Tuesday Final Ratings: 'The Voice,' 'Dancing With the Stars' & 'Hell's Kitchen' Adjusted Up; 'The New Normal', 'The Mindy Project' & 'Body of Proof' Adjusted Down

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April 3rd, 2013

shakira the voice week 1

The Voice was adjusted up two tenths, Hell's Kitchen and Dancing With the Stars were each adjusted up one tenth, The 9PM episode of The New Normal was adjusted down two tenths,  The Mindy Project and Body of Proof were each adjusted down one tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday, April 2:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice (8-9:01PM) 4.5/14 13.93
FOX Hell's Kitchen 2.0/6 4.91
CBS NCIS - R 1.4/4 11.15
ABC Splash 1.4/4 5.75
CW Hart of Dixie - R 0.3/1 0.69
9:00 ABC Dancing With the Stars (9-10:01PM) 2.3/6 13.98
NBC The New Normal (9-:9:31PM) 1.7/5 4.46
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles - R 1.6/4 10.16
FOX New Girl - R 1.3/4 2.59
CW Beauty and the Beast - R 0.2/1 0.67
9:30 NBC The New Normal (9:31-10:01PM) - Season Finale 1.4/4 3.39
FOX The Mindy Project 1.3/3 2.47
10:00 ABC Body of Proof (10:01-11PM) 1.4/4 8.56
CBS Golden Boy 1.3/4 7.83
NBC Smash 0.9/2 2.98


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  • Ultima

    Is that typically high rated?

    It only ran five games last season, but the fifth had a 7.6 rating.

    What are the chances it ends up not facing it?

    No idea. 50/50?

  • Goku

    It’s funny how awful Smash ratings are even after The Voice. I’m pretty sure that even if season 2 would premiere right after The Voice, it still wouldn’t get better ratings than 1.2 by April.

  • Challenger

    “The finale is currently scheduled against the potential game 6 of the NBA Finals! :-)

    Is that typically high rated? What are the chances it ends up not facing it?”

    It went against the Finals twice during its first season and fared well so I don’t think it will affect it too much as The Voice is a much stronger show at this point than it was two years ago obviously because it was brand new then.

    The NBA Finals has been on a surge in the ratings since 2008 so if they have a really huge matchup this year that goes into Game 6 it will be interesting indeed, huge night for the summer.

  • Melissa


    It’s funny how awful Smash ratings are even after The Voice.

    It’s not really “after The Voice”. Yes, it is technically “after” The Voice, but that show did not serve as its direct lead-in. The New Normal was its lead-in, and that show got a 1.4 last night, which is more than three points lower than The Voice’s 4.5. Had Smash aired directly after The Voice, it probably would’ve risen.


    IMO I hope and wish NBC does not give Christina aguilera any option to return. She was full of herself, only loved her team, was really rude to Adams team and just rude and mean period. Shakira is a massive upgrade as she is fabulous. She’s funny, smart and has great chemistry. It’s crazy how usher and shakira came in and made this not only the easiest transition which allowed NBC to do two voices which we all dissed. They are massive upgrades over the people they replaced and the talent is really good. Plus I think with idol having such an off year people are tuning into the voice. The voice so far so much better than idol this season. Anyone hoping no Christina aguilera back to the show?

  • Max Vrany

    2007 NBA Finals: 4 games (sweep)
    2008 NBA Finals: 6 games (Game 6: 6.9 A18-49)
    2009 NBA Finals: 5 games
    2010 NBA Finals: 7 games (Game 6: 7.1 A18-49, Game 7: 11.4 A18-49)
    2011 NBA Finals: 6 games (Game 6: 9.7 A18-49)
    2012 NBA Finals: 5 games

    Half went to 6 or over, half ended by Game 5. And, yes, the nature of a 7 game series means that the ratings for a potential Game 6 (and 7) are certain to be huge.

  • Tommy Mickens

    OK you guys it’s time for a dose of TRUTH.

    Let’s actually look at the ratings so far this season for Whitney and The New Normal.

    (Reruns – 0.9-0.8-0.8-1.0-0.8-0.8)

    The New Normal
    (Reruns – 1.3-0.7)

    First of all, keep in mind that now TNN has finished its season, while Whitney is still running (and as you can see, falling).

    Whitney is on its 16th episode, and it’s a 1.0. TNN’s 16th episode was a 0.9. Very close.

    Comparing comparable episodes for this season (1st ep for each show, 2nd ep and so on) TNN beat Whitney 13 out of 16 times, and usually by 0.5 ratings point or better (sometimes over an entire ratings point better). On the other hand, they tied once out of 16 times, and Whitney only beat TNN twice out of 16 times, and both times by only 0.1 ratings point.

    TNN had a much stronger start to the season, and ended the season well. Whitney is unlikely to end the season well.

    Whitney is slowly but steadily dropping. Sure TNN got to a 0.7 but who’s to say how low Whitney will go before it’s all over with this season?

    If NBC renews Whitney for a 3rd season, they know they’re probably renewing it for a fourth too. Do they really want to do that, when you look at how far Whitney has dropped in ratings since its series premiere and season premiere? When they don’t even seem to really care about the show anyway?

    On the other hand, NBC has shown they like TNN. They finish up its season in the best spot on the network’s schedule. And speculation is they like having a gay sitcom and they like having a Ryan Murphy show.

    NBC may cancel both. But if it renews one, it is much more likely to renew TNN.

  • Nick

    @Tommy Mickens

    First of all, keep in mind that now TNN has finished its season, while Whitney is still running (and as you can see, falling).

    Whitney’s season finale was Wednesday.

  • ragincajun

    Golden Boy almost tied Body of Doof with a repeat lead-in. CBS would be wise to heavily promote the entire Tuesday line-up during next Monday’s NCAA Championship Game. With Justified’s season ending last night, they may have s shot to pick up a few of those viewers.

  • Tommy Mickens

    Nick wrote: Whitney’s season finale was Wednesday.

    LOL, obviously I don’t keep up with Whitney. Why’d they give Whitney such a short season? Even less reason to renew it then, because they’d be straddled with having to produce even more episodes the next two years to get it to syndication numbers.

    They gave Whitney its chance with a second season, and it failed. Obviously if TNN and Go On are renewed, they’ll be retooled and scheduled differently next year. Sometimes sitcoms catch on in their second year after less than stellar showings their first.

    And Whitney already ending gives more credence to TNN having the better chance. It had a longer season this year, and EVEN IF you cut out the first six episodes of TNN, which were its highest rated, so that each show is comparing a similar number of episodes, TNN would still beat Whitney in demo average.

    It’s only when you cut out ALL the fall eps and revel in TNN airing after a 90 year old woman do you get close to Whitney seeming better in the demo, and even then, when factoring in these latest numbers, it still becomes very close again (I guess we’ll see the final maths on that next Tuesday in Bill Gorman’s article).

  • Sunny Here

    Also remember, last night the most of shows were reruns… plus, it was final shows of The New Normal.
    With these conditions, the New Normal only did 1.7 and 1.4.. got to Cancel it right away.
    Is NBC that stupid and running out of ideas to put the worst show and lowest rated show(TNN) a right after the Voice?
    Like I said, last night, there were no competors as all shows were reruns at 9pm other than DWS… so I thought, The New Noraml do at least 2.5.
    This makes NBC so stupid and make me not to watch any shows on NBC.
    I am sure “up All Night” or “1600 Penn” had that time slot had much higher ratings that the new normal… so why Up All night never gets a chance that time slot. Why are they even trying that?

  • Can’t remember

    Can you TNN freaks give it a rest already. It’s a horrible show with mostly horrible acting. The only numbers that really matter are the ones it got without The Voice. Those are the numbers it will get next year so move the F@ck on.

  • Harry

    I wonder what NBC has on mind with changing Go on time slot and airing New normal after the Voice. The Voice got similar ratings to Go On’s previous episode … I really hope Go On will be renewed but there is a big possibility it wont especially if it drops to 1.0 again on Thursdays. Save Go On!

  • FringeFan

    I’m thinking ABC will renew Body of Proof for another season & possibly put it on Friday nights. While the demos are not that great the viewership is outstanding. It consistently ranks within the top 20 programs of the week in terms of that so it’s not a completely dead show. Plus, it wins it’s time slot pretty much every week in both the demo and viewership.

  • Jayzel

    @ Tommy Mickens

    Whitney is a self-starter with no powerhouse lead-in and has had to go against The X Factor, American Idol, Survivor, and The Middle all season long.

    TNN has had a powerhouse lead-in for more than half its run and had a preview episode tucked into the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. It was given every possible chance to succeed and has failed miserably. 9.5 million people fled the minute it came on. Let that sink in for a bit. Almost 10,000,000 ran away from their TV sets. And then the follow up episode lost to a Big Bang Theory rerun on TBS!

    No one is interested in that crap program. If NBC decides to keep it because they “want a gay sitcom”, well then they are in the wrong business and deserve to come in last place. I wish them well on the unemployment line after the network goes belly-up.

  • Can’t remember

    There is nothing wrong with having a sitcome that is gay centric. Can they just air a good one. One that someone wants to watch. Nene leaks has almost as many twitter followers as TNN had viewers on some Tues.

    Let it go and move on.

  • Steve

    @ Jayzel

    The New Normal is the best new comedy of the season, and if you think that is what is bringing NBC down you’re not very smart.

    NBC canceled it’s 2nd highest watched show last year (Harry’s Law) yet renewed Smash which WILL be canceled.

    NBC has nothing but The Voice as a ratings getter.

    The only few NBC shows I watch are Grimm, Celebrity Apprentice, 30 Rock, Community, The Office and The New Normal. And we all know that Rock and Office are gone……seems like NBC keeps alienating viewers so don’t blame it one one show that NBC should not cancel but will.

    Posted April 3, 2013 at 2:18 PM

    Kill the Un Normal. It’s dead. It lost 61% of its lead-in in the demo and 9.5 million viewers ran away screaming as fast as they could. It then lost yet another 1.5 million people by the time the 2nd episode came on. This is toxic programming. It’s a text book example in how to kill a network.

  • Jayzel

    Correction about the Olympics comment. That was Go On and Animal Practice. All those low-rated NBC sitcoms blend together after a while :D

  • Grey

    “BOP” adjusted down but it still beats “Golden Boy.” Not good. I’m starting to think “Vegas” would have been more of a challenge for it especially building up to the season finale.

  • Marc

    Sorry to see Body of Proof go. I like Delaney’s character and I like Mark Valley but he doesn’t seem to have much TV luck. 60% retention is not good enough. You can’t perform worse than unpromoted, lead-in free Friday comedies and survive. Especially when your competition is a boatload of crap.

    I don’t see how any argument can be made to keep TNN. The first episode had just a 38% Demo retention and lost almost 10 million viewers. By the time the season finale ended, it was down to 3.4M viewers vs 14M viewers for the Voice and at a 31% retention. Not good.

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