Report: USA Interested in Picking Up 'Happy Endings'

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April 3rd, 2013


Happy Endings fans, this is amahzing news. If ABC cancels Happy Endings, which is probable given the show's poor performance this season, USA might pick it up. Deadline reports that Sony, which regular readers of this site know will do whatever it takes to get its programs to syndication, has been shopping the show to cable channels. USA, which plans to start producing half hour series, thinks Happy Endings would be a good fit for the channel and is currently in discussions with Sony.  More details as they become available.

  • TV Freeeeek

    randy fraz you are CRAZY.

  • Frank


  • Fred

    Fantastic news! I so enjoy HAPPY ENDINGS. Along with COUGAR TOWN and MIDDLE my top 3 sitcoms.

  • jimmers

    OMG!!! Huge smile I have on my face. Best news ever! :)

  • jasterisk

    I hope this happens. I really like Happy Endings.

  • Carmen

    I like Happy Endings also, and I don’t think that being on USA is a bad fit.

    But.. . How is it going to work? Will it stand alone out there as a 1/2 hour comedy? Will they increase it to an hour in length? or will they possibly pair it with some other 1/2 hour comedy (or show)?

    Or – more likely – is all of this just some type of PR ploy to get ABC to ignore the ratings and try it again. To be fair, the show has had multiple chances.

  • Holly


    USA already acquired syndication rights to Modern Family and have been looking at comedy pilots. IF they pick up Happy Endings, it will be as part of a block

  • geo carter

    usa is a great network; terrific shows. but, have theyever had half hour sitcoms? this would be a good start.

  • Patrick G.

    Glad HE may be saved after all, but I would still prefer it go to TBS and be paired with “Cougar Town” so I have a full hour of laughs over there!

  • RyanCanada


  • RyanCanada

    i dont get TBS in canada or USA so i hope one of our subsidary channels pick it up like CITY TV in Canada, so i still see it every wednesday :)

  • Sherry

    I REALLY hope this happens, it’s one of the funniest shows on the air! Now if only they would pick up The New Normal too.

  • John K.

    @RyanCanada apparently you don’t follow Canadian TV. City TV already has the rights to Happy Endings, and they would likely continue to air it, much like they still air Cougar Town, despite it being on TBS instead of ABC.

  • RyanCanada

    @John K, thanks i figured so, because we still get cougar town, im just happy, this is the funnest show on TV since Friends.

  • Networkman

    It is not a done deal yet but just hearing that this move is a possibility has Happy Endings fans happy. I would prefer it cancelled altogether and allow the cast to move on to other projects. In my opinion, there have been too many episodes this season which have been complete duds. The show just doesn’t seem to have anywhere else to go. It is as if the writers are simply making up anything because there is really no character development.

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