Report: USA Interested in Picking Up 'Happy Endings'

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April 3rd, 2013


Happy Endings fans, this is amahzing news. If ABC cancels Happy Endings, which is probable given the show's poor performance this season, USA might pick it up. Deadline reports that Sony, which regular readers of this site know will do whatever it takes to get its programs to syndication, has been shopping the show to cable channels. USA, which plans to start producing half hour series, thinks Happy Endings would be a good fit for the channel and is currently in discussions with Sony.  More details as they become available.

  • João Paulo

    Excellent news. HE needs to survive.

  • Tyler

    For what’s it worth, and Robert got this wrong, ABC studios also produces, not just Sony.

  • Steven

    Awesome news! I really hope it happens!

  • Jenny

    I could kiss Sony! Happy Endings is great, and needs to live on!!!

  • Chicago Fire: SVU

    Just like @sepinwall and @hitfixdan said, Nellie will do anything to keep low rated Sony shows on the air. I really don’t think this is a good fit with USA (and especially not with Modern Fam reruns). This would probably go better on TBs with CT or on CW (which will never ever happen, unless they get Warners or CBS involved).

  • PurpleDrazi

    It would be better paired with Cougar Town but I’ll take it. Anything that saves Happy Endings is good news to me.

  • Rebecca

    I’m glad someone might save it. I’ll have to stream it online the day after it airs, though, just like I do with Cougar Town. Not going back to a high cable TV bill by adding back the basic expanded channels.

  • were123

    GREAT!!!!! I love it! I’ll take anything that saves Happy Endings! So glad USA is interested in picking it up :D

  • Watcher

    Even if its just till their syndication if nothing else, I will take it. Love the show and cast and any more episodes I can get, I will take. Hope everything works out.

  • forg

    I think ABC Studios handles International distribution while Sony for domestic.

    Anyway, I knew Sony will not let us down lol! I hope they’ll pick it up and maybe pair with MF reruns that they’re going to run next season

  • SoCal

    Yes, because it fit soe well with Modern Family before….O WAIT!!!!

  • CH2164

    yay go Happy Endings :-)

  • HappyEndingsixseasonsandamovie

    Excellent news!!!!
    Glad that we’ll have a fourth season!!!
    I can’t live without Penny and Jane in my screen hahaha

  • CH2164

    I like Cougar Town but why should Happy Endings go to TBS

    Cougar Town isn’t doing that great :$

  • Ken

    USA is already one of my favorite cable channels, this just cements it!

  • Pinkle

    Happy Endings had its highest ratings behind Modern Family. That could help as it helped Cougar Town being behind TBBT on TBS.

    Also, Cougar Town must be doing well enough, TBS renewed it.

    I hope this happens. This is a very underrated show that could cheat death again.

  • Sammie

    Please, please let this be true! I’ve never been a USA watcher but I will become a rabid supporter if they keep Happy Endings alive!

  • Tommy M.

    I would caution everyone that this isn’t a done deal yet. I’ll be happy for the show if it does happen, but these things have been known to fall apart in the past.

  • Dan

    First TBS now USA. This is great news now like Cougar Town last year ABC can cancel Happy Endings and USA can pick Happy Endings up.

  • AJ

    Be still my heart, I hope this happen! Although I really think a Cougar Town- Happy Endings pairing on TBS would work well.

    That being said, I don’t care if Happy Endings moves to the Oprah Winfrey network, as long as it gets renewed!!

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