Will 'How to Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life )' Be a Hit or a Flop? - Poll

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April 3rd, 2013

How to Live With Your parents for the Rest of Your Life

Tonight comedy How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life) debuts on ABC. It's airing in what should be ABC's best time period, following its biggest hit Modern Family,which has admittedly been slipping in the ratings recently. But neither Happy Endings nor the seemingly very compatible Suburgatory flourished on Wednesdays at 9:30. Last week, Suburgatory earned a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating.

Premiering so late in the season rarely works out well for shows, though Scandal launched on ABC in April 2012 and grew into a hit. So how do you think the How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life) will fare? Make your predictions.




  • romo

    Flop – the title is too long anyways.

  • John A


  • Ben

    1.8, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was lower. Though I have seen a lot of marketing, the buzz is nonexistent.

  • Markitos


  • ABC Exec

    I’m guessing a 2.1 to 2.3 rating.

  • iMember

    Sara, TVByTheNumbers, please try not to encourage the word “flop” It’s so embarrassing how most people use it here.

    I think I say it’ll hit low twos, possible middle twos for the premiere. I don’t know if I’m going to watch it yet. There isn’t much buzz going around for the show, but from the promos, it seems alright.

  • Spike

    considering i didnt even know a new show is starting tonight and that Sarah Chalke has been carrying the tv show curse since Scrubs ended. id say a big flop

  • American

    Commercials all the time, since about February, but like Ben said, no buzz.

  • BigBrotherFan

    FLOP 2.1

  • Sel

    I like Elizabeth Perkins, she was amazingly funny in “Weeds”, so I’ll watch!

  • psychic

    I have never heard of this show. I literally first heard of it two seconds before I saw this headline. I have seen no advertisements, no promotions, nothing on TV, nothing on the Internet, nothing on radio…
    Going by that, I’m going to say it’ll do substantially worse than Do No Harm.

  • Michael Rae

    50/50 chance………it has Sarah, Brad and Elizabeth so it might be a success

  • Blaster

    Even if it is a hit (which it probably won’t be), I’m sure some ‘witty’ site-user will come up with the ‘genius’ phrase ‘How to FLOP With Your Parents.’

  • CBSviewer

    2.2. It looks like the next Apartment 23 !

  • ToXiX

    Abc sucks. They should have NBC numbers.

  • Brian


  • r0ckmypants

    @psychic – Then you clearly don’t watch anything on ABC. They’ve been pushing this one to death for months now.

  • networkman

    ABC has been airing promos nonstop. But I simply didn’t care for what I saw. I’m not certain Sarah Chalke can carry a show. And I’m definately tiring of Brad Garrett. He did fine in Everybody Loves Raymond, got annoying in Til’ Death and now he should try something new. Maybe he should attempt being in a drama. I’m going with 2.1

  • Bee

    oh God, i hope it’s not a flop. the last thing nashville needs is an even worse lead-in.

    i’ll say..

    worst case: 2.0
    best case: 3.0
    most likely: 2.5

    but more importantly, i hope nashville can rebound into the 1.7-1.9 area. also hope the middle & MF recover.

  • Dan

    2.6-2.8. I expect like 2011’s Happy Endings and 2012’s Apartment 23, HTLWYP will be the midseason renewal comedy for ABC with a few leftovers to air next season. Especially with The Neighbors and Malibu Country being on the bubble. If it performs decently it will probably have a good shot at being renewed.

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