Report: USA Interested in Picking Up 'Happy Endings'

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April 3rd, 2013


Happy Endings fans, this is amahzing news. If ABC cancels Happy Endings, which is probable given the show's poor performance this season, USA might pick it up. Deadline reports that Sony, which regular readers of this site know will do whatever it takes to get its programs to syndication, has been shopping the show to cable channels. USA, which plans to start producing half hour series, thinks Happy Endings would be a good fit for the channel and is currently in discussions with Sony.  More details as they become available.

  • zach

    If fans can cable save not one but two ABC sitcoms it says a lot

  • colt13

    This would shock me since USA doesn’t air sitcoms, but I would watch if they pick it up.

  • forg

    Sitcoms has better chances of getting picked up by cable channels than dramas because they are much cheaper to produce and they are more in demand for local market syndication so studios do their best to get their low rated sitcoms close to syndication more episodes in any other channel

    Anyway, ABC’s scheduling for the past years had been a mess but I don’t agree with some of the commenters that said that ABC didn’t give HE a chance. Season 1 ratings were cancellation worthy back then but the feedback was great so they renewed it for a second season and give the best slot possible with the post-MF spot. But it was not benefiting that much so what more can they do? For the past years ABC has been criticized for not using their top rated shows to nurture shows (see DWTS-Castle, Desperate Housewives-Brothers & Sisters and Grey’s Anatomy-Private Practice) so I can’t blame them if they wanted more from the post-MF slot (although yes no sitcom had done really well after MF). I agree it was definitely a wrong move to have HE lead a comedy block on Tue but where could they possibly place it anyway? I love the show but it’s just too weak ratings wise. ABC could have extended their ep orders fro Last Man Standing and Malibu Country but they didn’t and gave their slots for HE (sure it could be simply a burn off but they’re airing it even if they will get better ratings with the multicams or even shark tank rerun).

  • joel

    It’s a perfect fit in their schedule right after the 10th daily showing of NCIS.

  • Alan

    Fans must be excited. I’m happy for them! TBS should have picked it up and maybe air it after Cougar Town next year.

  • snoot

    Last year I would have been excited about this but after watching a couple of episodes this year, the show has went downhill.

  • Bern

    YEAH!!!! But I don’t have USA compare to TNT. :(

  • Norma

    The keyword here is “might” pick it up.

  • Penny

    Please let this be true. It’s the best written sitcom in ages and I’d hate to loose it so soon.

  • brandon

    Best news ever fo sho! I’m pumped!

  • Dan

    @TV Addict – I think there’s a good chance NBC will renew Community, especially considering besides Parks & Rec, Go On and maybe Whitney, NBC wont be renewing anymore comedies.

  • Dan

    @Forg – ABC gave HE a chance just like Cougar Town and Apartment 23 unfortunately once those shows left Wednesday and lost their MF lead in, thei ratings dropped like a lead balloon. The solution, Apartment 23 was axed and Cougar Town with 61 eps was moved to TBS. Happy Endings with a similar demo and close number of eps 57, could move to USA. The fact is ABC has too many comedies and not all can air on Wed. Besides veteran lead offs The Middle and Modern Family, every comedy which has began on Wed has moved to another night and subsequently been axed. Subrgatory and The Neighbors (If renewed) might be the next to go.

    I personally want ABC to cancel Happy Endings and USA to pick it up. If shows like Cougar Town and Happy Endings air on ABC then they’ll be bounced around the schedule since those networks are primetime. At least we know that TBS or USA will at least air the show’s entire order consistently low ratings or not. If ABC axes Happy Endings then ABC is free to explore their other comedy options particularly with their new shows.

    We all know The Middle, Modern Family, Suburgatory, and Last Man Standing are returning but ABC needs to figure out between bubble shows The Neighbors, Malibu Country, and How to Live With Your Parents, which one will return because its likely only 1 or 2 will return.

  • alexjones

    ugh, can’t this show just die?


    If it does get picked up and they do pair it with Modern Family, I hope they do this:

    8:00-Modern Family R.
    8:30-Modern Family R.
    9:00-Modern Family R
    9:30-Modern Family R.
    10:00-Happy Endings

    Instead of this:
    8:00-Modern Family R.
    8:30-Happy Endings R.
    9:00-Modern Family R.
    9:30-Happy Endings New
    10:00-Modern Family R.

  • Holly

    I wouldn’t hold my breath, but it would make sense for USA to give it a look since they’re just getting into comedy.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    HE already pulled a 0.7 in the ratings. I don’t know what USA is thinking! Anyway is not a deal yet so we’ll see.

  • Jenny


    Well, that’s on a Friday. The plan would be use Modern Family repeats before a new Happy Endings to help boost the shows ratings.

  • Mick271

    Fah Shaa!

  • Spencer

    yessssss best news of the day! Happy Endings (Hopefully) Lives on!!!

  • NDfan

    I would be so happy if this happened. The only thing I can think of though is the failed CBS to abc transition of ghost whisperer a few years ago…

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