Report: USA Interested in Picking Up 'Happy Endings'

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April 3rd, 2013


Happy Endings fans, this is amahzing news. If ABC cancels Happy Endings, which is probable given the show's poor performance this season, USA might pick it up. Deadline reports that Sony, which regular readers of this site know will do whatever it takes to get its programs to syndication, has been shopping the show to cable channels. USA, which plans to start producing half hour series, thinks Happy Endings would be a good fit for the channel and is currently in discussions with Sony.  More details as they become available.

  • ivan

    this is disapointing for me its not a bad show but serioustly so many better shows in fact 100000 % better shows are getting canceled every year and no one is giving them a chance but the low rated far away from funny comedy always finds a dump netwotk to move on. Its just disapoiting

  • TV Addict

    Will Community live on on Comedy Central to get #sixseasonsandamovie ???

  • Dan

    This deal WILL happen, Sony will find a way by any means necessary to get a show of theirs to syndication and there’s no way ABC will renew it so Happy Endings will move to USA.

  • Kavyn

    I’m definitely doing the bro dance to celebrate!

  • Nick

    Well, if you’re happy with 0.7s, so be it.

    I’m actually surprised USA, of all networks, is suggesting a deal. Personally, I think that new channel FXX would be the best choice for HE. I’d expect USA to go for something more inside its own brand, like Body of Proof.

  • Mark

    I have faith in Sony!!!!

    Happy Endings will definitely pair well with Modern Family repeats.

    I think it could average a .8-1.0 on USA.

  • Cbmooneyham

    I think Happy Endings is a really good show and has some of the most amazing actors. I think that ABC just didn’t really give it a shot, the only way I even heard about it was when ABC Family did a marathon of season 1. I hope they get a chance to show what they got.

  • Dan S

    Not a fan of HE but happy for those who do. Too bad more of our well viewed but low rated shows like Harry’s Law got a 2nd chance on cable

  • tv#1

    Great news! I hope it happens.

  • joe


    I dont know how you can say that ABC hasn’t given HE a shot!

  • Ram510

    I actually think USA could be a better home for Happy Endings than TBS. USA is usually watched by more people. The only other place I would’ve liked to see Happy Endings end up is FX

  • Fourat

    I’m a huge fan of happy endings (and cougar town too) and i’m glad to see it survive on any channel but seriously ? Usa ?

  • Paul

    Modern Family is airing on USA in the Fall. Looks like USA will build a sitcom block. Makes sense.

  • Travis


    How about airing the first season almost completely out of order? How about shuffling it around to night’s where it was stranded on its own during season 2? How about giving it an extremely competitive timeslot to start season 3 with, with an incompatible lead-in to boot? How about airing it twice a week, one episode on a little-advertised Sunday slot that was destined to fail? How about then moving it to Friday?

    Yes, they’ve clearly set the show up for success with their clusterf*** scheduling.

  • landon

    Happy Endings would be a great fit for USA!

  • Jenny


    I agree with you. The scheduling for Happy Endings this season has been abysmal. They knew Cougar Town did poorly after Dancing with The Stars, so why repeat the same scenario. Then move it to Sundays at 10:00, then even worse Fridays.

  • zach

    All in the title I guess lol wow

  • NBC is awesome

    Why would they be interested in that tasteless piece of crap.

  • StevenD

    With modern family reruns on the network this fall, they could are them as a lead in (hoping they rate decently). USA or FX seem like the best options though, unless TBS decides to step in.

  • Chicago Fire: SVU

    Maybe we’ll get the headline FXX is eyeing Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 next. :D

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