intentional. ;-)

    And, btw, frodo, you make a big deal of calling the Walking Dead a “comic book for teenagers”. And GRRM’s writing isn’t? I’ve seen sixth graders who have a better grasp on the art of creating writing than GRR Martin.

    Game of Thrones a “water cooler” show? Walking Dead, yeah because there is substance there. A good storyline and characters you can really care about and want to discuss later. With Game of Thrones about the only thing you CAN say around the water cooler is “Dude, get you get an eyeful of those titties last night!” In this day and age, even the mention of breasts in the workplace is grounds for a sexual harassment suit.

    The Whitewalkers trump the Walking Dead zombies? Did you actually type that with a straight face, Layton? They’re laughable at best, the Whitewalkers. When they made their appearance at the end of last season I actually laughed because they are so comical.

    I don’t think The Walking Dead has a single thing to fear from Game of Thrones. The finale will be strong and the fans of The Walking Dead will be right there in front of their televisions to watch it. For me there is no question as to what I’ll be watching tonight: The Walking Dead and Vikings. After the dud that was season 2 of GOT, it’s a damn shame Bob’s Burgers isn’t on tonight as even that would be better than Game of Thrones at this point.

  • Spencer

    Oh….poor Revenge! Airing against The Bible finale, Walking Dead Finale, Game of Thrones premiere, AND all on Easter Sunday. This will be interesting…

  • sarah nz

    4.7 – 5.1, may be crazy… or just the GoT fan in me winning over interest in TWD finale. Still going to be high and above last years.

  • Joseph

    I believe the main reason revenge’s ratings would fall would be because it is Easter, not because of competition. Abc’s scheduling and poor story lines are my main reasons for revenges ratings falling. It was against TWD in the fall and it’s ratings were completely unaffected so I doubt that TWD or GOT will pose a major threat to its ratings. With The Bible, it is hard to tell, I do not know if it has affected revenge’s ratings. I would think that revenge’s main audience would be women- and perhaps not the type who watch the bible but what do I know. I feel as though the fact that is on Easter Day is the main threat, however, since these other big events are on tonight, I suppose that Easter will have a positive effect on the ratings and infact MORE people will be watching tv tonight. I’m not predicting revenge’s ratings will rise but I think they will stay steady or at most fall to a 1.5 but I am realistically expecting 1.6-1.8

  • Samunto

    Yes, tonight clearly is cable battleground. And HBO needed to flex it’s muscels by airing Game Of Thrones against The Walking Dead. I think The Bible plays a less dominant role in the young demos. The question is whether GOT will dent TWD ratings.

    3.4 for Game of Thrones.
    5.9 for TWD
    Series lows for Revenge and sadly The Good Wife.

  • Alan M

    I don’t understand the hate for nudity in GoT. I’m not watching GoT for nudity or violence, but because it has clever dialogue and amazing world. I have no idea what will happen in the end and what house is gonna win. Also there is no good/bad guys and the world is not as black and white as Walking Dead is. People in GoT feel real and everyone has own problems. TWD doesn’t have that kind of character development. It is nice to see zombies getting slashed but drama part (that I prefer to action) is bad in comparison to GoT.

    @Lil Asskicker
    I actually loved 2nd season of GoT more than I loved 1st, so I don’t know about what dud are you talking about here.

  • Layton

    @Lil Asskicker

    The White Walkers are better and more powerful than the zombies in TWD. If they existed in that university, they could control them because they contorl and make the dead. They are also much harder to kill and bring winter with them. Game of Thrones also has better acting, characters, and over all story. Tell me one character that is better than Tyrion??? You can’t and Dinklage has four nominations and two wins (Emmy and Golden Globes). I could go on but it is rather pointless. TWD while and enjoyable show, doesn’t have the critical edge that GOt has.

  • Layton


    The only problem I have with the show is Roz, and the worst scene came in season 1. Actually, after the first few episodes, there was very little nudity in season 2 compared to season 1.

  • FogHornThatWillNeverBeSilent

    @Alan M

    Can you possibly tell us why Game of Thrones is so good without badmouthing The Walking Dead in the process? So weak.

  • Alan M


    She is not memorable for me so I didn’t even recognise that name. I honestly don’t even notice nudity or violence, and I’m kind of desensitized to gore and sex, so it feels like normal thing.

  • Layton

    I would say GOT has the critical edge, there are a few shows that are better critically (Homeland, MadMen, and Breaking Bad).

  • Lukes

    (there’s also Shameless at the same hour… probably will not steal audience from the Big Shows, but it got some attention this season)

    The Walking Dead’s season was too good to decrease at the last episode, I guess many people will watch that and will move to Thrones from next week.

  • Alan M


    There is so much good things about Game of Thrones that I don’t know if I could tell them all. It’s the first show after Twin Peaks that I fell in love in. I don’t like fantasy movies or TV-shows and I hate goblins and elves and that kind of stuff. When I first watched GoT I didn’t know what to expect but after 2 episodes I was sucked in the show.
    The characters are great because you can sacrifice a lot of people and there would still be great characters. None of the characters are stupid or naive(except Ned Stark) and some of them are really complicated. Characters are written so good that you could watch whole season just them having conversations and it still would be awesome. Also there is no bad guy/good guy division. Although some guys are more “evil” than others they still feel human (except Joffrey).
    The continent of Westeros is beautiful and amazing. Although budget isn’t exactly big, some episodes like Blackwater last year was one of the most beautiful episodes ever. The green fire was magnificent and the battle was well made.
    The dialogue and story are well made and loyal to the books. Dialogue is sometimes funny and sometimes philosophical and it succeeds in both extremely good. The only other show that has as great dialogue as this show is Justified, (although Breaking Bad has pretty great dialogue too). The story is intriguing and I love the political aspect of this show.

    I don’t know what else to say to show how much I love this show and why should other people watch it.

  • Mike

    Walking Dead 6.1
    The Bible 3.5
    Game Of Thrones 1.9
    Revenge 1.5
    The Good Wife 1.5
    Red Widow 0.9

  • Cory

    I’ll say a 5.8 for TWD. I just don’t see it setting a new high.

    Revenge I’ll go 1.5. It has to drop from last week, there’s 2 many factors working against it: WD finale, GOT premiere, Easter Sunday, a repeat OUAT as a lead-in, it just can’t feasibly rise tonight. Would be happy to be proven wrong when the ratings hit tomorrow though.

  • frodo

    @Lil Asskisser

    Where are you gonna be watching the Walking Dead from tonight? Your mom’s basement.
    Shut the F up and go masturbate to the Walking Dead some more nerd. Anyone who drools over that show as much as you must be a step away from brain dead.

    Game of Thrones season 2 was much better than the Walking Dead season 2, anyone with a brain fell asleep after 30 seconds of that cheesy Horror/Comedy.

    What substance is there in the Walking Dead? Is that a joke. Stop taking yourself so seriously, dissecting my grammar this is not the New York Times genius, its all in good fun. Not everybody is gonna like watching 35 minutes of talking and 5 minutes of bad CGI(zombies) eating uninteresting and disposable characters.

    And by the way I do not need to demonstrate my genius IQ by writing on an internet site, I speak six languages fluently. Anyway nice chatting with you, I will not be taking anymore of your time as I do not want you to be late for the Walking Dead convention.

  • frodo

    @ Alan M

    Nice post! I completely agree with you.

  • FogHornThatWillNeverBeSilent

    @Alan M

    Pretentious, but whatever.


    You really shouldn’t be telling people to shut the F up on a public message board. It’s just TV anyway, so grow up and get a life. You’re the one defending the dungeon and dragons crap, so perhaps accusing folks of living in basements and masturbating isn’t a good idea.

    Oh wait, I take it back! You speak 6 languages! Big Wows! Would you like me to peel you some grapes?

    English? Elvish? Klingon? … what are the other 3?

  • Alan M


    How was that pretentious? Care to elaborate. I just told how I felt about GoT.

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