‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ Break Second Screen Records

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The Walking Dead Clear

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The Walking Dead Alive and Well: S3 earns 13.2 million 2nd Screen Interactions

Season 3 Premiere of GoT more than Doubles Previous Benchmark

On Sunday March 31, season 3 of The Walking Dead came to a dramatic close. The finale inspired more than 1.3 million 2nd screen interactions from a highly engaged audience. Below, we take a look back at the full season and highlight the similarities between the two halves of S3:

  • 2nd screen activity around The Walking Dead episodes during the 2nd half of S3 has mirrored that of the 1st half.
  • From a 2nd Screen perspective, the strategy of broadcasting the season in halves has been incredibly effective – TWD has created a situation where they are essentially benefiting from 2 premieres, and 2 finales.
  • In 2nd Screen Activity as in traditional TV ratings, premieres and finales generate the biggest numbers.
  • The midseason premiere was 18% higher than the season premiere. Comparatively, the season finale was up 43% from the midseason finale. #####

On Sunday March 31, Game of Thrones returned to HBO with the highest 2nd screen activity levels in the series’ history. Below are a few stats and comparisons to the show’s previous season premieres.

  • 2nd Screen Activity around the S2 premiere increased more than 300K from the S1 premiere.
  • In the lead up to S2, activity peaked with 71K interactions – in the lead up to S3, activity had already hit 96K by 3/22/13
  • March 31st’s S3 premiere set a series record with 778K social interactions – more than doubling the previous GoT benchmark (368k)
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