'Game of Thrones' Premiere Delivers 4.4 Million Total Viewers

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April 1st, 2013


Sunday's highly anticipated Game of Thrones premiere garnered a record  4.4. million Total Viewers, an increase of 13 percent over the season two premiere (3.9 million). The premiere was up 4 percent from the series' previous viewership high  of 4.2 million for the Season 2 finale. A total of  6.7 million viewers watched one of HBO's three telecasts of the premiere on Sunday night. More details can be found on Deadline.

  • jay

    @purpledazi GOT has a high 18-49 viewership about 2.2 last season. That seems higher than most average broadcast shows these days.

  • Dan S

    I watched both GOT & TWD last night, both were great. Deadline is reporting TWD garnered a record 12.3M viewers last night, about 8.1M are in 18-49 demo. The broadcast networks have to either step up their game on Sundays or that night will become a dumping ground like Fridays.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    Dish Network had HBO free this weekend. I’m sure that helped

  • Luke

    With these great results and the news that Game of Thrones is the biggest selling HBO dvd ever, this is impressive!

  • Layton

    @Dan outside of those two shows and maybe True Blood AMC and HBO has nothing that approaches those numbers, especially AMC. Mad Men gets less viewers than Game of Thrones.

  • John

    Even Talking Dead has beaten GoT…

  • Layton

    I don’t get why they stayed for Talking Dead that show is god awful. I tried watching it but is boring. I think I could watch paint dry and be more entertained.

  • Mark

    HBO had a free preview weekend on directv this weekend. I wonder how much that factored into the ratings

  • frodo

    I am guessing around a 2.5 in the demo.

  • Weez

    Anyone who watches during a free weekend isn’t tallied into the total number of viewers. That wouldn’t even make sense…

  • Layton

    Yeah I wouldn’t think HBO wants to count them. They are just trying to lure them into subscribing.

  • Lukes

    Why do people speak of flops at random?!

  • JamesL

    Good but I was expecting better. Maybe they will rise next week without as much competition.

  • zth

    Good number, but it’s pretty funny that Talking Dead beat it. But very strong for HBO.

  • JamesL

    @John AMC is in 90m+ american homes, HBO is in 28m. So it is not a far comparison.

  • JamesL

    They don’t count the free preview viewers in the ratings.

  • Joe Smith

    what’s better? 4.4 million people paying a subscription or 12 million people that might watch a commercial (only because they lost the remote).

  • Layton

    @Joe it is probably even, but throw in Blu Ray sales and I think Game of Thrones might be more successful. I know Game of Thrones has sold more Blu Rays/DVDs than Walking Dead. Of course, there is merchandise which Walking Dead might beat it there.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    I personally feel the premier of season two of PBS’ Call the Midwife really hurt the viewership numbers.

    The ratings of Game of Thrones were “imped” by those of The Walking Dead.

  • Alan M

    An amazing episode by an amazing TV-show. There is nothing quite like GoT. I was so pumped a few weeks before this episode and it didn’t disappoint. It’s a shame that more people don’t watch quality shows like this.

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