How Will 'Revolution' Fare Against the 100th Episode of 'Castle'? - Poll

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April 1st, 2013


Last week Revolution returned with a 2.6 adults 18-49 rating. This week it faces off against the 100th episode of Castle and a rerun of Hawaii Five-0.  It should benefit from another strong lead-in from The Voice (though the ratings probably won't be as enormous as last week's premiere) since America seems to have embraced the singing competition's new judges. So how will Revolution fare? Make your prediction below.

  • Nick

    I think viewers are boycotting NBC since Jay Leno is an American icon so he got TV viewers behind him so…

    The Voice 3.0 (so sad, I blame the new graphics of the show for alienating viewers-alike)
    Revolution 1.9 (might as well change this show to “on the bubble” )

    Given the fact the CBS shows are on reruns, viewers will probably flock to the CW shows and Dancing With the Stars

    so Dancing With the Stars 3.9 (new season high I believe)
    The Carrie Diaries 1.0 (I think a lot of viewers are finally starting to discover the excellence of this show, believe this show is even better than Sex and The City(yuck) )

    JK… April Fools

    wasn’t that funny but whatever…

  • Nick

    But yeah..

    CBS reruns might potentially benefit The Voice and help the show retain it’s viewership from last week, so Revolution would do fine against the old-skewing Castle. H50 rerun might and audience reaction from last week’s episode cliffhanger are also helpful factors.

    The Voice (4.4 – 4.7)
    Revolution (2.4 – 2.7)

    Also, remember when people would actually predict and sound certain that Revolution would exponentially lose it viewers throughout the season? Well, For some reason, Nielsen viewers are attached to this show and viewers actually kept watching no matter the quality of the content of the show. I believe Revolution averaged 12 million viewers and 5.0 with live+7 factored in, so I think that “drop” in it’s half hour doesn’t really project audience impression of the show as a whole. Hence, broadcast tv viewers tend to skip 10pm shows nowadays and just DVR it (I know several people with TV sets does and one of them is a Nielsen viewer). So for a show like Revolution on that timeslot can achieve a feat like that every airing, that’s actually a good thing. And I’m pretty sure Revolution out-performed The Voice Tuesdays several times (in terms of Live+3 and Live+7) too. Maybe I’m the only who actually think Revolution is far from lead-in “dependent” and actually a hit for NBC…?

  • Sam

    Judging from the overnights, Revolution might have hit a series low last night.

  • Sam

    And The Voice was stable compared to last week.

  • ateofi

    Richard Steven Hack
    God, this show is awful. It’s the one show this season I really do root for “dying very badly”. If it weren’t for the promise of more Elizabeth Mitchell, I’d probably have stopped watching. Beauty and the Beast is about on a par with this, maybe even better. CULT makes more sense!
    Unfortunately the ratings say it will return for another – no doubt even more awful – season.
    Your comments are spot on, as usual Richard :)For 10 episodes our funny protagonist was looking for her brother and in the next episode the guy drops dead. LOL – REvolution writers are as dumb as pile of bricks!!!

  • laddie

    haha the first persons comment was dead on, and people call em’ a troll

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